A few hours after Adrian Shephard and his squat got scattered allover the Black Mesa Complex, headquarter sent a rescue team to search the lost crew.

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Allright, just finished it :)

WOW, what a wonderfull Mod.... i really really enjoyed the mod and it had a lot of nice ideas and somehow a fresh unique look.

I cant really say that i found something that i really dislike , mostly normal hl1 bugs like elevator stuck or not moving scientists :D

Some buttons were so small i didnt saw them on the first time.

Too the "Cards" are super small :) maybe add a sprite so you can see them =)

The Rock you need to shoot, i nearly started to cheat there cause i havent saw it... :/

But in the last moment i saw him ^^

Yeah the Outro was pretty funny :D

Damn that must take hours :D

Okay plz give us info if you do another mod or extra maps :D ?

<3 10 / 10 and a new FAVORITE HL1 Mod, even if the mod is small in Gameplaytime :)


harv_hark says

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I'm going to do a completely honest review of this mod.

Right off the bat I want to say that it is obvious that a heck of a lot of thought and care has been put in to this mod. The aesthetics show this.

Quite frankly, this is some of the best mapping I have see quality-wise on the GoldSRC Engine. Albeit dated, it plays like a dream.

The scenes such as the alien arm breaking through an entire lab and through a door were simply spectacular!

But unfortunately, the mod is spoilt quite badly by a few flaws.

First of all, I feel some of the areas didn't really feel "Black Mesa'ey" such as the Laboratories made of rusty metal, and the entire sewer scene, including the areas made of brick.

These tunnels reminded me more of an SCP horror game as opposed to an underground research facility.

The other MAJOR issue I have with this mod is that it just really isn't fun to play...

I spent 90 percent of my time figuring out what I did wrong, where to find the keycards, and why I do a half an hour journey, just to find I have to re-assess all the things I did to find the right item.

The part that ****** me off the most has to be the sewers, I felt I was punished for not being smart enough for going in to the pipe where the note was with the numbers on. It was not made obvious enough; I accidentally missed it and ripped my hair out for half an hour trying to figure out why I couldn't progress forward.

Overall it is a damn nice looking MOD, but it just doesn't feel like Half-Life to me. It needs less ambiguous puzzles, and more shoot-em-up style scenes. I felt I wasn't really in a research complex any more.

I recommend you give it a play through, but don't expect it to be in the same style as other Half-Life 1 modifications.

That's my opinion on this mod.


Its a long time since i finished this mod.
But it was very outstanding; I liked the outside areas, they were executed very well and I took screenshots like crazy!
I think the mod crashed everytime i used certain weapons. That was annoying as ****!
But other than that a very nice little mod.


Great mod, definitely one of the best mods for HL!

- Very interesting background story!
- Excellent mapping and scripting!
- Some exciting epic scenes and places!
- Black Mesa feeling all the way!
- Good voice acting!
- Quite long gameplay (30 maps with puzzles / missions)!

- Some areas are almost empty, with very episodic enemies; and not so many monsters at all...
- No helping teammates for battles...
- Very poor weapons' using - only 6 of 20 OF weapons are avaliable...
- Soundtrack is used only in the beginning and in the final scene / credits...

Today focalpoint is becoming my favorite gldsrc-mod.
Very, very beautiful hl1-mod
imho, more beautiful than paranoia, than cry of fear, than poke646.
-beautiful work with terrarian, author have talant to make it without displacements (some source-mode-developers have very accurate tool for terrarian - displacements and models, but cant make it realistic. Hundred make nice rocks and desert in goldsorce by self hands - this is sometimes look better, than rocks and caves in hl2)
-i love this indoor disign, interiors have nice detalisation: pipes and stiffeners, differen junk and destructions.
-level geometry does not seek to 90-degrees
-light disign too beutiful, colorful

what about gameplay?
A bit less shooting, but more level researching and engineering tasks (like a press buttons in the right order)

It's a very well mapped/scripted piece of work. The voice acting is either really good, or really bad. No real in between.

There's not a lot of enemies in the mod, with combat not being the main focus of it to begin with. It's more of an exploration/logic puzzle game. Lots of backtracking, key hunting, going up and down long elevators. It's all mapped beautifully, but is pretty dry in my opinion.

