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8 Review

Mod Review on Dec 4th, 2014

Ok so here we have nice maps, cool basic story and acceptable combat scenarios all over the place, so is a nice medium lenght mod.

I liked the interesting mysterious g-man sightings, and some of those were quite good planed.

In the bad points I think a big WTF moment is about the music, a heavy metal super hardcore stuff is just not quite appropiate for a hl1 mod, i’d love to hear something electronic or anything different from that heavy metal concert definitely!

About the episode 2, I'd say it improved a lot the original and previous Ep1. The whole mapping design was improved and now it doesn't feel quite boxy, and a lot of work were put into the "open" areas, which makes you feel you're definitely inside Black Mesa.

The combat was also enhanced in this current ep2, and always was intense and kind of hard both against xenians and grunts, the mounted gun part was just lovely to play. But the med kits supplies were very, very scarce and that just sucks as battles are hard and can turn down your health points very quickly.

The story is developed into the mod and that's a nice detail, though I honestly have to say that voice cast is horrible and it doesn't feel very realistic. Also another thing that I dislike it was the end, it was very lame, and almost absurd you never see it came and literally ends up in a boring hallway so I hope an ep3 could expand the story and gameplay a little bit more.

The Masked Prisoner
10 Review

Mod Review on Sep 25th, 2014

Wow this is a very cool piece of work!

I really enjoyed, and I think the fact that made me really got hooked and entertained by this mod, is that it’s goal it’s simple and very realistic. You know “escape the prison” though things won’t be as you expected at the final moments and that’s pretty well done in this mod, I mean it has a very sweet and cool element of surprise and the whole story plot development is told into the mod gameplay perfectly.

I think also another great point in favor about this mod, is that the sections are defined pretty neatly, there’s a perfect introduction to the scenario which keeps the player involved and curious about exploring where are you and who are you. Also we have a middle part, where we actually have to get the things done, then a cool incressendo battle and a splendid and surprising end.

I think this little mod is a classic in HL2 modding universe now, and why? well simple: because it uses Barney as the main character and because the whole story feels very real into the HL2 universe. And also because the little detention post of the combine looks like a very realistic concentration camp, and the environment is terrific at the beginning, you know, we feel the totalitarian fist of the CMB and is just a joy to ravage it oppressive system pictured there on that little countryside prison or detention camp.

The only issue I see with this mod, is that although we are into a beautiful scenario, with magnificent green forest and mountain views, some mapping details, as many in this forum have already noticed, feel just way too sharp and straight lined, specially those edges, you know, I also feel some indoor areas and cabins quite boxy, and those really sharped edges in outdoor areas make them feel not very natural.

But despite of those minor shortcomings, this mod is very nice and a joy to play too, the whole details of what to do (like those cool blueprints in the rebel base) and how the resistance members contact you and enco

The Gate 2
9 Review

Mod Review on Sep 16th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

TG2 develops a very intense and strong environment, a sheer atmosphere that keeps the whole The Gate universe alive, and I think that’s why I also liked the mod, because not only the battles got me entertained, but also the story despite its voids kept me hooked and always wondering and always wanting to know what was coming next.
Now about the proper mapping, well I have to be objective in this paragraph and say honestly that TG2 was like a crazy roller coaster in between average, bad and good mapping. I mean some parts like the Alaska section or the North Korean sections frankly have to be revisited. In the Alaska map, an airboat or a jalopy-jeep could be handy, and also there are many parts where you can get completely out of the map and see the naked details of it, the same happens in the nuclear north Korean plant map, there we can get out of the map completely and some sections looks completely unpolished, this can be an opportunity to improve it and offer a better quality mapping in there.
Also the first sections, mars and the Nazi 2nd WW were fair enough average to good in quality terms and they looked and play OK, also the whole area 51 section was nice but I had some terrible trigger problems in there because some doors that were supposed to be opened pressing buttons didn’t worked, or like in the pit prison section triggers that activate sequences just took so long. And finally I have to say not all the maps in TG2 were bad or low quality, and honestly some of them like the surface section of Area 51, and the Dinosaur Forrest just were stunning, I loved the Dino section as it was visually a very impressive huge map (actually divided into 2 sectons), though I’d like at least to be armed before face the main raptor or retrieve the battery from the fallen helicopter.
I have to say the absence of custom weaponry was a kind of let down in my gameplay experience, because this mod could fit perfect regarding the custom weapons models, also I got disappointed

Wanted! The Western Mod - STEAM
10 Review

Mod Review on Jul 27th, 2014

No review provided

Absolute Redemption
10 Review

Mod Review on Jul 26th, 2014

There are plenty of things to say about this mod. But I guess we could define it first of all like a classic in HL1 modding history yeah no doubts about it. Why? well because this is an old school mod, and now 14 years later since its release we could say we don’t have mods like this one anymore, not for HL1 nor HL2.

