Hi there everyone! I am MaceMadunusus, I started modding roughly 12 years ago on a game called Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. I joined the Movie Battles II team in order to create many new, unique, and interactive locations as well as to update some existing levels. I am currently working on Movie Battles II's spiritual sequel Eridan Crisis.

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I have done a partial mini-revamp to Jabba. This includes parts of the map which were originally planned for a JabbaV2. Many areas are also left out, as they are unfinished. So pretty much, I just put the finished changes into the current Jabba, while leaving the others for potential future updates. This is the result.

There are only a few minor visual changes, most of the changes are behind the scenes in the form of brushwork and VIS. (The map is a mess)

So, here are pictures of the visual changes. The first few pictures you will see the big room in main has a lot more cover, and is a lot less open. The second set of pictures shows the area just outside of the door to the rancor pit. Instead of the mini-cantina looking area, it is now more of a cave with flames to light it up.

Jabba Mini-RevampJabba Mini-RevampJabba Mini-RevampJabba Mini-RevampJabba Mini-Revamp

Here is a list of the CURRENT changes. A few more may happen during testing, you never know.

  • Added more spawns to Rebels. There are now 32 initial spawns to prevent telefrags.
  • Added more spawns to Imperials. There are now 64 initial spawns to prevent telefrags and crashes.
  • Added 60 second delay for initial Rebel spawn change to prevent flanking right off the bat.
  • Added new new pillars to the area in main to add cover and variety.
  • Added a new room outside of rancors pit, that looks more authentic.
  • Fixed a few wallbugs
  • Fixed a few areaportals
  • Fixed the cooking area in kitchen
  • Slightly updated lighting
  • Revamped brushwork in the main area, so that it aligns to the grid, and is easier to modify for later.
  • Revamped VIS stage, less detail brushes, more efficient structurals, and hint brushes
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Twasflagg Nov 23 2015 says:

You've not said much in recent years, you dead mate?

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jesus1920 Jul 30 2015 says:

Hi I have the movie battles and do well what happens is that I want the movie pasr some weapons mod as other JK3 KotF or want to spend the gun Z-6 rotary blaster cannon but not to copy or how to find files on the movie folder battles help

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SancHardTR Feb 15 2014 says:

Hi Mace.How's it going ?.I remember that you had problems in your life so i hope you are good(meant you fixed/solved them) and hmm i wanted to say sorry for what happened it in the past because i know that i wasnt patient and was annoying xD i feel same things about my self and if it is not a problem for you i want to ask something.Did you heard anything about Cloud City map ?.I asked this CC question because you know,lot of people is wondering...Well good bye.

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ChadaFACE Jun 1 2013 says:

Is stuff being done for Mb3 at all? Lervish said that practically nothing is going on

+1 vote     reply to comment
MaceMadunusus Creator
MaceMadunusus Jun 3 2013 replied:

atm, its not moving anywhere

+1 vote   reply to comment
Erodann Jan 3 2013 says:

It's very nice ! But i have many question about your map in the UDK, is it your map ?

+1 vote     reply to comment
MaceMadunusus Creator
MaceMadunusus Jan 24 2013 replied:

Yes it is. All content that I post is made by me.

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SecretApprentice Jun 29 2012 says:

Mace!! I need your help I pmed you two times but you have not replied back. See theres a problem with a link to a map on your website the maps called MB2 Order 66 Kashyyyk and both the links are broken. I would really like to play in that map so if you could fix it thank you :).

+1 vote     reply to comment
MaceMadunusus Creator
MaceMadunusus Oct 8 2012 replied:

My life has kind of taken a turn for the worst theses past few months. I have been unable to reply, and unable to fix the issue for the time being.

+1 vote   reply to comment
SecretApprentice Nov 6 2012 replied:

OH, I didn't know you were going through financial trouble. Does this mean that you will not finish things for MB2 like your maps? I know what it's like to go through things that you talk about.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MaceMadunusus Creator
MaceMadunusus Nov 7 2012 replied:

I have passed my maps off to the MB devs, and they are working on getting them finished. It likely wont be up to my quality, but its the best we can do right now. They will be released though.

It isn't really financial trouble at all... its far worse if you actually think about it. I am struggling financially, but there are more important things to worry about like my mental health and stability, not going to jail, etc.

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SecretApprentice Nov 14 2012 replied:

Wasn't Cloud city almost finished? to what percent to do think it is almost completed? I miss you so much though the maps the Mb2 team make is not the same without you. You will always be my favorite mapper. I wish you good luck batting your way in society and I hope you will someday come back to map again.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MaceMadunusus Creator
MaceMadunusus Nov 30 2012 replied:

It was almost finished by the time this all happened. It was roughly 95% finished. Two months ago I handed it off to another developer so that they could see what they could do to finish it off. They have made progress based off the beta feedback threads, but I do not know more than that.

I really hope that I will be back soon, but I cannot guarantee anything.

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Nov 25 2015

@CephalonServer That thing is going to transform and destroy your entire desk

Nov 25 2015

The Hellkite Liset is now in Warframe along with the other first round Tennogen items! woo! T.co

Nov 25 2015

Movie Battles got a quick mention during Battlefront talk on last weeks co-optional podcast. T.co

Nov 23 2015

@CephalonServer brb gonna yell at MB team to make some lines for you to practice on.

Nov 23 2015

@CephalonServer Yep, the best MMO I've ever played. Still needs combat upgrades though, still plays too much like an MMO. (buttom mash)

Nov 21 2015

@DarkLiberator I thought regenning grenades is fine. The problem is two can be equipped at a time and the cooldown is short.

Nov 16 2015

@CephalonServer i'm not playing with you ever again.

Nov 13 2015

@CephalonServer I no longer have money, but my Valkyr is even more retarded. P.Cont, P.Flow & Steel Fiber all got R8->R9 upgrades.

Nov 11 2015

First iteration of chat done... im going to bed now. T.co

Nov 9 2015

My Hellkite Liset skin made it into round one! T.co Hopefully not too much to fix on it! T.co

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