At the start of 2008 I took part in the assembly of a team that by 2009 became the company InterWave Studios. Since that time, I've been focusing all of my organisational energy to keep track of development within our company. I manage our on-going projects, and with a broad technical skill-set I bridge the gaps between department leads, assisting anywhere and everywhere as and when required to keep production moving as efficiently as possible.

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iwBen Sep 22 2011, 4:42am replied:

Yep- as of our patch this past Monday that tutorials button in-game lets players watch and learn in-game. There will be two more videos added in the next patch!

+1 vote   tutorial: Nuclear Dawn - Commander Power Tutorial
iwBen Sep 21 2011, 10:04pm replied:

Where? :O

+1 vote   tutorial: Nuclear Dawn - Commander Power Tutorial
iwBen Jul 29 2011, 5:45am replied:

There will be further tutorials that run through the rest of the game. Pre-order perks include a 10% discount, early access next month, and other as-yet unannounced goodies.

+1 vote   news: Nuclear Dawn - Pre-Purchase Availability & First Tutorial
iwBen Jun 27 2011, 6:35am replied:

Thanks sickre- Pre-orders haven't started yet, but they're coming soon and you definitely won't have trouble finding it once they do!

Either way, here is the Steam store page:

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iwBen Jun 23 2011, 4:41pm replied:

Actually its only been 2 years - and we're only a small indie team!

+1 vote   news: Nuclear Dawn - Fact Refresh
iwBen Apr 1 2011, 7:36pm replied:

Could be the 1st, could be the 30th! We can't predict how the summer beta will go until further down the line, but either way we guarantee a September release :)

+1 vote   news: Nuclear Dawn Teaser & Release Announcement
iwBen Apr 1 2011, 6:06pm replied:

The price will not be finalized and announced until closer to the start of pre-orders this summer, but we can assure that it will be the lowest possible price point that we can afford - based on Valve's recommendation, and absolutely _less_ than USD $39.99.

+1 vote   news: Nuclear Dawn Teaser & Release Announcement
iwBen Mar 27 2011, 12:06pm says:

would love to take a crack at the latest wes :)

+1 vote   news: Off Limits - Closed beta invites for Desura
iwBen Dec 8 2010, 12:14pm replied:

Yep! The set you see here are the Empire Support, Consortium Transport and Consortium Attack vehicles. There are of course a Consortium Support, Empire Transport and Empire Attack vehicles- the likes of which we have yet to show off :)

+1 vote   news: Dev Diaries: Nuclear Vehicular
iwBen Aug 22 2010, 4:47pm replied:

Fixed, small HTML bug, apologies.

+5 votes   news: Rising of a Trailer
iwBen Aug 22 2010, 9:20am replied:

Coordination and capture of the shots were very time consuming given the tools available, and staff time is currently extremely dedicated to development, hence the fewer players in these sequences.

This is something you will see more of in the game play trailers to come, and is not a representation of the final product but rather of a select set of key features.

+2 votes   news: Rising of a Trailer
iwBen Aug 22 2010, 5:18am replied:

We are aware of this issue - and whilst we can't repeat this on every forum, we want to let the MODDB community know that, relatively speaking, this is a very minor issue and that the resolution will be obvious in the game play videos to come.

Our time was spent capturing footage from a live round of the game, and whilst there are several glitches that remain, we are not yet finished with polishing the product - which for us has only been just over a year in the making.

We hope that communities will appreciate our update, which shows off a whole host of in-game features. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for a more revealing look at... everything!

+3 votes   news: Rising of a Trailer
iwBen Aug 22 2010, 5:00am replied:

Not quite either - it all depends on your class, similarly to Team Fortress 2.

Yes, there are iron sights and other features for each weapon - all will be revealed in the series game play videos coming very soon.

+6 votes   news: Rising of a Trailer
iwBen Apr 20 2010, 7:12am says:

Michiel Beenen, Managing Director of InterWave Studios interviewed by -

+1 vote   game: Nuclear Dawn
iwBen Dec 17 2009, 4:53pm says:

For the full 720p version of the teaser, please visit - at least until ModDb implement HD video!

+1 vote   game: Nuclear Dawn
iwBen Dec 17 2009, 4:52pm says:

For the full 720p version of the teaser, please visit - at least until the ModDb Team implement HD video!

0 votes   news: Nuclear Dawn Teaser Trailer
iwBen Dec 17 2009, 4:19pm replied:

Here is a little light reading for your Korge =)

The video is currently processing on the ModDb servers, and will be available shortly!

+1 vote   media: Nuclear Dawn Teaser Trailer
iwBen Nov 2 2009, 11:42am replied:

Do you know how expensive it is to have 25 professional developers working on a mod fulltime for 9 months? Very.

The game was a mod years ago. Then, in Q2 2008 it became at a prototype for our team to develop as a taster project... something that we could do that wouldn't go to waste - that our community would enjoy.

Unfortunately, no-one with the skills to make any improvements has come forward to add anything to this, and we are now well into the development of our first commercial venture.

We will not be "fobbing off" the source content, as it is a completely custom game that contains nothing from Half-Life 2 - something that is often not picked up and appreciated. The fact is the "half completed" game has over 45,000 lines of mod specific code, and over 15,000 sounds, materials and models. If you can find another mod that has had all of this crammed in over the course of 6-9 months, please let everyone know - and despite your understandably ignorant criticism, this is still at the top of the board for Stargate shooters.