This is an old school classic, because as a mod has a pretty similar structure or layout, to the original HL1 game, you know, a big cinematic intro, pretty cool voice acting part (indeed in this mod maybe we have the best custom voice acted part for the G-Man ever created) and then pretty neat levels in which the story actually deploys itself.

The whole quality of this mod is overall high, and as I try this mod with the Ultra Definition pack available on Mod DB, which I highly recommend you to use if you want to play or, as my case, replay this mod, brings definitely a plus in gameplay terms, because thanks to that UD pack this mod feels as it was created yesterday, but not!! is from 2000, and you know what? its details are carefully polished that now in 2014 still feels fresh, exciting and pretty good.

Also this mod is a perfect example of how complex ideas, can perfectly be achieved in mapping terms, the scenarios where we play are original, fun and entertaining, the battles also are super cool in those scenarios, then the puzzles you may found are perfectly fitted inside those maps. The first map is amazing and absolutely does its mission of making you feel HL is not only about Black Mesa, you can also have adventures and great fights in places like the Himalayas or an Amusement Park, Half-Park actually, one of my favorites maps in mods for HL1.

I guess Absolute Redemption, or Redemption, whatever you like to call it. Is a classic because it was maybe one of the first mods in showing us what a mod is about, and is about precisely to modify an original game and still be fun and offer great entertaining value.

Half Life : Climbox
9 Review

Mod Review on Jul 21st, 2014

This is a mod I liked. For me the concept was quite neat and simple, and also I can fit it into the “HL2 Combat Arena” category, as you kill enemies in a particular closed scenario and also progressive scenario.

I really liked the health recovery stations, and those ones which provide super speed, I would love to use those speed boosters in a bigger combat arena.

The combat overall felt OK, but obviously, as you fight inside a building, actually, from the cellar to the rooftop is a very narrow and close combat all the way, the 2 last bosses to fight felt quite cool to battle against them specially if you use the speed booster carefully.

In conclusion, I got entertained by this mod, and it was pretty cool to experience the combat arena style again.

8 Review

Mod Review on Jul 21st, 2014

I have to recognize I’m not a big fan of artsy mods indeed. But in this one in some areas visuals just were delightful just very immersive I say. For example, the very first part on that weird island, remember me to the all time sadistic mod classic Half Quake Sunrise, and got me thinking why on earth nobody haven’t developed a Half Quake mod for source engine??????? If it may be very good.

Obviously this mod it has nothing to do with any concept of the Half Quake Saga. and here the basic gameplay is developed around puzzle solving, where the one involving a car battery is if we can say, the hardest of all in there.

Now I really didn’t get the plot or story inside the mod, and I really don’t know if it really matters. To me was just a guy facing a girl who tells him “nothing is going to be the same never again” or some heart breaking wordiness like that. So well I really never felt connected to the main plot in this mod.

So if is not the story inside the mod. Then, what makes this mod worthy in my opinion? Well, again for me the strongest point in this mod are the visuals, really make me feel like I was in a kind of strange land, the water, the island, and even the end, although I must admit I’m always gonna be the kind of gamer, who wants a full army of CMB soldiers or a bunch of Hunters coming out from that huge splendid building-structure, instead of just contemplate it’s beauty and that intense almost real blue sky.

Probably if this mod was like an arena combat style, you know, the kind of mod like the all time combat arena HL2 classic; “The Great Forever Tomorrow”, I would certainly have loved it, you know have a combat in those surreal places must be pretty cool, at least for me. But I definitely know that was not the goal in developing this mod, so I understand.

Overall it was an ok mod to me, some exploring in strong visual areas, and that’s it.

The fact it made me remember of Half Quake mod saga at least in the visual part, make me wish some cra

Rabbit Hole
9 Review

Mod Review on Jul 21st, 2014

I liked Rabbit Hole. From my point of view it offered an original twist to the classical plot inside HL2 Universe mods, and I think that’s nice.

