This mod will let us into a horroristic world in the Andrew Parker asylum and we will live through (or not) in the view of a mental patient. The mod's primal object is not the insane bloodbath. The real object is to escape from the huge building which holds a lot of secrets. The mod have been completed after 3 months. It gives you 15-20 freaking minutes in the horroristic Andrew Parker asylum. The game runs with WON and Steam based Half-Life too. The mod includes: - new textures - new sounds - new HUD - new maps - new menu - changed and new models Mirror: Mistake mod site Rapidshare

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Personally I think this is what Afraid of Monsters should have been (albeit could have been longer), While short it provides creepy looking graphics, a story about slipping into a hallucinated dream where you have to run from monsters.

The only weapon is a knife and its best that way since it only does a decent job at keeping one zombie from you at a time. Every scary games gets less scary if you can haul a huge arsenal and blow everything away.
You only meet 3 zombies all one at a time so it does the trick. This mod could have been so much scarier if you had to face 2 or 3 at once and that would have been exciting/scary trying to get passed them all.

The puzzles are easy as it only requires to search well till you find the key to open a door nearby. It already is a step above Afraid of Monsters because you can actually see everything, although it does have a dark tone due to those either rusty of dirty looking textures that give the place a nightmarish feel and lighting is used well to give the necessary areas the foreboding before we meet a ghoulish creature.

I also like the slow burning nature of the mod before we first meet one. This could have been great if it where longer, say if it where as long as Afraid of Monsters then I would say this mod could have been a clear winner.

So I played through Mistake a couple of minutes ago. It's a short 15 minute mod that, if I remember correctly, was made in about a month. Not bad at all. I think I'll do a let's play of it.

It puts the player in the eyes of a mental patient as he hallucinates blood 'n guts all over everything. We're never told what mental disease he has, or where the doctors are through all of this, or anything. Apparently the developer is saving a storyline for his prequel. (I'm just being a twat, he probably planned on this being a one off when he banged it out, so it's okay).

I feel kinda bad because I couldn't stop joking to myself while playing it. For instance:

The medkits appear as a bottle of pills, a thing I didn't pay attention to, and.... a roll of toilet paper?
Falling through a metal chute into a laundry hamper, hearing a deafening crunch come from your tibial region, and taking a good 40-50 damage. I think they're using too much starch.
Making 3 stooges whooping noises while running a circle around the enemies, half of the time evading them completely and never needing to kill them at all.

God I act like a twelve year old.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun playing it. I hope I like Mistake -1 just as much, the developer shows promise and I think he could pull something really neat out of this.

Just between you and me........more fun than Korsakovia.

But that's a different story all together.

Short, amazing experience. Even though it has a lot of backtracking and item searching, it wasn't frustrating at all.

My opinion is neutral: 5/10
There was only 1 (ONE) frightening moment in this game: when zombie breaked the door as I approached it.
Nevertheless, very good as the FIRST attempt of creating something horror-like...

A very short, subtle, but very interesting mod. Full of good scares and that old-school type of challenge that I love. Be sure to play the other parts of the series: Mistake-1 and Grey. I ONLY WISH MOVEMENT SPEED WAS SLOWED DOWN SIGNIFICANTLY.

Grey GoldSrc... Nothing really interesting, though...



kind of confusing to install but it looks well made

Short, but fun little thrilling mod.

Extremely short and not all that scary. Seriously there were only a couple of monters in the whole thing. However, it was still fairly well designed for the GoldSRC engine.

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