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MasterDall Dec 30 2012, 7:54am says:

Maybe i'm repeating myself, but in my case i didn't succeed yet to fix it..
I cannot fix the problem of the AI not responding, playing as the republic. I also checked the for the possible solution, but only to see that i already did the same steps..
I have readed somewhere that a possible correction for this problem was changing the GRAPHICDETAILS.xml file, but i don´t know for shure the right steps for it..
Can someone give a hand?

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MasterDall Mar 24 2012, 6:57pm says:

Where can we give opinions about issues/opinions about the demo?

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MasterDall Mar 1 2012, 2:17pm says:

And what about some few moving torrents like the one's of the venerator's on the malevolence? :D

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MasterDall Feb 2 2012, 7:34pm says:

Just an idea that came by..
If the admiral, instead of coming in transport (considering the factor of unity that we want to appear first in the battle map for both sides), come in venerator keeping the same abilities?
Since presumably the expansion will have the tactical droid for the CIS, this unit could also arise in the same way, but using either a lucrehulk battleship or a providence.. Opinions
(And i posted this here because i dont want to create an account, on the supposed site to put this ideas)

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MasterDall Jan 9 2012, 4:22pm says:

It is possible to put some more images of the official units that will como with the 1.2? Please

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MasterDall Oct 29 2011, 10:06am says:

It's just a little crazy ideia, but what about having underwater battles?
It could bring some more unit tipesm like the aqua droids or clones with underwater equipment..Give opinions :)

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MasterDall Sep 4 2011, 10:35am replied:

Ahhhh.. ok then xp

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MasterDall Sep 4 2011, 7:04am says:

Some while ago i asked about on how to get the ring hero for the goblins. Some people sayd to me to use shelob to "eat" the ring and then deliver it to a dragon like building. I check the only two dragon like buidings and didn't get the ring hero.. There is maybe a problem on that..
Another thing that i also checked is that, if whe are figthing agains the goblins and we are using a faction that can use walls, the goblins don't scale them, as the original.. They simply pass trow them, as if the walls weren't there at all..
I also would like to sugest a change for the command points..
For my opinion, both ring heros and siege weaponds shouldn't have any command points, cavalry and monsters have a minimum of 5cp(even if, talking about the cavalry, have 10 or 20 units) and infantry to have only 1 cp (even if the horde has 20 or 50 units).. With this changes, in my opinion, we can have armies as seen in the movies..<-- GIVE OPINION ABOUT THIS..
A final thing.. I suggest an increase on the cp, in buildings that give them on each faction. To me, giving an example, I am always working with only half of the cp's that can be used.

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MasterDall Aug 31 2011, 10:53am says:

And so, if we are playing on the fortress skirmish maps (like helms deep or minas tirith), as we cannot build the fortress we can not recruit theoden, rigth?
Happened to me a while ago..
(To gnomi or Chernobog)

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MasterDall Aug 31 2011, 10:48am replied:

i meant in english.. I do not speak german and can't understand it very well.. I do some guessings and deductions, nothing more..

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MasterDall Aug 31 2011, 6:26am says:

Can you or someone else make a list for this situations(what to do with the ring, for every faction (if there isn't diferences for the factions on how to catch and use the ring)?
Its a little better to work with..

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MasterDall Aug 31 2011, 6:23am replied:

-But you could try to use the type of weaponds of the fanished units, as upgrades for peasants (but its just an idea);
-Yes two drogoths.. I was playing with the goblins in skirmish Rivindell and i could summon two drogoths.. First as a hero buildable in the fortress, and them as the unit of the upgrade "dragon nest"..
- AH, a thing that i forget to say.. Where the hell can whe summon Theoden, i didn't find him in any of the buildings, when i played with rohan..

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MasterDall Aug 30 2011, 7:21am says:

A few problems that i liked to share..
-In the campaing, the second (and new) mission where we need to gain the control of gundabad orks, there is a problem on the counter..
Many of the goblins we kill don't count and it seems that if we kill orks the counter blocks somehow i cannot understand as well as the hero we use, doesn't have the same level that we reached on the previous campaing map. Another thing is that the hill troll get stuck after you change the formation (the original unit acts normally, but with the change of formation appears some new ones that get stuck)..
-Also can you give an update about the newest version of the mod?Because in this one, with rohan there was a serious cut on foot units (3 units that appeard in version 3.6.1, do not appear in the new version as well as the infantry building)..
-The ring hero of the goblins, shelob, doesn't have any new powers or seemed to me, that didn't do nothing.. Also with this faction, there are 2 Drogoth's, instead of one that it is more correct (i think).
-When in skirmish, the enemy catches the ring, they go to the fortress instead of the ring hero. Can you guys change that, or there is a problem?
I will check more issues if i find them..

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MasterDall Aug 23 2011, 7:44pm replied:

Well, the first time i played on minas tirith, the ground and some houses where pink, didn't understand why since i instaled bot versions on therms of realease..
Yes i already understand the way to get the ring to the respective hero..
That problem of repeated factions was on skirmish.. Since the list of playable factions is either on german or english.. For example i played with rohan, next game i choose another faction with german name, and happened to have the same faction i chosse earlier again..
The map without all the buidings i think it was fornost(one of the news maps, not destroyed fortress version).. I was playing isengard inside walls..

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MasterDall Aug 23 2011, 7:29pm replied:

ok then.. just asked.. xp
But a GOOD THING that i have been wishing since the games have been realeased was the control of the 9 ringwraiths.. not 3 or 4 but all 9.. If you have this on the mod it would be completly awesome..
I can help you in therms of finding the remaining names and possible abilitys..