It's good, but feels kind of like if you took that one level you don't really look forward to because it's kind of tedious (mine is Water Hazard from HL2), and made an entire game centered around that type of level.

I had no idea what this would be when I downloaded this mod. As it turned out, this is crazy of sorts. I liked the whole gameplay very much. It's very long, took me a whole day to finish it (not a continuous playing, though). All of the ideas (intensively puzzle-based) are pretty sophisticated. The part where I spent a significant amount of time was the 'metal bar would be useful' part, it was because the pick-able metal bar did not load properly and the level needed to be reloaded, which fixed the problem. The overall impression is outstanding, the mod is indeed very hard, both the puzzles and the action, and it's finished with a great ride in a train (which I liked a lot!). One of the finest works done in a mod for Half-Life I've ever seen.

Simply put: This mod is quality.
The attention to detail, the fleshed-out environments, the level design, the scripted sequences - all can be summed up with the word "quality".
This mod may not give you a ton of weapons or have crazy combat sequences, but the atmosphere and level design suck you in so well that none of that is necessary. Exploring and solving tricky puzzles are what mainly make up this mod, but don't be fooled. There are still plenty of sequences that will make your heart race. The scripted sequences are so well done all the way to the very last moments that you will find yourself saying "wow" quite often. For the Goldsrc engine, this mod is just breathtaking. Even familiar areas are touched up and detailed - there is no lack of clutter or eye candy. This mod is definitely a treat to play through, and will truly give the events of the Black Mesa Incident a deeper impression on you. My only complaint is voice acting which is decent at best and fairly off at its worst, but that is forgivable when paired with the amazing environmetal storytelling. Easily a 10/10 - my favorite Half-Life lore based singleplayer Goldsrc mod out there.


I haven't felt compelled to give a modification such a high rating in a long time but man, this mod completely deserves it. At first, you might think this is just another Black Mesa mod, but it goes far beyond the typical "original character" at Black Mesa.

For starters, this mod has some of the best mapping I have ever seen in a GoldSrc modification. Almost every map feels like a work of art that stands out on its own. One unique aspect about this mod is how brushwork was used almost exclusively and was animated as much as possible. This man has done things with brush models I never even thought about. Not to mention the intricate connection of all the maps. Essentially, not one tiny detail was left out. Anything you think should move, did move. Any reaction you think the characters should have, the author made them do it.

The gameplay was alright, there was some simple gun play thrown with some interesting puzzles. There was enough variation between exciting scenery and fighting to keep you involved throughout the whole mod.

Some of the complaints I'd have are the voice acting could've been a little better, and there were some bugs that got in the way. For instance, I think the usage of Opposing Force's original dll brought back the dreaded, "standing on an elevator and getting stuck" bug. There were a few other annoying bugs, but nothing I would drag on about.

Overall, this mod took what I would normally consider a boring and done-to-death scenario, and brought a lot of originality and inspiring content to the table. A must play.

Quite literally one of the most detailed HL modding experiences I have ever had.

Everything from the brushwork to the texture placement and even the scripted events are breathtaking for such an old game such as Half-Life. The vents, the pipes running along the walls, the shattered glass, the overgrown labs, everything is so articulately detailed it left me in awe. I literally just stared at some maps for over 15 minutes in some places.

That being said, the game-play feels more like an adventure then a shoot-em-up, which I feel is right at home with the level of detail present. Not to mention the flow, the enemy placement and the pacing is top-notch.

Once I was finished, I was left wanting more. I sincerely hope the modder is still working on the modding scene, his skills are one of a kind.

Any fan of Half-Life should not miss Focal Point!

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Allright, just finished it :) WOW, what a wonderfull Mod.... i really really enjoyed the mod and it had a lot of nice ideas and somehow a fresh unique look. I cant really say that i found something that i really dislike , mostly normal hl1 bugs like elevator stuck or not moving scientists :D Some buttons were so small i didnt saw them on the first time. Too the "Cards" are super small :) maybe add a sprite so you can see them =) *Spoiler* The Rock you need to shoot, i nearly started to cheat there…

Feb 19 2013 by Trempler