In 1997 Quake II was released ending the Strogg's collective leader the Makron being killed. Quake III moves away from the Strogg, but the universe's worst cybernetic foes return in Quake IV, ready to be destroyed yet again by Earth's forces. Quake II left the Strogg home planet without its planetary defenses, leaving it open for your attack as part of Earth's new armada. You help deliver the final assault to the Strogg as Matthew Kane, member of an elite squad fighting along squadmates with vehicles and advanced weaponary. Quake IV is based on the Doom III engine, although it is apparent that Quake IV will be a superior modding platform thanks to iD and Raven's efforts in optimizing the netcode, adding vehicles, and general fixes made to the engine since Doom III's release.

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I love me some Dark Matter Gun in this game...

Great singleplayer.
Crappy multiplayer.


An awesome game that keeps up with the trademark gore of the previous Quake games and refines every other aspects and mechanics that define Quake. Nice graphics,weapons,badass enemies,you even get to control vehicles at certain points in the game !

Great atmosphere with good old stroggos.

Still holds up well today, imho. Some of the newer stuff gets wrapped up in visuals and forget it is also supposed to be fun.

perfect game, awesome history, vehicules, atmosphere, ligths, textures,etc.

This should look any shooter, no more, no less.


This is a worthy sequel to an awesome game, even now, several years after the release, i enjoy playing it, especially now i got a little more decent ahrdware to play. This "old" game still has the stunnign graphics, action, and it still scares the **** out of you. Turn off the lights, turn up the volume...and enjoy!

A massive pile of ********, where is the gore and the violence of Quake 2? The stroggification sequence is just overstimated, and the final boss is a ******' joke...

Oh well, Raven Software, you screwed up!!

A relatively bland shooter that's similar to Doom 3 in relation to it's predecessors, except where Doom 3 brought something new to the table that made the game in of itself a good interesting fps, Quake 4 does nothing. The atmosphere is bland, the generic weapons are bland, the unique weapons are bland, the shooting is bland, and most the levels are bland except for some of the Strogg complex levels that are very cool to look at. The worst/blandest part of the game however are the vehicle and mech sections that are basically black holes that suck all enjoyment out of the game, and you'll be lucky to have the will to keep playing after them.

Also I never played the multi player but I can safely bet that it sucks given this games focus was clearly on the single player aspect.

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