To me this mod seems more like a survival horror, or better say, is a HL2 universe mod, which progressively turns out into a zombie survival horror, and I have to say I liked the idea of the mighty Combine scared by this supernatural-poltergeist forces under the city.

Now, about the gameplay, to me seems fairly good, the combat in the surface of the city feels quite right, but obviously this mod is not centered into CMB soldier combat, but in zombie combat mainly, so once you’re inside the catacombs beware of it, because there’s plenty of zombie combat down there, also is a decent point in favor to have plenty of ammo and med kits around.

The “experimental” part with almost 0 gravity was a total surprise to me, and I think it was quite good implemented into this mod so I didn’t find it annoying as some have pointed out.

So maybe the big cons about this mod, from my perspective are related mainly about the gameplay, I mean, for me is pretty much annoying to fight hordes and more hordes of HL2 zombies, because for me that kind of combat is very, very slow, I like faster and more dynamic combat in HL, so I decide battles against CMB troops than zombies a million times.

So I guess for me I would have preferred the lasts parts of the mod after the fog no-gravity section, would have been focused more in trying to scare the player than those battles against zombie hordes. Specially once you reach the underground cemetery, I found that part very hectic, because you fight hordes and hordes of ghost-zombies, so that makes it way to much struggling, and I guess the author kind of lost a cool part there in the cemetery to have a more scary ending, though the idea of having the G-Man involved in those poltergeist issues was a cool touch too.

In conclusion I found this mod original because thinks out of the box.

10 Review

Mod Review on Jul 21st, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

This is amazing! I hope this entry would have won the competition, because the combat is so intense and the whole map quality was delightful!!

Those visuals are pretty outstanding and just made me feel like I was in a real city shattered by the combine, I also think the whole pace, between zombies and CMB combat in this mod is very well balanced, this mod also allowed all the way plenty of exploring areas which hide very rewarding ammo and health so that's another great point in favor.

Then the part that really blows me away is the sniper turret!!! Oh boy that was simply brilliant!! you know just the fact the developer allows me as a gamer to use the CMB sniper rifle was fantastic!! I had so much fun and entertainment in that part, and I say is great because so far, I haven't seen any modder to actually enable that HL2 sniping weapon, so congratulations, because that part, and the whole intense combat, makes this whole mod worthy and I'd say from now a classic, yeah, a mod that allows you to make use of the sniper HL2 Weapon deserves to be called a classic!!

So play it!! If you love hard CMB HL2 Combat, you're going to love this one!

Half-Life:Black Guard
2 Review

Mod Review on Jun 29th, 2014

I have to tell you, I didn’t like this one. some pros, are about the good mapping, and almost ultra HD new models, and indeed we can see it has some very nice and polished parts, in a pure Black Mesa style, but oh boy!! some others like the final battle are a complete mess… And then that hectic and daunting stupid use of bots to open doors!!! I really don’t matter to use bots, but in Source engine they’re more handy than in HL1 for god sake!!, and I have to tell you this mod relies more than 40% of the time on that silly bot dynamic.

And also another super bad level designing decision is to place a backtracking dynamic, when you’re in the bio dome complex part and in the core, and in Dr. Eddie’s lab. Oh boy!!! please don’t do that!!! many stuff to search in order to open doors like more than 3 freakin’ keycards!!!! and I didn’t found the last one, so I guess that was a horrible trigger glitch, I just have to use noclip more than twice!!! that’s enough. The gameplay navigation is frankly terrible in the most crucial part of the mod, even in the confuse beginning is terrible too, and here I’m talking about of not knowing where to go and how to proceed.

Battles are OK, but at the end xenian enemies became 100 times more powerful without any explanatory reason, and also you have to take care of those stupid ally bots, so be ware of letting them get hurt because that’s gonna be the end.

Sorry but in this case as I replayed this mod, I realize the wrong points definitely outweighs the positive mapping and technical good points, so yeah, I recommend this mental mess only to truly lovers of Black Mesa Research Facility. And though the concept is good, involving some connections between the HL2 world and even Portal!, and offering 2 different finales, this mod easily goes to hell because the worst level designing decisions it makes, it was a pain in the butt to play, no joke, really. If I have to decide between this mod and Absolute Redemption I totally stay with AR mo

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