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SOMA ReShade

Mod review

Key to Freedom

Mod review

Everything was fresh and unique. From the music accompanying the voice actor reading notes, the beautiful mapping, the great sound design, awesome subtlety and narrative of the spirits, clever puzzles, and still maintained that classic amnesia feel. This is one of the best ones I've ever played by far. Before my favorite was The Great Work, but this parallels it perfectly.

Really, thank you for this. You made my Monday evening.

The only thing that detracted from the experience for me is the lack of autosaves. I do not know if it was just me, but I lost my save data 2/3 of the way through and had to replay up to that point.

Other than that, the game (I'm classifying it as a game) is great and you should feel great. I'd be surprised if Frictional didn't consider hiring you.


The Silver Key [Collapsing Cosmos]

Mod review


Mod review may contain spoilers

Wow, just wow.

First off, I'm a fan of movies. Primarily those types of movies where there is a group of people in a dire situation,and must take steps to get out of danger's way. The entire plot of Chapter One was like a dream come true, in video game format. I loved it.

Secondly, the gameplay is awesome too. I really like the implementation of an inventory system (every survival horror game should have one) in the source engine. The way you need to make choices and how to manage what space you have is also a really great game mechanic.

Thirdly, The house. Oh, the house. I ADORE the handling of the house. All the mystery, the symbolism, the dreams, and the ghost sightings... Dear god, they are so well executed it made me nervous to walk around in MY house. Also that touch with the crows circling overhead had a VERY eerie effect on me. I'm not sure why, but it did.

Finally, the writing. The characters are very well written and it is easy to distinguish the personalities of all of them. Bryan, the hot headed, but fun-to-be-around black guy; Takeo, the mysterious and silent asian; Terry, the de facto leader; Matt, the glasses wearing second in command; and Ben, the harmless computer whiz (not to mention many many more).
Plus the complexity of the story itself really kept me thinking throughout the entire experience. Who the hell is Jake? I think I know him so well but at the same time, I know NOTHING about him.

This isn't just a mod, it is a game.
And it proves that you don't need a whole company of laughing, joking, numbnuts to develop a genuinely amazing game.
*Cough* Infinity Ward *Cough*

I seriously cannot wait for Chapter Two! Take your time, think things out, and connect the dots you have created. Good things take time, this is one of them.

Stellar Job you guys.


Sweet Half-Life

Mod review - 1 agree

Amazing and original. One of my old favorites back in 2008.


The Great Work

Mod review

Final Thoughts – It’s a very professional Custom Story and rests (in my book) as a worthy expansion to the original game and acts as a prelude to the events of its predecessor. Just the fact alone that it was crafted using stock, or default, props, entities, and static objects, is mind-blowing. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever played something as gripping as this in an Amnesia mod before. It really kept me at the edge of my seat and wondering what happened next. I even found out the code to get into the “secret.rar” in the game’s files. That’s where I’m writing this. If you actually took the time to read this review, you’ll know that the code is in the credits at the very end. I won’t be releasing the code out of general respect for the creators. But I will say this… You CAN pull a cheap one and dig around in the “extra_english.lang” file to find this code, but I would recommend not to, as it kind of ruins the satisfaction of finding it in the first place.


Amnesia: Rain

Mod review may contain spoilers

Oh my god, I just beat the story with all relics and... Just wow. You should be commended for making something that unique and gripping with DEFAULT AMNESIA OBJECTS. The only two problems I had with it was there was not enough Laudanum. And that for okay-ish computers, the large "hub" room that you start chapter 2 in lags at about 10 FPS anywhere in the map. I don't know if you can, but if you can tone down the mapping for that particular map, like, split the big hallway towards the mechanical door with a loading screen, that would be great.


Cry of Fear

Game review



Dear Esther

Mod review

The Interrogation

Mod review

Very nice and fresh with a storyline that is unique, immersing, and vier interesting. I forgot I was playing a custom story while I was playing this.

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