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Sins of a Galactic Empire

Mod review

Awesome mod, I love the ship models and the memories that it brings of Star Wars Rebellion, way better than Empire at War.

There are a few things but nothing can be perfect. It is true that the large number of cap ships is different to any other game, but in the star wars universe there were many Star Destroyers or Venators cruising the star systems so it fits, you just have to change your strategy. It's not realistic to have 6 Venators holding the galaxy in line. In Star Wars Rebellion I could easily make one fleet of 100 star destroyers, I even had 3 Death Stars and it all went well, granted this is not that game but the ship scale mimics it.

I have noticed that frame rate goes down after 4 hours of gameplay. I was playing in a 91 planet map with 6 players and then tested a small map of 2 players. The frame rate mostly goes down due to all the ships because the small map ran smoothly the entire time. I upgraded to more ram and this fixed the problem.

Overall this is a great mod, one that I will continue to play for a long time.


Star Wars Eternal Conflicts

Mod review

The ships are awesome, the amount of work done in modeling and texturing is amazing. the maps were quite nice though the thing that I found lacking was any real difference between the ships. They all have the same weapons, heavy turbolasers, its esentially different skins with the same weapon and more HP than the other. Another thing was shields, if they were not going to provide this then at least lower the damage that they make, battles take less than 3min, all you have to do is get the ships near and wait to see who wins. There is also a lack of bombers and fighters and a little variety of weapons would help, I feel helpless just telling the ship to go foward and waiting it to destroy a Venator in a minute. Has a lot of potential, if these things would be adressed it would be epic, for now just hoping for some updates. Sadly would not recommend in its current state.


Angels Fall First: Naval Combat Operations

Mod review

Star Trek: Continuum

Mod review may contain spoilers

Overall a well done mod, the graphics are phenomenal. The warp effect is also well done, as is the cost of going to warp, just 10 RU's. I always hated the fact that ships had a pesky cost to go to hyperspace, but in this mod its a low 10 for any ship, even a capital ship.

Something which can be bothersome is that the maps can sometimes be dark, making the ships hard to see, as well as any stations and it can be hectic when the fighting breaks out.

Can't wait for the next version of this mod, hope they put the Borg as a playable race. They appear in a game mode called invasion which is basically survive waves of enemy ships. Keep up the good work!



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