Hello everybody, and Welcome to my Mod DB Account. I am Font4na (obviously xD) and i am jus a fan designer and also a videogame modifier when i can get access to their textures or other cualities (sound and effects, not how this work) My favourite game is the Quake saga, and when i discovered how modify their textures, i create the Metal-Tech Mod. So, here i will posts my game works and designs for my favourite games and for the works from "G-n3tiK Productions"

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2012. A year full of spectatives...

Font4na Blog

The 2012 is coming, and i don't care if it will came any apocaliptic disaster than it will end with the world. I will not loose te espectatives than this it will be a great year.

Now then i finnaly finish this semester, Metal-Tech 3 has been moving trully fast. Maybe not as the expected, but it still being a big progress.
I know then i said then i will upload M-T Revolutions to desura before the end of this year, but looking how the new release has being moving, i've found than it will be much better upload inmediatly the v3 to Desura, because it will be much more complete and it will look better
All is for THE GREATER GOOD! (hahaha, Hot Fuzz)

And for finish the blog, i wish to everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR
Than this 2012 will be full of success and many other good things

Saying goodbye: Alex "A.B." "Font4na" Buchholz

Good news for me today, and also good news for M-T

Font4na Blog

Now then i am on vacations, i'll start to dedicate myself to work on Metal-Tech and also started to give a little more of publicity to G-n3tiK Productions, and the results are been incredible.

WilliamMacau is now giving their works for the new release of Metal-Tech, and i already start to considerate him a G-n3tiK member. Check him out and also check his works.

The 2nd news is than our dear webpage, ModDB, autorized add G-n3tiK Productions as a Mod Developer for add more works, check it here.

I am talking with the team for start to create some PC addons like icon packs and more, so you can take something from G-n3tiK different than Metal-Tech.

That will be for now. Check the G-n3tiK facebook group.


I will try to get the most juice then i can with this "Mod of the Year Award"

Font4na Blog

Now then i am ending this study semester and now then i wanna get the G-n3tiK Productions works to the top, i will spread the news about this year's "Mod of the Year Award"

The Metal-Tech mod was taking his popularity back (or at lease that is what i wanna see XD) and i will try to get the enough number of votes from part of my followers (if there is anybody)

Yes, the new M-T is moving slow. I know that, and i seriously wanna give more news, let's just say than the team is a little complicated, so i need more people interested on the mod, and if someone wanna get on it, just contact me or send messenges to the facebook group

So please, give us your votes to the Metal-Tech Revolutions mod if you like it, the most probably is than it will not be the mod of the year, buth at lease will get a little more of popularity respect to the other Q3 mods

That will be.

Good response from part of old fans.

Font4na Blog

With the new announcements of G-n3tiK Productions here on ModDB and by the new group on Facebook, the old fans of Metal-Tech started to show their interest on the new release. Old Q3 chilean clans and gamers start to join to the G-n3tiK group for know more news.

One chilean player, DiegoMula, has uploaded a Quake gameplay video with Metal-Tech Revolutions and start to give us suggestions for the mod. Here's the video.

If you wanna give us suggestions or opinions about M-T or about any work than you wanna see from G-n3tiK, check us on Facebook


That will be for now

G-n3tiK on Facebook.

Font4na Blog

For now is just a prototype, so don't get illusionated.
Me and WalterixXx (well, only walter) create a Facebook page for inform some news fron the productions.
This will be fully empty for a couple of days, or even the rest of the year. Buth fore the future, this will be a base for inform abouth the lastest news and informations. Not because of that you will not check my account tews, because this is my main access to M-T and specialy to Q3 uploads.
Link: Facebook.com


Metal-Tech v2.0 soon on Desura

Font4na Blog

Is incredible then i didn't think on upload the M-T2 on Desura before, i feel like a retard...

Buth now i will do that as a way to show than Quake III still alive an for say than the M-T3 is official and we are working on it...
So, i compromise on upload Mteal-Tech v2 on Desura before 2012, and that my friends is all for you, because you are the ones who move me for move you...

That will be.

I will check this more constantly...

Font4na Blog

I've drop this like over 2 years ago, giving no signs of life...

The truth is than in school things are much more simple and you got much more time to waste.
Buth now, at the institute, studying a proffessional carreer, there is non so much time...

Buth i will be back, and modre constantly, and with more dedication. Starting with a new Metal-Tech for the Q3, and some other stuffs (not shure wich stuffs, futh stuffs anyway)

I want than G-n3tiK get even bigger, now with a really important participation. And even with publicity at deviantART on my account. (Check it, font4na.deviantart.com will have wallpapers, q3 stuffs and fan boy arts :P) The logo i official, and soon will be seened here....

So, that will be for now.


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