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dudesw50bmg Dec 31 2014, 10:07am says:

So a little poll before release, is everyone going to play single or multiplayer first?

0 votes   mod: L'Aigle
dudesw50bmg Aug 20 2014, 5:42pm says:

where's the blood

+2 votes   media: Remote third person view
dudesw50bmg Aug 3 2014, 3:01pm says:

There is also no smoke when I fire my muskets

+1 vote   download: Mount and Blade NW Single Player Mod alpha
dudesw50bmg Mar 16 2014, 2:18pm says:

ya'll have a lot of random features

+2 votes   media: Animated birds
dudesw50bmg Sep 15 2013, 1:55pm says:

so how do we fix the crash when we get to late 1915

+2 votes   mod: The Great War
dudesw50bmg Aug 24 2013, 7:07pm says:

I am getting a whole lot of errors from the rar and I can only put the version.txt file in my folder

+3 votes   download: The Great War 5.1.2 [PATCH]
dudesw50bmg Aug 20 2013, 12:22am says:

I just have to say that this is a great mod, but one problem I've run in are rebellions. I take over a town with almost nothing but mortars, light machine guns, and riflemen then when there's a rebellion, they have howitzers, carbine cavalry, and a lot of rifle infantry and almost every battle against rebels, I am outnumbered and lose terribly. But still this is a great mod.

0 votes   mod: The Great War
dudesw50bmg Aug 17 2013, 12:19pm says:

My launcher launches the game but whenever I press an option, my game game cashes

+2 votes   mod: The Great War
dudesw50bmg Aug 16 2013, 4:17pm says:

I'm confused on the status of the 5.1 patch, is it still needing to be released on moddb of is it already released via launcher?

+4 votes   mod: The Great War
dudesw50bmg Aug 14 2013, 10:48am says:

Also I'm confused, is 5.1 out already?

+2 votes   mod: The Great War
dudesw50bmg Aug 14 2013, 10:47am says:

You should add a small option pack for less unit upkeep so we can field much bigger armies

+1 vote   mod: The Great War
dudesw50bmg Aug 12 2013, 12:16am says:

Thank you and I congradulate all of you who made this possible

+6 votes   news: Mod Release!
dudesw50bmg Aug 11 2013, 12:17am says:

Thank you for this mod to the developer team, and to all the people waiting fr this mod and saving space on their hard drive, I recommend looking to see if you have any assignments due when school starts and doing them right now, that's what I'm doing and waiting for this incredible mod and I have finished over 3/4 of my assignments.

+2 votes   mod: The Great War
dudesw50bmg Aug 10 2013, 1:34am says:

Does anyone know how big the download will be?

+1 vote   mod: The Great War
dudesw50bmg Aug 9 2013, 5:05pm says:

It said August 9th, so here I am playing no mod

-1 votes   mod: The Great War
dudesw50bmg Aug 3 2013, 6:16am says:

COME OUT WITH THIS MOD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all caps rage

+2 votes   mod: The Great War
dudesw50bmg Jul 30 2013, 9:21pm says:

I can't wait for this mod

+5 votes   mod: L'Aigle
dudesw50bmg Jul 29 2013, 7:07pm says:

Don't get mad at my question, but when will the mod be released because I have been waiting for this mod and have been playing 4.6 for the last 6 months

+3 votes   mod: The Great War
dudesw50bmg Jun 25 2013, 10:51pm says:

Is there a way to travel back and forth between both locations like with the DLC

+1 vote   mod: Fallout: Project Brazil
dudesw50bmg May 20 2013, 8:25am says:

I just wanted to know that you know that the European Union is an organization set up for primarily economical reasons and not for military, on the other hand NATO was set up primarily for militaristic reasons.

0 votes   mod: Battle For Berlin
dudesw50bmg Apr 23 2013, 7:40pm says:

Hey Darth, my game sound isn't working for some odd reason, i have this game and mod on another computer but it works on there, please help thanks

+1 vote   mod: DarthMod Napoleon
dudesw50bmg Mar 29 2013, 9:40am says:

I'm glad that you guys are still working on this mod, good luck and can't wait to play it.

+3 votes   news: Updates sofar.
dudesw50bmg Mar 3 2013, 2:20pm says:

It's March 3rd and the mod still isn't out, the anticipation is killing me.

+2 votes   mod: Fallout: Project Brazil
dudesw50bmg Nov 28 2012, 7:59pm says:

feel better brother

+4 votes   news: A delay...
dudesw50bmg Oct 4 2012, 8:06am says:

these are the sexiest pictures of warband i have ever seen

+5 votes   media: Russian Life-Guard Cossacks
dudesw50bmg Sep 1 2012, 9:22am says:

what you should do is make every rifle single shot so you can pull the bolt after every shot

+2 votes   mod: Iron Europe - WW1 Mod
dudesw50bmg Apr 16 2012, 5:14pm says:

Nice, so when do you think the mod will be ready for release, it looks supremely good

+1 vote   news: The Queen's Hussars
dudesw50bmg Feb 22 2012, 8:35am says:

Ok i have a steam,
Never used it once except in a dream,
Neither have I played counter strike and that is so true,
Dont worry, i wont care if my team is blue,
So if you gave me a key i could really try to win,
Or else you will find yourself awake to your heart impaled with a pin,
So my name is dudesw50bmg never forget it,
but you dont know your fate until you have met it,
But i want to play this game with many of thee,
Even if those freakin guards in skyrim have all taken arrows to the knee.


0 votes   news: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Key Contest
dudesw50bmg Nov 5 2011, 9:17pm says:

sry but hows progress

+1 vote   news: Still Working
dudesw50bmg Oct 19 2011, 5:05pm replied:

its ok as long as i know how its going, im good and good luck with your mod

+1 vote   news: Still Working
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