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Black Mesa: Surface Tension Uncut

Mod review - 2 agree

This is a great add-on for the terrific Black Mesa Mod. I mean, this was the propper way to release the mod, so if you haven't play the surface tenssion part with this maps I strongly recommend you to do it, just download the maps and set them up in your BM mod.

The best of it is that the quality of the whole plus maps are as best as the whole BM mod release, you don't loose a bit of quality and the seameless transitions betwen maps just make this add-on perfect.

The whole maps improoves the whole BM mod and extend the gameplay, and also add so much more entretainment value to the whole project.

This enhancement is great you just try it and won't regret it.

Finally I hope Mr. Author to enhance the "On a Rail" section i think he is aiming to improove it as well.



Mod review

Boy what a trip!! I just have to speak my mind on this one, I LOVED IT.

Yeah i know it was hectic in the navegation issues, and the path was not purely neat or clear, but i just loved all the atmosphere involved. I mean, to me, this is like a very mistic place in the whole HL universe that very few peolple have had the nerve to develop, only Mission Improbable mod takes some inspiration on the depot place.

What we have here, is 2 parts of the mod. The first one is more free to explore, fight against some antlion mommas (guards), and the lovely but hectic submarine zone, also involve 2 very clever puzzles which uses the antlions in order to resolve them, those wre just nice puzzles, and then we end that part visiting the classic lighthouse where we kill the gunship.

Then the second part is a “storm the front” mission with help of our antlion friends. that part was also knd of harsh reffering to the path-find, but the combat felt allright, I would have put some hunters in there in order to scale up the combat fights, but it just felt allright, also i found the mod is more cool if you provide yourself the crosbow so you can snipe the CMB from very cool high distances. I think the author would have let us use the crosbow.

Anyway after those 2 parts the mod came to an abrupt end, but is ok for me, maybe with some polish this could be a great piece, for me is just a MUST PLAY now, i absolutely recommend to play it.

The vissuals are just stunning, i loved the whole map, just was a delightful location which i insist only few mappers have the nerve to develop, I just love this things about HL i mean there are many locations yet to bring into cool mods!!!, I mean i’d love to fight in the respirator cut off location from the HL2Beta, the undersea laboratory, you know what i mean. Thats the reason why i loved this mod, because bring to life a cut location as the depot is, i just loved the originality.
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The Great Forever Tomorrow

Mod review - 1 agrees

This mod is one of those especial exentric creatures in HL 1 and 2 modding. I mean the textures speak for themselves once u are in this mod, and that’s maybe the most seductive and great part of it…, you are in a strange exotic world, where u will found combat and keen puzzles.

I think some people really hate colorful textures but i like them because they are atractive, they create an exotic enviromental experience the whole process, this is also perfect for get out of the classic rutine of grey-like CMB environments.

This mod is to have fun and shoot ennemies in the combats u will find in there, if is for the combat, at least this mod won’t disappoint you, because there is a well ammount of it in there.

Anyway, this is maybe a so lovely mod, because is that great exentric creature in HL2 world, allows you to get away from the rutine and play in cool crazy envrionemnts, but allways with a warranty of combat and entertainment all of the way.

I ask Kiwi to release another mod PLEASE!!!



Mod review - 1 agrees

Ok. First i have to say that i enjoy this kind of mods, they are funky free and a good distraction from the old classic layout of modding which tries to be serious.

With that in mind, i’d say i enjoy this kind of maps. Now, if i compare this to the GFT release i obviously say The Great Forever Tomorrow, is a huge qualitative jump from this first work.

The progress linear arena style is fun and entretaining, also the psychodelic textures and music is cool, it just feels as something nice and different, and accept it: this is a nice arena funky mod, conssidering many arena mods just sucks, this is nice.

I wonder why Kiwi, sttoped doing maps and mods, personally i’d love another funky release, maybe TGFT2 would be great, i hope he release something in the future.

Overall this is a nice relaxing different mod which i recommend to play especially if you are tired of the serious classic HL mods.



Mod review - 1 agrees - 2 disagree

This mod is greatly overrated!!

Sure it has an envolving storyplot and a really misterious darky atmosphere all the way.

But probably i really didn't like it because i just don't like puzzle games, i mean here the puzzles are trying tgo motivate the player to explore and encourage him to have some goals to acomplish, but they are really annoying, is no the puzzles fault itself, is just the whole gameplay the thing that's all freaked up.

The gamer can not deffend himself at all from a really stupid ennemy a sort of intelligent fungus!!! is just really fool to think in that as an ennemy, even the Korsakovia mod where u face also a dark foggy ennemy is better than this crappy ennemy.

overall I hope if this mod has some improovements in the future could be a better release, but if they only are planning to continue with those tortuous gameplay and no combat, i just won't recomend it at all.

Oh and by the way, it has a terrible ending, a really bad ending, i guess they did it that way in order to open a sequel but i just would say is a very very bad ending.

