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kijebe Oct 5 2015 says:


+5 votes   news: GUNSLINGER mod: Exoskeleton update
kijebe Sep 27 2015 says:

ill be honesty, rusty looks dope, the kind of weapon you find in a swampy cache

+5 votes   media: Mossberg M590 variants
kijebe Sep 23 2015 says:

you guys' constant work on this is always heartwarming. probly my fav mod and main reason i bought soulstorm.

keep up the good work!

+1 vote   news: Quick Basic News! - September
kijebe Aug 21 2015 replied:

yeah im kinda invested in the characters now >.>

+1 vote   media: Skill of Lure
kijebe Jul 26 2015 says:

i seem to be running into an annoying graphical issue

it seems that grids of terrain texture will remain extremely blurry until the camera is directly centered over it, and all around the edges the terain goes blurry while still in sight

these issues persist through all graphic levels, even with HD ground textures, and are kinda throwing me off

+3 votes   mod: Blitzkrieg-Mod
kijebe Jun 28 2015 says:

bigass deer, considering the deer-to-tree-to-tank ratio

in any case, do they gib when hit with explosives? purely theoretical

+2 votes   media: Deer ingame
kijebe Jun 27 2015 replied:

and eyes

+1 vote   media: Deer
kijebe May 7 2015 replied:

the music?

+2 votes   media: Beware of the Karen smiles!!!
kijebe May 4 2015 replied:

"may the 4-@#! dfsIOBGIBG BB__-- THE WARP OVERTAKES ME!"

+10 votes   news: Ultimate Apocalypse News - Until THB Release Part 2!
kijebe Apr 13 2015 replied:

read it and damn near had a heart attack

+19 votes   news: Development update
kijebe Apr 12 2015 says:

can this be put on existing saves without damaging anything?

+1 vote   download: weapon tweaks 1.1 for armed zone mod
kijebe Mar 31 2015 says:

can you not install shockwave and Rise of the reds at the same time anymore?

ever since i got the 1.85 version neither work, saying that the mod was installed to the wrong folder

+1 vote   mod: Rise of the Reds
kijebe Mar 6 2015 replied:

nvidia 760, 8gb ram

might have the draw distance too high, but it only crashes on load near skadovsk, so methink its the game trying to initialize my gigantic hoarded stash of guns and ammo in the chest

+1 vote   mod: Misery : The Armed Zone
kijebe Mar 5 2015 replied:

[error]Expression : !m_error_code
[error]Function : raii_guard::~raii_guard
[error]File : D:\prog_repository \sources\trunk\xrServerEntities \script_storage.cpp
[error]Line : 748
[error]Description : not enough memory

ill assume its right and it just runs out of memory, but this isnt the one that caused the bandit crashes

+1 vote   mod: Misery : The Armed Zone
kijebe Mar 5 2015 replied:

common crash i have is this: xrEngine.exe caused BREAKPOINT in module "D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Stalker Call of Pripyat\bin\xrCore.dll" at 0023:0026E12E, xrDebug::backend()+174 byte(s)

EDIT: disregard this its the same case as Omen, ill try to get the log

+1 vote   mod: Misery : The Armed Zone
kijebe Mar 5 2015 replied:

the majority of the time its the game engine simply not working, and it occurs randomly when loading games

went around the bandit only to run into a guy with seemingly the same weapon, only crashes once he dies and drops the gun

+1 vote   mod: Misery : The Armed Zone
kijebe Mar 4 2015 says:

welp everything was smooth sailing (as smooth as stalker can be) until i see this pack of bandits

only 3, no problem

'cept when i kill 1 of em my game keeps crashing, looks like a rifle of sorts, so i dunno if its the weapon causing the crashes

+1 vote   mod: Misery : The Armed Zone
kijebe Feb 18 2015 replied:

that ending...

+2 votes   media: What anime is this ???
kijebe Feb 14 2015 replied:

i... i kinda liked it

felt really shootouty

+1 vote   group: Warhammer 40K Fan Group
kijebe Jan 27 2015 says:

every time i try equiping the walther p99 .40SW the Xray engine simply stops working

its annoying cause i just found it and it looks pretty beast

+1 vote   mod: Arsenal Overhaul 3
kijebe Dec 16 2014 replied:

i think you mean 1 minute rice

(im sorry)

+18 votes   media: Recycler with ECA Tier 2 Tech
kijebe Dec 14 2014 says:


good god i want it all

all of it


+2 votes   news: No More Room in Hell MOTY & Sneak Peek
kijebe Dec 2 2014 says:

voted for the rise of the reds... hehehe

+1 vote   mod: Rise of the Reds
kijebe Nov 26 2014 replied:

at this point im the guy who watches any show, be it anime or live action, like a year late because of pileup, and when something distressing comes up, everyone kinda looks at me like "that happened over a year ago get with the times"

+3 votes   group: Anime Fans of modDB
kijebe Nov 19 2014 says:

i. love. it

+15 votes   media: Recycler Introduction Trailer
kijebe Aug 29 2014 replied:

so sortof a "hunt" mode where you need to clear out the zombies in an area, like a cleanup?

would work, but the whole idea of the respawning is to simulate the "endless horde of the dead", so unless they spawn an absolutely huge number of zombies at once on a large map, it might be too easy to be worth creating an entire new mode

just my two cents tho

+2 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
kijebe Aug 22 2014 replied:

can i just make note how much i love that you not only keep this game/mod going with updates, but also interact and such with the players? its nice and not enough modders/developers do it, i feel like i'm actually being listened to, thank you

(also the FN FAL sights are very obscuring, and its not very clear what part should be used for longer range aiming)

+4 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
kijebe Aug 22 2014 says:

i had a few questions that have been bugging me

as it stands now, rifles are unable to go into focus mode, meaning that the ruger .22 rifle is inferior to the pistol because they both take 2 headshots, but the pistol is capable of 1Hitkill

i was simply wondering if focus could be added to rifles and machineguns, perhaps adding additional penetration (and in the case of the mac10, ruger .22 etc, lending them 1HK capabilities)

+1 vote   mod: No More Room in Hell
kijebe Aug 20 2014 says:

haha cant wait, me an my buds are gonna have a field day

of course it releases right before the first day of classes...

+3 votes   news: No More Room in Hell - Update 1.08 Spotlight
kijebe Aug 19 2014 replied:

hands are pretty universal, what i want is a change in 3rd person, such as sprinting, or at the very least show when there is a charged attack, because as it stands you cant tell if your friend has a melee attack primed or not

+4 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
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