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MasterDall Aug 21 2011, 8:48pm says:

I think there where some ocasion that i delivered the ring to the fortress.. But i will try it again on the way you say and see what happens ;)
(to yamsinacan)

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MasterDall Aug 21 2011, 8:47pm says:

I think there where some ocasion that i delivered the ring to the fortress.. But i will try it again on the way you say and see what happens ;)

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MasterDall Aug 21 2011, 8:45pm replied:

For both original and expansion of bfme 2 i have patched then with the latest..
But you can also may consider the fact that the mod you (or other/s) put here maybe have the minas tirith with pink floor, as i did not touched in any of the files, just install the game as the notes say..
The cair andros is an error/bug, i realized now that didn't put it in the proper place, but the cirith ungol IS an suggestion.. If you remember playing karsh(the special wraith of angmar, on the original expansion) he have an ability to do damage to the units surronding him, and that is the ability that im talking about, by apllying it on the statues of the gate of cirith ungol..
You may not understand, but those are sugestions (of my own, no need to apply them in the mod .. I put them here to get a general idea of opinions and not to be demoted, so it seemed to be giving these suggestions willingly..) I don't know if you readed it all, or you simply read one or two and do not care for the rest, but i would advice to do it again, if you please

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MasterDall Aug 21 2011, 5:23pm says:

-The new HELMS DEEP is very nice, but there is something wrong. The deeping wall connects to the fortress, and don't have a rock there to block the way(my opinion).
-The HELMS DEEP invasion map, i think there no need of existing the secret door on the deeping wall(but can have the slot to built it). There the defender(pc) do nothing. The isengard army that comes it would be nice to be of the control of the attacker.. not as a separated "faction". I would sugest that the wall near the invader would be like the wall that rohan can built(idea only)..
-Finally there is a MINAS TIRITH with doors at the second level and acess to the third(there is a glintch.. the units pass throw the wall instead the passage next to it.. It would be great if there was a minas tirith invasion map(similar to the helms deep), where we can acess all seven levels and battle on them..
-Loved the new map of osgiliath.. It would be nice to have it, but with ruins like the original and not as a mission..

i would like ti share some more ideas but not today.. Tell me opinions to debate this..
Greatings,Master Dall

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MasterDall Aug 21 2011, 4:55pm says:

Hello there,
I just started playing this mod recently, and i became a little addicted to this one, because it makes rotwk far more better than the original, but i detected some errors that have a need to be treated..
And also i would like to sugest some ideas..

-Its not possible to use the ring by all the factions.. The unit that catches the ring cannot delivery it to the respective fortress;
-there maybe exist some repeated factions on the skirmish..;
-there are some maps where all the factions buildings aren't availiable;
-the minas tirith map is pink.

-the new map for CAIR ANDROS have a glintch on the building slots on the walls. If i am an attacker, the computer (defender) don't use the gates and the building slots.. And after destroy all units and building i cannot win.. And the computer, mainly, makes is camp outside the island, not inside;
-CIRITH UNGOL, the statues on the main gate could cause some damage in addiction to the fear ability they already have;
-i would suggest that the ered luin map should be called blue mountains.. it is the same map of the campaing of the second game;
-In the new FORNOST map (original rotwk last campaing level) is very good, but i didn´t like the huge concentration of towers next to the secret doors.. I would advice to spread them over the outer wall.. Also in the acess ramp my units stuck there and cannot leave. It more easier to the main fortress to be the one of the map instead of the faction, but being available. Try to add the repair option to walls..

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MasterDall Jun 22 2011, 11:14am says:

Try to streamline the use of several ships available .. Not always the same type.. Because on that battle times i'm always overrun by fighters and cannot stop them.. They are to many

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MasterDall Jun 22 2011, 11:05am says:

Hey Z, can you try fixing the IA for de GC's.. im doing the "the fall of the jedy" and im at level 4, but i'm freaking out because i'm being attacked every 30 seconds.. I cannot breath for a moment and cannot advance.. And for every time the cis is attacking, always uses fleets of about 10 providence and 2-6 lucrehulk and a fey droid carriers..
Im holding my position on the region of the core, but if the battles takes place on a planet with planetary weapon defense, despite im able to destroy all capital ships before the reach the space station, im attacked by swarms of droid bombers and starfigthers that destroy my space station..

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MasterDall Jun 14 2011, 2:45pm says:

Bring also the B2-RP. It is the same as a B2 battledroid, but have rocket propelers, resemble them to the jet troopers..

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MasterDall Jun 5 2011, 12:05pm says:

Just Played some battles and the mod is great..
But i find at the moment 2 lags in game..
Also i liked to debate on some points of interest, that i disagree a little..

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MasterDall May 30 2011, 1:15pm says:

Aren't you forgetting the simbol/emblem of admiral trench?
I'm associating to the clone wars series

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MasterDall May 23 2011, 4:34am replied:

okidoki.. (nice image xp)

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MasterDall May 22 2011, 3:45pm says:

Hey ozzy, i was watching some of you models for this mod(with the alo viewer), and i realized that the landing acclamator has landing gear..
Did you already fixed the position of how the acclamators land? You could lift a little, because the majority landings of those ships simply sink on the ground..

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MasterDall May 21 2011, 7:47pm says:

Does anyone know how i can get programs that can edit / create new maps as well as build new models for use on sweaw-foc?
I would like to learn modeling.. Anyone?
If you also know some tutorial, tell me..

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MasterDall May 7 2011, 7:12am says:

Niice.. :)

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MasterDall May 7 2011, 6:58am replied:

Humm, good..
When i send the previous message i was thinking if you could use the proton cannon as an artillery unit( for the cis.. I liked them, when i saw(?) them in the second episode of the "invasion of ryloth" in the clone wars series season 1..

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