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Game review - 3 disagree

First of all, this game is not for the faint of heart. It contains scenes and situations that some people may find disturbing.

Now, was this game bad? Yes. But not in a way you'd think.

A chance to create something different in the gaming world was ruined by bad level design, graphics and gameplay.

The creator is sick, I know, but we need more games that actually question our morales and minds.


Bitterwood Peak

Mod review

Beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. This mod really stands out in the first place in the Design category. If this would have been ~2 hours longer, I would've happily paid money for it. All the focus on the details of the environment really helped me to immerse myself as the main character. The love for creating things really was flooding out of this mo... no, this experience. Even if the majority of this game was spent in the cottage, it was well-made enough to resist the need of varying environments. And he best thing in this? There was no unnatural things! Everything was real!

And this is why this is the best mod of early 2013.

Congratulations. You deserve all this.


The Abductions

Mod review - 3 agree - 4 disagree

I just watched PewDiePie's gameplay from this, and I can say that this is just plainly a bad custom story. The scares are cheap, an the level design... Oh god please no. If you can do better, I suggest you do it now. Because your name's value equals to bad now.


The Machine

Mod review - 1 agree

I think this mod deserves more fame than many other. The best short custom story so far.


White Night

Mod review
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