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*JohnSheppard* May 10 2015, 8:00pm replied:

I play on steam with my Mac, i also have a PC ( laptop ) on which i did the same thing as above, same result, the low res version doesn't appear to work.

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*JohnSheppard* May 10 2015, 7:56pm says:

Hmm i dont get a thing, i first downloaded the normal version and played it normally ( apart of the really often random crashes when i meet,battle,go in towns etc. ) then i wanted to get the low res version to get rid of the crashes ( that i believe are due to memory problems as it crashes directly if i spend too much time in the cheat menu item finder ). The problem is that i can't even get the low res version to get past the loading screen as it crashes just after the middle ( yes, with or without load textures on demand ). Any fix ?

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*JohnSheppard* Apr 26 2015, 3:52pm replied:

The normal version works on my mac, but i do get crashes often for no apparent reason ( sometimes inside a town's menu, before a battle etc. ). Havent tried the low-res version yet, i may give it a go if i dont find a solution for the crashes on the normal version.

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*JohnSheppard* Jul 16 2011, 10:00am says:

yeah i've been watching this mod and i have a question do you plan to realease it this year?

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*JohnSheppard* Jun 30 2011, 10:09am replied:

i like'em but they betrayed ki-adi-mundi and killed him like an animal so if i'll have them marines in 1.2 i'll send them flying in some crab droids just to watch them die

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*JohnSheppard* Jun 29 2011, 2:41pm says:

Have you notice that the P1 clones are only replaced by P2 in fall of the jedi after you hit tech 5 ? isn't it supposed to replace P1 in all GC ? so far i've only seen it in fall of the jedi

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*JohnSheppard* Jun 28 2011, 5:37am says:

Hey dudes, i've been following this mod quietly since the very first day and i must say i was really impressed with the things you've done. I've got one question for you guys(that's if you'll answer i guess) - IF you are planing to do a campaign will it follow the entire period of the CW(from both sides) or will it just be something like fall of the jedi?

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*JohnSheppard* Sep 18 2009, 9:34am says:

Great job guys, its just like i imagined the lord of the rings!!!

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*JohnSheppard* Jul 23 2009, 6:03am replied:

i thought it for eaw because it says in the description:
Republic at War is a total conversion mod for the game "Empire at War". The mod will replace the Empire with the Galactic Republic and the Rebel Alliance with the Confederacy.

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*JohnSheppard* May 13 2009, 2:21am replied:

I have, but the StarGate Vengence trailer was so realistic.....

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*JohnSheppard* May 11 2009, 12:49am replied:

Hey Klon116,will you make a map with lanteans or asurans batteling wraith or tau'ri?
i knoe that you already created a lantean vs wraith, but can you make a better one?

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*JohnSheppard* May 11 2009, 12:40am replied:

And what is with StarGate Production Group? are they makeing a mod for StarGate EaW or just videos ?

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*JohnSheppard* May 8 2009, 1:40am replied:

Will you add Asuran or Lantean faction?

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*JohnSheppard* May 7 2009, 1:07pm says:

So what is this? a mod that is comming for StarGate EaW?

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*JohnSheppard* May 6 2009, 2:16am says:

Whow, this is GREAT !!!!

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*JohnSheppard* May 5 2009, 3:55pm says:

Why dont you make Mordor ore someone else Akatsuki (they are realy cool)

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*JohnSheppard* Apr 21 2009, 9:12am says:

hahah .... i also saw it on youtube..haha

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*JohnSheppard* Apr 17 2009, 8:09am says:


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*JohnSheppard* Apr 17 2009, 8:08am says:

when do you think you will release it???

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*JohnSheppard* Apr 13 2009, 3:24am replied:

reply to:It's funny this is posted on the same day that Mod DB announces the winner of the Indie Game of the Year. In my comment regarding their selection, I stated that Big Game producers should be ashamed of what they release in comparison to the kind of work that independent, small time producers are releasing.

One of those companies I was thinking of was LucasArts, and for this very title. The Sith Lords (TSL) was the last title I ever purchased from LucasArts, and it will continue to hold that "honor" till they finally change their money grubbing ways. Their behavior is so egregious you can practically hear them snorting at their troughs.

TSL literally ended with about a third of its contents unfinished. Entire major storylines left unaddressed. I was furious about it, and the level of insult was all the greater because this was the sequel to what I still consider to be the greatest roleplaying game ever made.

Players such as I have to feel grateful for the enormous task the modding community has taken upon itself in trying to finish what should've been concluded when the game was first sold. For myself, I'd like to extend my appreciation towards you, and I look forward to reinserting my dust covered CDs so that I can finally play the game as it should've been.

Best of luck to you!
You are right this is a great game and it should be finnished,good luck on your quest!!!

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*JohnSheppard* Mar 14 2009, 8:36am says:

i think that the third race will be lanteans.....it mast be....they are the coolest

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*JohnSheppard* Jan 25 2009, 1:33pm says:

you could try to make the jaffa's like apophis's ones, you knoe , a little grey not black

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*JohnSheppard* Jan 25 2009, 1:31pm replied:

response at:what would happen if you went through the back of the gate insted of the front?

Answer: i been wonder that to, from a long time, but no answer yet

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*JohnSheppard* Jan 19 2009, 12:23pm says:

wow...try a aphopis jaffa[serpent jaffa or serpent guard]

it will look better besides who wants a black armor jaffa..

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*JohnSheppard* Dec 9 2008, 12:20pm replied:

not only you and spino..

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*JohnSheppard* Dec 1 2008, 8:47am says:

CynicalRaider you're the best.....!!!

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*JohnSheppard* Dec 1 2008, 8:43am says:

yea...thanks durge13

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*JohnSheppard* Dec 1 2008, 8:35am says:

hey merlin can you tell me where the hell is this mod now???plz

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*JohnSheppard* Dec 1 2008, 8:31am says:

Where the hell it is?

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*JohnSheppard* Dec 1 2008, 8:25am says:

Where the hell it is????????????? on Mod DB or File Front or StarGate Modding Group???

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