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headjump Apr 24 2013 replied:

Thanks for your fast reply, even if it made me a little sad ;) - I hope it gets popular enough to justify a rift version (maybe being a rift-ready launch title would give it a large extra boost?).

I just purchased the game and am looking forward to playing it when my 'queue' is empty (I recently figured that I get more out of a game when I'm not playing too many different games at once)

+1 vote   game: TRI: Of Friendship and Madness
headjump Apr 24 2013 says:

I haven't tried it yet, but it's definitely on my queue one I'm over with starseedpilgrim and pid. But here my question: Are you planning to make it RIFT compatible? PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE! Tri is exactly the kind of world I'd like to experience in vr! Please also with hydra support! *hoping*

+1 vote   game: TRI: Of Friendship and Madness
headjump Nov 7 2012 replied:

I used joytokey (a free tool) to play with joypad (it just maps joypad buttons to key-presses), it worked just fine :)

+2 votes   game: Rico - A Tale Of Two Brothers
headjump Oct 15 2012 replied:

Just finished it (normal, with collecting all yellow-thingys), thanks for this great game, can't wait for the final levels :)

The boss fights are cool, nice mechanics there.

The tiles I have the most problems distinguish from one another are dirt-background + grass foreground (because the edges have similar tones) and also in the last sand level the breakable blocks and the background tiles are pretty similar.

Some thinks that stayed in my mind:
- There is nothing more frustrating than meeting fall-damage directly after completing a boss ;) (but no need to change anything there, it makes it even more tense)
- I already miss the cool blue whip :( Can't the (spoiler!) gun shoot at least blue whip-like lasers?

+3 votes   game: Rico - A Tale Of Two Brothers
headjump Oct 15 2012 says:

Great game! Very challenging to collect all the coins (I mean the yellow thingies), and one has to be sure not to miss any, because you can't restart a level (at least not from the "esc"-menu. is there another way?) and if you happen to activate the wrong checkpoint there may be some yellows you can never reach afterwards (e.g. If you don't get the jetpack after a respawn).

Gread music! But needs more variety because there seems to only be one track for the normal game + one for the bossfights.

What I hope so see in future:
* minimap that shows level-result (difficutly used + all-coins-collected?) and lets replay levels
* more music variety
* IMPORTANT: Make some level-sprites more distinguishable (e.g. normal-sand vs. background-sand, I often find myself mistaken these).
* Also please make some bombs more visble

+2 votes   game: Rico - A Tale Of Two Brothers
headjump Dec 23 2011 says:

Hi, looks really interesting, but I'm hesitating a buy because it says:

"Pre-order your copy and get full access to upcoming Alphas!"

-> Does the preorder include the final version and every future version, or just "alpha-versions" of the game?

Thanks for your help!

+2 votes   game: Rotion
headjump Oct 12 2011 replied:

there is a demo on steam, i played it there last year, really enjoyed it!

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