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Game review

I bought it on iPhone, it's fun for a while.


Rico - A Tale Of Two Brothers

Game review

Great game! Very challenging to collect all the coins (I mean the yellow thingies), and one has to be sure not to miss any, because you can't restart a level and if you happen to activate the wrong checkpoint there may be some yellows you can never reach afterwards (e.g. If you don't get the jetpack after a respawn).

Gread music! But needs more variety because there seems to only be one track for the normal game + one for the bossfights.

What I hope so see in future:
* overworld-map that shows level-result (difficutly used + all-coins-collected?) and lets replay levels
* different music
* IMPORTANT: Make some level-sprites more distinguishable (e.g. normal-sand vs. background-sand, I often find myself mistaken these).
* Also please make some bombs more visble


Black Mesa

Mod review

Professionally crafted with lots of love for the original! It not only brings the same quality content from HL1 to a more up-to-date presentation, but adds it's own twists and modifications.

I love it!



Game review


Game review

Fun and moody


Mos Speedrun

Game review

I played it on iPhone and iPad and think the controls are perfect and I loved it so much I completed all levels with all achievements! Thumbs up!