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Makenshi528 Jul 19 2012, 2:58pm says:

I really hope i'm not overlooking things, but i'm not seeing a way to change the gender. Has it not been implemented yet in v0.2?

+3 votes   game: Planet Explorers
Makenshi528 Aug 27 2011, 2:00pm says:

Impressive. UDK looks to be a great choice for this. Keep it up!

+4 votes   article: We fixed the engine!
Makenshi528 Feb 25 2009, 8:40pm says:

You have just combined two of my favorite passions, music and gaming. I hope you will be able to get this out there, it is a great concept i always had wanted to do or try. Good luck all the way.

+1 vote   game: Encore!
Makenshi528 May 7 2008, 4:40pm says:

looks great, but his upper body could use a lil bit more movement as well.

+1 vote   article: Sonic Physics v3
Makenshi528 Apr 27 2008, 5:52pm says:

i beat it just fine on hard mod. The difficulty was just perfecto :D
Great mod i must say as well.

+4 votes   article: Get a Life : Patch v1.1
Makenshi528 Mar 20 2008, 9:32pm says:

Hey, looks great, but do you think you can have a manual install for this like to extract from a rar? not the UT2004 installer.

+1 vote   mod: Philip Muwanga's Squad Commander
Makenshi528 Jan 20 2008, 8:06pm says:

Very nice once again

+1 vote   article: Undertone Team: Music Pack 5 up for download
Makenshi528 Jan 9 2008, 9:15pm says:

Awesome. I remember playing when it first came out. Hope more plays.

+1 vote   article: Third Time's a Charm
Makenshi528 Jan 9 2008, 9:14pm says:

lol afraid of monsters enviroment nice.

+2 votes   media: Mmhm
Makenshi528 Nov 17 2007, 2:55pm says:

I understand your defense MadKill.
But many perfer not to get use to new things when it is not necessary.
By not necessary i mean was there really a need to change V2 or V3?
Personally i come to ModDb to see mods in developement and for new things. Many of the search functions are even more vague than before and its harder for me to find what i need. Honestly, V4 isnt working for me.

+1 vote   poll: v4 is here. Your opinion is:
Makenshi528 Nov 13 2007, 4:31pm says:

I don't think its good. Looks are fine, but this layout doesn't do well for mods trying to display their things. Moddb needs to show more for news post and not the way it is now, since it'll be hard to see what is what and there are lots of lazy people. Bring back the old. I myself prefer plain and simple. Also when i do mod searches... theres no options to choose what game it is for. Then theres no search for public beta stages. No good.

+1 vote   poll: v4 is here. Your opinion is:
Makenshi528 Nov 6 2007, 12:17am says:

So your gonna judge playing a game just by the appearances? I'm sure they are not going for the exact same as TS.
As for me it looks great.

+1 vote   media: NOD Harpy
Makenshi528 Oct 31 2007, 5:21pm says:

YEeeeeeeeeeeah!!! I beat the original AOM about 20+ times haha. And I've been craving a game that would scary me for months!!! Hopefully this can do it!! Thank you.

+3 votes   article: AoMDC is released!
Makenshi528 Jul 30 2007, 12:07am says:

This mod definatly have potential. Please keep it up.

To D@rson07, i dont think you read captain source's review. Hes saying all things that can easily be fixed with given time. Think about it. You like the game yeah, but it'd be better if some things were to be fixed. Then it'll be excellent. Captain Source gave a good critique.

+1 vote   article: Age of Chivalry, BETA I
Makenshi528 Jul 21 2007, 5:21pm says:

I hope you guys dont release tooooooo early when there are still many bugs, like many other mods have. Since i love the concept of this mod and cant wait :>

+1 vote   mod: Death-Wish
Makenshi528 Jun 29 2007, 12:52am says:

Is there a Linux version for Synergy. If so my community SMC can host a server.

+1 vote   mod: Synergy
Makenshi528 Jun 27 2007, 12:42pm says:

This actually seems like fun. I'll try this out!

+1 vote   article: And They're Off!
Makenshi528 Jul 6 2007, 5:24pm says:

Alrighty then, i believe we can wait since we host many anyways :O Oh and lol keep up the good work

+1 vote   mod: Synergy
Makenshi528 Jun 24 2007, 12:16am says:

kinda butchered the gameplay a bit. Slower gameplay isnt to great.. everyone has kevlar too? arg. But yes. Nice job. Definatly had work put into it.

+1 vote   article: The Specialists 3.0 Release
Makenshi528 Jun 18 2007, 1:31am says:

This mod is definatly something i cant wait for haha. Good idea. Hoping for the beta soon. Just dont screw it up early like most other mods.

+1 vote   article: Amazing Asylum.
Makenshi528 Apr 24 2007, 3:15pm says:

woohoo, this game is getting better and better by the looks. Im sure gameplay is sick, dont let us down when its released :D

+1 vote   article: Growing up!!!
Makenshi528 Mar 29 2007, 2:32pm says:

all u have to do is sit there with atleast another person, if 2 people are in a server, everyone will join, so usually i'd get my friend and the server will always fill to max slots.

+1 vote   mod: Hostile Intent
Makenshi528 Mar 28 2007, 6:43pm says:

Post some things on the front page on ModDb, get this mod alive with people!

+1 vote   mod: Project-Timeless
Makenshi528 Mar 27 2007, 7:14pm says:

haha thats right, now that wall bug is fixed, it should be just fine to surf now

+1 vote   media: kz_surfcrazy by SoUlFaThEr
Makenshi528 Mar 27 2007, 7:13pm says:

Congrats soulfather, after i read that u lost your files, i thought that was about it for the mod. Glad to see that you picked it back up, sorry i wasnt there to support afterwards.

+1 vote   article: Kreedz Climbing Beta2 Release 29 March
Makenshi528 Mar 4 2007, 5:58pm says:

Awesome. Still palying HI on hl1 and cant wait to try this. Take your time.

+1 vote   article: Hostile Intent: Phoenix Rising update!
Makenshi528 Jan 27 2007, 11:29am says:

I'll wait til next patch, i still have some hope left :( if not, im glad on my old computer (just recently got a new computer) still has my old character file.

+1 vote   mod: Master Sword: Continued 1.2
Makenshi528 Jan 23 2007, 6:27pm says:

I dont know... i can load everything but as soon as i click my character, it exits to the main master-sword screen (where you can make a server, join, options). When that happens no message appears so im really confused. The things i have are sir... uhh Dark armor, dark helmet, greater iceblade, great axe, training shield, sharp hugger dagger, spiderblade, calrian mace, ring of light, and edana's crest. Also a about 10 potions and 2 crystals.

+1 vote   mod: Master Sword: Continued 1.2
Makenshi528 Jan 21 2007, 5:31pm says:

hm, well i already tried all of that, even reinstalling. i guess i'll wait for next patch, or ... i havent tried to downgrade my version yet. Dont know, but i'll figure out how to fix it. thanks anyways

+1 vote   mod: Master Sword: Continued 1.2
Makenshi528 Jan 19 2007, 10:32pm says:

alright, i got the Greater Iceblade from ms_snow... then i turn off my server. Later i decide to play again. Loaded from edana, and when i click my guy, my game exits to the msc main screen. I tried it with another character and it loaded fine. You think it has anything to do with the Greater Iceblade i got?

+1 vote   mod: Master Sword: Continued 1.2
Makenshi528 Jan 2 2007, 9:51pm says:

Nice work, very nice. Surprised me since you guys released it so fast. I was worried it might be like the other early released mods, but enjoying PVK1, i downloaded it and it was great. Keep it up!

+1 vote   article: PVKII Beta 1.0 Released!
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