FlatOut 2 is an action packed racer featuring peerless physics and ragdoll drivers for extreme action on and off the track! Sequel to the million selling FlatOut, FlatOut 2 takes the mayhem to maximum. Putting action squarely in to racing, FlatOut 2 is a 8 car close pack racing game full of destruction and wrecking! Tracks are filled with crash hotspots, thousands of dynamics objects, risky but rewarding alternative routes and designed with battle racing in mind. And battle you must as you take to the races against seven fierce AI opponents each complete with personal driving style and hidden agendas. You'll be delivering amazing amount of damage to you rivals and the track visualized like never before with FlatOut's peerless physics and damage modeling engine. Featuring even more craze in the form of destruction derbies and ragdoll stunt events, you'll be punishing your poor driver in twelve ragdoll stunt events. # Eight players or AI cars on track for close pack action...

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A really good racing videogame

Got cool music than calls your atention and the destruction is incredibly awesome. Really fast buth even with all that it doesn't have so many science, just a racing game.

Is awesome.

This is the best derby game i have ever played

Some bugs and some game crashes... but really amazing! Great graphic!


Fast driving and crashing to other players, I like.


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