Unfortunately releasing the source will do nothing for the benefit of this game (look at other games that have done similarly). We have advertised for various positions on the project, but without a programmer there is no sense taking anyone on board. Programmers are expensive, and often don't follow through with free projects all the way to the end.

+1 vote   mod: Stargate : The Last Stand
iwBen Sep 13 2009, 1:11pm replied:

Is that something you like games to have?

Follow the news on for the latest updates on confirmed features.

+1 vote   game: Nuclear Dawn
iwBen Aug 27 2009, 8:25pm says:

Looks good guys, just make sure you test it on very low end machines. We used dynamic lighting and enhanced flashlight effects in a little Stargate mod last year, and of course we would like to think that everyone could use them but they aren't cheap in any respect - so our solution was just to add a cvar to turn it off.

How did you get around the limitation to 3 angles on self shadowed normals? If you haven't looked at that yet, you should be careful because self shadowed maps can cause erroneous and crazy shading when you look at them from the wrong angles.

Have you made any changes to the Phong system though, or just used the updates from Valve with OB?

+1 vote   news: Dynamic Lighting in Source?! Blasphemy!
iwBen Apr 16 2009, 7:57am replied:

It started with a group discussion, but it indeed took months of deliberation resulting in some proofs of concept and such, which ultimately set the ball rolling for our side of development. Discussion started at the end of October 2008, so it has been a long time coming, only unannounced for fear of it falling through :)

+1 vote   game: Nuclear Dawn
iwBen Apr 14 2009, 6:42am replied:

We are funding ourselves as a division of a large marketing company, so we are our own 'Backer'.

At the end of the day, we are gamers too, so we know what is fun, what sucks, and what people will come back to. You hit the nail on the head - Valve's selection hits the mark with consumers every time, but that is down to the way the company act, and not just what they produce. If you care about the consumer, the consumer cares about the product - this strategy outshines anything another games development company has ever done.

Thanks for the best wishes, we promise we will not disappoint ;)

(P.S, more like a few hundred)

-2 votes   news: Hello Nuclear Dawn Community!
iwBen Apr 13 2009, 2:39pm replied:

Wow, good show sir! You know your facts indeed!

Please read the post :)

-1 votes   game: Nuclear Dawn
iwBen Feb 21 2009, 7:11am says:

Just to update everyone, all is back to normal and playable again - just update your servers!

+1 vote   mod: Stargate : The Last Stand
iwBen Feb 20 2009, 6:35am replied:

Just to make everyone aware, we do of course know about the issues with launching our mod, Stargate: The Last Stand, and while we know what needs to be done to fix the issue, we have spoken with the relevant developers at Valve to confirm our patch, and they pointed out to us that we should not release it, as they will be rolling out a patch to fix the issue across Steam. So the only thing people can do for now is sit back and wait - we are terribly sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you.

Please visit here for details:

+1 vote   mod: Stargate : The Last Stand
iwBen Jan 19 2009, 12:21pm replied:

We started work on the game in July 2008, after the French half of the team left and used all the work to make TC2. This resulted in a hiatus, followed by a strip down and a reconstitution of all content.

Contrary to levels in the past that have had little or no thought put into concept and design, these three levels all contain completely custom and original components for the user to "explore" whilst at the same time maintaining a refreshing link to the show's locations. The levels are very well designed for balance and play, and the layout of each level has been meticulously scrutinised to be entertaining, even above the level of detail.

By the same token of the argument for new worlds, we have the challenge of the other 50% of players that would rather see familiar levels from the show, which is why we made the decision to be somewhat creative on the game play side with current popular locations.

This project is just a demonstration of what we feel a Stargate game has the potential to be, only lacking the creation of additional features that would have been considered for development if only there would have been more hours in the day.

(Once again, play CSS on a public server, then say it doesn't feel deathmatchy. Then play SGTLS on a private server, with organised tactics on opposing teams, and say it feels like a deathmatch game =]. When playing on smaller teams, as with any game, it is more tactical - but the disadvantage is that you don't get the huge epic hordes of Jaffa coming over the hills in Abydos!)

+1 vote   mod: Stargate : The Last Stand
iwBen Jan 19 2009, 9:30am replied:

I think that you are hugely overlooking core components of the game, the ability to select your loadout based on your style of play, and the sequence of objectives to complete in order to succeed. If anything, the game plays more like pl maps in Team Fortress 2, but with more customization and attention to detail.

As far as immersion is concerned, I think you have also hugely overlooked the incredible attention to detail that has gone into the design of the familiar Stargate series locations, creating such a nostalgically accurate representation that you actually feel as though you were part of an offworld assault or backup squad.

Best suggestion - Try playing the game in a small, 4v4 scenario with some friends, and suddenly you see a whole new dynamic of play. Of course, we want to please as many players as we can, so the variety is there and designed for that. If your server is set to 8 maximum players, the larger maps Erebus and Abydos have alternate layouts that compliment the number of players.

Its really worth a try - go on, give it a go ;)

+1 vote   mod: Stargate : The Last Stand
iwBen Jan 18 2009, 6:34pm replied:

depends on the people you play with ;)

0 votes   mod: Stargate : The Last Stand
iwBen Dec 26 2008, 10:52am says:

Where is the trigger? =)

+3 votes   media: Concept images and logos
iwBen Sep 7 2008, 6:51pm replied:

This is true, however, we have not yet shown the final gate model, since it is being changed so often. Keep your eyes pealed for updates, and checkout for blog posts from the dev team!

+1 vote   mod: Stargate : The Last Stand
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