Hello everybody, and Welcome to my Mod DB Account. I am Font4na (obviously xD) and i am jus a fan designer and also a videogame modifier when i can get access to their textures or other cualities (sound and effects, not how this work) My favourite game is the Quake saga, and when i discovered how modify their textures, i create the Metal-Tech Mod. So, here i will posts my game works and designs for my favourite games and for the works from "G-n3tiK Productions"

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Mod review

Q4Run is more than a mod, It's skills.
I didn't play this, buth i am a DeFRaG player (q3 tricking/running mod) and this is perfect for improve your gameplay, specially on CTF.
You become faster. With that you become invisible, and with that you become unstopable. This is one of not-many mods who require true skills.

10/10, nothing more to say


Quake 4

Game review

When i check on a videogames magazine "Quake 4 Coming Soon" i was screaming like never before.
I just love Quake, and specially the strogg killing gaming. One of my 1st videogames was Quake 2 and this was like a HOLY SH1T for me...



Engine review - 1 agree

This is really advanced...
ioQuake3 Engine has so mani options than makes it "just wonderful"

As a start, you can play Quake 3 on 3D, that's just amazing. One of the reasons for why i buy red/blue 3D glasses.


World of Goo

Game review

100% FUN
This game is so amazingly entretained than let me withouth words.

Is a really simple idea, than doesn't require a big gaming experience, buth still got skills. Good luck then i've found it again, i played this on a friend's house and i've forgot his name at the next day. Now, i will do the posible to play it again.



Mod review

Well, is and interesting mod, buth also a little monotone.
Doesn't entretain me so much, i coudn't find the true skills.


Frets On Fire X

Game review

The Guitar Hero for all those who wanna rock their keyboards.

Really funny, and you can add the songs than you want.
It's hard get to the F5 key buth that makes it more challenging.
8/10 i give.


FlatOut 2

Game review - 1 agree

A really good racing videogame

Got cool music than calls your atention and the destruction is incredibly awesome. Really fast buth even with all that it doesn't have so many science, just a racing game.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Game review

A really cool game for pass the time

One problem with it are the constan Bugs than you can find when you are playing.

Buth i still love it. Really entretained.



Game review - 1 agree

Where did we will be withouth it...
A revolutionary game with a revolutionary engine.

Wasting time on the institute playing doom... Classic


Quake 2

Game review - 1 agree

An excellent Single player FPS
This is my first quake, i play it when i was ten years old.
I still remember when i blown up an enforcer's head. My onli reaction was scream IT STILL ALIVE!!! and the rest was just shoot to his dead body xD

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