Overall it has environment but it just a storyteller nothing more than that.


Hellsound Dreams

Mod review - 4 agree - 1 disagrees

Well this is an odd mod, its just a collection of maps trying to be spooky, with some technical elements of the NH2 mod.

Then i think what defines this mod precisely is the word "confussion", as it offers no challenges of combat or anything like that then this mods centers in stupid "go find the key" puzzles, that's probbably the most plain and lame feature of this mod: go find the key, stupid zombies, some guys with pistols and smg's and that's all.

Overal this is a very low release and i wouldn't try it again if the authors make some more silly and dull maps as this ones i waste.

As for the good points, i guess the only cool feature in this work is the new tarantula-big black spider replacement for headcrabs.....



Mod review

Ok I finished GREY at last, well indeed i end it about a week ago, and took me more than 4 hrs to beat it, so is a long mod.

I think this is a great mod for SOURCE engine because is very in the psycho-horror line like Cry of Fear, indeed it's clear CoF put a big and heavy influence in the Grey Project, which could be a good or bad point of reference.

CoF set good story plots and really inmersive environments and atmospheres, which we can obviously see here in Grey, the locations for the develop of the story are also very similar to CoF, a house, a subway station, a hospital, and lonly and freaking scary dark alley-streets, the monsters and delussions also are cool in greey and remember me the ones in CoF.

Now, the bad thing about Grey heavy influenced by CoF and maybe Afraid of monsters, is that they want to emulate the superb-replayability of the mod itself!, which i think is just really freaked up, i mean Grey gives you a really boring and low ending if you play it on "Normal", and the cooler and entretaining-revealing ending if you try it on "Hardcore", that's just annoying, i mean i don't even think in replay the whole mod in order to unblock features or get the cooler ending, is really stupid, stupid to relate the gameplay skill to the plot itself. I make my state clear, I am not a RE-PLAY GAMER!!

Also the super confusing and hard *** to kill boss is not even at the end of the mod. Is kind of in the middle of it! so that's maybe the main reason for i would never replay this mod, also thinking in the hardcore skill. If they put odd mini-challenges, different endings and collectable items in the mod, i really don't care why that would make a better mod, i just see the revealing endings and the mini-challenges on youtube...

Now the best part of grey is that is a horror classic for Source engine,this could be fit perfect into the real horror story teller world, overall is a cool mod to have a good entretain time.



Mod review - 1 disagrees

A classic piece of psyco horror in here, you must definitely play it!


Black Mesa

Mod review

I guess this is a mod which it was a classic even before it was released.

Saying that, this mod overpassed my expectatives a million percent. Actually when i played it it amused me and shocked me from the very beggining, i mean just the sttuning views and the hugeness of BM is very very consistent in here, also is full of fine details and tons of exploration.

This mod is like if the valve team would have remake the original HL1 in Source!, yep, is that good, and yet is still a modification which has its own unique taste that every mod has which also make BM very especial.

Being into this Black Mesa source was like being in Aperture Sciense in Portal, i mean the details are there so neat and glorious details that are so appreciated into a mod. the models are just sweet and magnificently done, the scientist team, the security perssonel, the soldiers, the xeninans, the M1A1 Abrahams Tank, the Humevees, the Apache, the Ospreys, the mounted guns, the whole weponery stick as the original game, and even improoved, like the RPG which in my opinion was really heavy slow and annoying to use in the original HL1…

Now the ennemies are just great, for the first time ever i felt threatened by the cute Houndeyes, the tentacle part and the surface tenssion, the Gargantua, the rail section and the awsome launching rocket section, the whole big Lambda experiments are there all of them in shining great Source.

It seems that one great asset of the developing graph engines of valve, is that they can be developed up to unimaginable levels of creativity, i mean just look at Cry of Fear and then this Black Mesa Release, almost feel as stand alone releases, just because of the great job doing on the engines by the teams. And then the great sttuning voice acting is just worthy of all applauses, there are even many achivements in this mod you can enjoy getting.

The combat is really cool, a great challenging and realistic combat all the way you go against xeninans is just perfect


Silent Escape

Game review - 2 agree

This is a really good appreciated mod, because it's build with a simple but precise layout, the locations are great and transmit one powerful environment when we playing it, as when we found ourselves in Dark forest, thats a very inmersive part.

I loved to start in City 17, and proceed outside of there.

Overall this mod has great scenarios and the combat is allways entretaining, maybe the puzzles are not too much hectic or difficult but is great for me to have those simple but nice puzzles.

The last part is well done but i feel the devlopers wanted to depend quite a lot on the cutscenes to transmit the context, in my opinion that's better if the player actually makes those situations happen and doesn't depend that much on the cutscenes...,

This is a mod you definitely try, as i think we found less and less mods of this kind, so go on and try it!

This seems to have an open possibilty to continue, so i hope if there's another part would be great and entretaining as this one.