Hey, I'm Josh, I'm not really a mod maker, more like a mod downloader, tester, and reviewer.

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GameFan1997 Oct 16 2015 says:

Tracking. Excited to see how HPL3 will run with Amnesia assets.

+4 votes   mod: Amnesia: Fear in Hands
GameFan1997 Oct 12 2015 replied:

I second the hell out of this.

+2 votes   mod: Blackness: The Way to Deep
GameFan1997 Oct 12 2015 says:

Congrats on being one of the first official mods for SOMA! We will sing of you in legends to come!

+2 votes   mod: Dataline
GameFan1997 Oct 12 2015 says:

It's so hard to believe this has been in dev since at least 2008. I was still in school then...

+4 votes   media: We're not ready for you yet, Andrews... WIP
GameFan1997 Jul 28 2015 says:

I'm reporting this picture for sexual harassment. OF MY BRAIN.

+4 votes   media: Nine to Fives
GameFan1997 Jul 5 2015 replied:

HA! "Cancerman.jpg".

+1 vote   media: If you want a job done well...
GameFan1997 Jul 5 2015 says:

That ceiling is seriously amazing. You guys wouldn't have a background in modern interior design would you?

I'm shocked Valve hasn't contacted you!

+2 votes   media: Bad Day at the Office (WIP)
GameFan1997 Jun 7 2015 says:

These Captive Freight screens look great, but I feel as though there could be more added to them. Are these still a WIP?

+2 votes   media: Captive Freight
GameFan1997 May 25 2015 replied:

If you think those two cacti are sweet, check out the couple of cacti in the bottom right-hand corner.

+3 votes   media: Living Quarters Outbound Updated
GameFan1997 Jan 11 2015 says:

I have a problem. I have downloaded V1.2, and have extracted the .rar into a folder named necrologue_eng. I then moved that folder to my Steamapps/common/Amnesia root. I copied the .bat file and the AmnesiaTest131111.exe into my Amnesia root folder. But when I load the .bat file, the command prompt opens up and doesn't do anything.

+2 votes   mod: Penumbra: Necrologue
GameFan1997 Jan 11 2015 replied:

No. No! These things take time to make, and require attention to EVERY little detail. Rushing through it would ruin the game.

+2 votes   mod: Guard Duty
GameFan1997 Jan 11 2015 says:

Been here since the very first incarnation. Half lurker, half poster. I really can't wait. Even if that indiegogo thing ate my $5 (lol) I support you guys 100%, and can't stress enough, TAKE YOUR TIME. Also keep that release date "when it's done".

I've got a question though. As it has been rather unclear to me. Is there any sort of single player experience? It's just with all of the lore and the voice actors, It seems as such. Seems like a nooby question, I know; nevertheless, good luck guys! <3

+3 votes   news: Faceless ~ New Year's Day 2015 Mini-Update.
GameFan1997 Nov 30 2014 says:

I have a question. Are you guys going to switch out the skybox? Or at least sharpen it up a bit? Because it kinda contrasts with all of the great mapping.

+1 vote   media: The Empire Strikes Back
GameFan1997 Nov 30 2014 says:

Damn, I forgot about this one. Haven't checked my Moddb for a while.

+1 vote   media: Cleithrophobia
GameFan1997 Nov 30 2014 says:

I do have one question. Will the tentacles be visible at all times in game? Because I feel that having dynamic tentacles that come out at random would be better than static ones that just kinda stick out.

Also, I like the "spidery" look. However I believe they should be protruding randomly. Not that this is bad or anything, it looks great! But perhaps adjust the size and shape of the tentacles and have them dynamically change form in game. Much like in the "Abandon All" picture.

+1 vote   media: Soulrender
GameFan1997 Oct 2 2014 says:

Perfection takes time guys! We can wait. Don't worry!

+2 votes   news: News about release date
GameFan1997 Sep 27 2014 says:

Hmmm, if this is still a WIP, perhaps some kind of bases at the bottoms of the lampposts? And maybe a satellite dish, or antennae of some sort on the roof someplace? Just suggestions. Great work!

+5 votes   media: The Empire Strikes Back
GameFan1997 Aug 20 2014 says:

Has that Frictional feel.

+2 votes   media: Screenshot
GameFan1997 Aug 5 2014 says:

I'd say the best feature of this map would be the wires on the ceiling, or the orange light in the ceiling.

+1 vote   media: Diversion (WIP)
GameFan1997 Aug 2 2014 replied:

Ah, okay :)

Can't wait to see it in-game!

+3 votes   game: Faceless
GameFan1997 Jul 30 2014 says:

You know guys, I have a question. Will the main characters be holding camcorders? Or perhaps the main character alone? I'm only asking because the Slender Man is known for his interference with recording devices, and glitchy audio and visuals usually suffice upon close proximity with him or things hes affected. This is most prominently seen in web series' like Marble Hornets, Tribe Twelve, all the canon stuff.

Only providing a suggestion here, as it would be a pretty neat addition to the overall game. I believe Slender: The Arrival did it quite nicely, though there was room for improvement.

Anyway, thanks for doing what you guys do!

+1 vote   game: Faceless
GameFan1997 Jun 23 2014 says:

Wall decoration?

+1 vote   media: A thank you to our 1,000 followers!
GameFan1997 Jun 8 2014 says:

Wow, it's really good. One small piece of feedback though; you may want to add something like a wire or some cables winding down the corridor to amplify the "long and dark" factor a bit.

+1 vote   media: Atmosphere demonstration.
GameFan1997 Apr 10 2014 says:


+1 vote   news: Hazard Course Q&A Livestream
GameFan1997 Feb 28 2014 says:

So what is happening today?

0 votes   mod: Half-Life: Resonance Cascade
GameFan1997 Feb 23 2014 says:

Looks very admin-like. Possibly an extension of the Administration building?

+2 votes   media: Projected Issues [WIP]
GameFan1997 Feb 4 2014 says:

I seriously consider this Amnesia canon.

+3 votes   mod: The Great Work
GameFan1997 Jan 30 2014 says:

Wow, this will take a while. Remember, there's love in every byte!

+1 vote   download: Premonition a full conversion mod Version 2.1
GameFan1997 Jan 30 2014 says:

You all are really great people for continuing Frictional Games' work. When I finished the demo I was really disappointed that it was over. It really feels like Penumbra.

+9 votes   news: News for dear watchers
GameFan1997 Dec 11 2013 says:

Wow! Can't wait!

+1 vote   media: Demo coming soon...
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