I`m a big S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Fan since release of the series. Have tried every mod that comes out for SoC, CoP and CS. I simply love this game. My other favorite games are the Fallout, Elder Scrolls and The Witcher series. Bioshock series, Dead Space 1, F.E.A.R. 1, C&C series and of course FarCry and Crysis series are my favorites. Beside gaming I try to spend my times to my family and friends. Yes I`m maybe an full time gamer. But to be honest, I need a timeout. Be it for my girl, who are also an videogames addict like me ( to my luck : ) Gaming is necessary for me after work or an long travel. You must know that I work on a Offshore Platform, and have an working cycle that I work 2 - 3 months in a row. And have freetime for again 2 - 3 months, sometimes work 4 months and free 3 - 4 months. So you see, I have a good amount of spending time. And Video games are the best thing to relax from this "extraordinary" type of job. Hope this leaves you an small mark about me.

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Why not PRZ2?

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That might mean pulling some textures out of another mod, the two latest mods with high class textures that come to mind are; TK Build by Ket and Autumn Aurora 2, I suppose this also depends on what type of grass texture you are looking for.

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Kaveli Author

Im looking for some non flower grass textures. The AA2 ones are still nice but all the same. I want to add more variety to the ground and match it up with the ground color to minimize the grass pop in while moving.

This ones on the image are the ugly pixelated vanilla grass.

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Sorry for the bad Aliasing, have forgot to apply the SMAA on it.

Can someone give me ideas about some good grass textures or complete terrain textures beside PRZ 2.

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