This thing is not a game and it's not something you need to play. Just a disturbing thing where you can start reading a non-funny story and you can end... raping your own dead mother. That's it. Or you love it or you hate it.

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This was just sick and terribly executed. Not new, not innovative, just sick. Not deep, not dark, it's simply bad.

I'm gonna keep my review short and simple; FUN is something that seems like it was slapped together in Unity by some bored guy in his spare time, what's ironic is that just like the description says it really isn't something you should play, even though the creator just put that there to sound edgy as ****. Now, final verdict; this game sucks - simple as that.

Too sick,should NOT be here.

i expected fun
but not dis fun
oh god why?

In the continuity of "I make games for the sake of having made games", here is another lazy piece of uninspired software. Like in the previous titles, clicking from far away is possible but lucky him you can't abuse of this glitch since there's less than nothing to do. Having played Unnamed I didn't think reaching such an amazing level of laziness was possible.
The "gore" and "disturbing" part, you say? Just photos grabbed from various websites. Feeling offended is fine and a normal reaction but I don't consider it "clever". It's like slapping a dozen of screamers in Amnesia: it's a sloppy work.
The "story"... Don't expect much from it. No development, no twist, no nothing. And don't bring that pathetic "it's experimental" excuse: Andy Warhol made good experimental films with simple ideas.
In just about a minute, you will come through the three (!) ideas "developed" by the author: the laughable necro-incest story, the "dialog" with "mum" and a few questions.
Really, scripting a game with batch language had more potential than this.

Too bad we can't vote for this to be deleted from moddb and the author banned entirely.


DarkeningDevelopment says

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First of all,please don't get me wrong.This game is just something like these trash that we find in some sites.I'm not saying that "I hate violence" or anything like that...It's completely different,I always play violent games.But this is just some crap.There's nothing special about this game.Just like some f**** stuff you find on the internet.You just find some violence on it and it evolves rap* too.What's about this ? Nothing.Please,this is only my opinion,don't get it wrong.

This game is disgusting. And it's not even well put together. It's just some long hallway with text and jacked up pictures. And then there's of course real messed up pictures, extremely horrifying, disturbing content, and badly-made models.
I don't get why it says you should play the game on the highest quality possible, because it would probably look the same no matter how you played it.
It's just screwed up. Don't even think about "playing" this "game." This kind of stuff should get people arrested.
Are you happy, Nameless? Are you happy with me thinking you are a disturbed, sick individual who needs to be put into a mental hospital or worse?
You sicken me.

This game is complete ****. Honestly, it should be voted to be removed.
At least EVIL made some sense... this is just... another level of awful.

First of all, this game is not for the faint of heart. It contains scenes and situations that some people may find disturbing.

Now, was this game bad? Yes. But not in a way you'd think.

A chance to create something different in the gaming world was ruined by bad level design, graphics and gameplay.

The creator is sick, I know, but we need more games that actually question our morales and minds.

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