One could best describe me as self-contradicting. For example, I'm a sucker for the latest, greatest graphics (I actually own and fully use a Radeon HD 5750), but I also love old MS-DOS games - which typically have terrible graphics when compared to today's HD marvels. I hate games that share too much with a previous title (whether or not they're in the same series as same title), yet if said games are more fun somehow than the game they seem to copy, I'm all for playing them! However, there are some things where I don't contradict myself, such as keeping neck-and-neck with you in a racing game and giving you a decent, if not good, challenge in an FPS. (Oh, and for your sake, DON'T challenge me to an RTS game. You'll probably win too easily for your liking.)

Review RSS Feed Fallout: Project Brazil
10 Review

Mod Review on Jun 10th, 2013 - 1 person agrees

An unusual sight among mods, Fallout: Project Brazil is an unofficial expansion so incredible, it feels like you got a professional, full-priced DLC for free! Incredible writing, unique and colorful characters, impressive world-building, and very unique gameplay based around stats and perks all combine to create one of the best mods - nay, expansions - ever made for a game in recent years.

Oh, and when you finish the first installment, step outside Vault 18 and explore. You won't be disappointed with what you find.

My full review/open letter to the dev team, which is too long to post as a review, can be found here:

10 Review

Mod Review on Dec 22nd, 2011

No review provided

10 Review

Game Review on Nov 30th, 2011

No review provided

City Level - City Assault
4 Review

Mod Review on Oct 21st, 2011 - 1 person agrees
This review may contain spoilers

Not quite knowing what I was getting into with City Level - City Assault, I downloaded and played it. What I got was a very odd - and dissapointing - mixed bag of sorts. The one thing I absolutely loved about this mod was the massive level which the mod takes place in. Simply put, the level gives you a very wide variety of venues to assault your foes and hide from them in all four lighting conditions.

However, the actual AI which this mod highlights is very, VERY poor. So poor, in fact, that the best bullet-conserving stategy was to simply punch them to death using nothing but Strength mode because the AI hardly fought back. Sure, they could track you down, but I could actually laze around for about 2-3 minutes until they decided to open fire for a breif period BEFORE STOPPING FOR NO REASON.

Also, the custom weapons had some seriously broken - or, in some cases, non-existant - textures. However, this didn't factor into my score since I never bothered to see if decreasing texture/model detail did anything to fix them.

Overall, I'd only recommend this mod to see how NOT to do an AI. Sure, it's nice that the enemy will track you down if they know where you are, but it's pointless if they won't fire back! (If the main map can be used in normal Crysis multiplayer, I'd recommend getting it just to play it that way!)

Project Reality: ARMA 2
10 Review

Mod Review on Sep 22nd, 2011

No review provided

ARMA 2: Combined Operations
10 Review

Game Review on Sep 8th, 2011

No review provided

Evolution RTS
10 Review

Game Review on Jun 16th, 2011

No review provided

The Citizen
9 Review

Mod Review on Mar 10th, 2011

No review provided

Resistance & Liberation
10 Review

Mod Review on Jan 12th, 2011 - 1 person agrees

A posetivley unique WWII Source-based total conversion similar to America's Army 2. No ammo indicators, no minimap, no health indicator...if you wouldn't have it in real-life WWII conditions, you won't have it in this total conversion!

10 Review

Game Review on Oct 30th, 2010

No review provided

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