1000 characters with no line breaks? A formidable task indeed. It's suffice to say that I'm an enthusiast in playing games. I'm also an enthusiast writer, and I love being a part of a team. So, I'm doing my best to combine these hobbies of mine, in that I want to help out on a few modding projects. Feel free to contact me, I'll be more than happy to help.

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DrSmiles Apr 9 2008, 6:34pm replied:

Although I can't see that being an issue, the easiest way to guarantee a mod is pretty obvious: join in it and help out.

+1 vote   mod: Command and Conquer Generals, Final Hour
DrSmiles Apr 9 2008, 2:58pm replied:

Frere d'Arme means Brother in Arms. Not literally, but it's the French equivalent.

+2 votes   news: Shooting Range available now!
DrSmiles Apr 9 2008, 12:06pm says:

Interesting concept for the mod.

If I'm not mistaken, you're throwing in a bit of Supreme Commander to C&C?

+2 votes   mod: Generation X
DrSmiles Apr 8 2008, 12:17pm says:

Hey there, thanks for the friends invite.

+1 vote   member: The_Swimmer
DrSmiles Apr 5 2008, 3:07am says:

I'm surprised that so many care about the senses not in gaming already (touch, taste, and smell) and leave Hearing with such a small share. Am I the only one that thinks sound, from voice-acting to gunfire, can make or break a mod?

+5 votes   poll: Which of the five senses would you prefer games put more research and development efforts toward?
DrSmiles Apr 4 2008, 7:41pm replied:

I don't see why you're complaining about backing up, as they already store it off-site for you.

+3 votes   news: Beyond Steam
DrSmiles Apr 4 2008, 5:02pm replied:

I don't think computability will become a huge issue. There will probably be a handful of Digital Distribution Platforms (DDPs), and they'll probably play decently friendly with each other.

EA has their own DDP. I believe it's called "EA Downloadeder" (amazing, huh?). But even if you've heard of it, I doubt you're using it. Steam is the reigning champion because it offers the most to both developers and consumers. If this shifts, then it shifts.

It's kind of like Search Engines. There are a few of the kingpings (mainly Google, then Yahoo, then MSN). There are also smaller ones, but they're mainly not of importance, and only a select few use them. I can't see the amount of DDPs going past 3 or so main ones.

+1 vote   news: Beyond Steam
DrSmiles Apr 4 2008, 4:56pm replied:

All the other Zombie games seem to focus on death-match style of play. While that's fine, there's a huge difference between, say, Half-Life 2, and HL2DM. I'd say the difference between those two is similar between ZAPR and other Zombie games.

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Apocalypse
DrSmiles Apr 4 2008, 3:17pm says:

I know your credo is, "Work hard, don't hype." (I also know I'm also putting words in your mouth).

But, how's the progress coming along? It's been a while since we've gotten any news.

+1 vote   game: Star Wars: Imperial Winter
DrSmiles Apr 4 2008, 3:11pm replied:

I agree. The idea of a fog might be necessary to keep the runtimes fast, as well as to keep the gameplay fun. In fact I'm all for a fog, but the fog at this level seems to simply whitewash things. However, as long as that's changed in the future I have no problems.

+1 vote   news: Lift News 11
DrSmiles Apr 4 2008, 1:36am says:

All of this looks fabulous. Keep us posted.

+1 vote   news: Lift News 11
DrSmiles Apr 4 2008, 12:37am replied:

Winamp will do the trick. Winamp.com

Alternatively, there's always VLC. Videolan.org

Both should work. Right now I believe it's down now, as I'm immediately getting a 404.

+1 vote   group: Game Radio
DrSmiles Apr 3 2008, 11:32pm says:

Hey man. I saw your post ( Moddb.com ) on the Source Developers page. I'm in a group looking for some developers, specifically coders, C++, right now. Are you interested?

+1 vote   member: ByahMaster
DrSmiles Apr 3 2008, 11:28pm says:

I'm wondering if you're still looking for a team.

Obviously coders are in short supply. Just look at your comments, everyone wants a coder.

I'm currently in a great team right now, and we're looking for a coder. Our team is gearing up, and with your help we'll be set.

If you are interested, PM me. I hope to talk to you soon.

+1 vote   member: joker_mx
DrSmiles Apr 3 2008, 10:46pm says:

Hey, in a poll (linked you later) you kind of hint you're a coder, or maybe I read it wrong. Anyways, if you are a coder and you're interested hopping on to a project, I'd love to hear from you. Send me a PM when you can.

Moddb.com (The dated poll).

+1 vote   member: Terminal58
DrSmiles Apr 3 2008, 8:31pm says:

This must be the first episodic mod, no? Anyways, I'm a great fan of the idea, and I'd love to see how it plays out in the modding world. Since your mod seems to be story-driven, I'm sure the episodic content will work nicely.

+1 vote   news: Media Release and Background Story Update for The Forgotten
DrSmiles Apr 3 2008, 8:26pm replied:

If I recall, the Spring Engine itself has always been one to prioritize gameplay and primarily strategy and tactics over graphics. Unless I'm horribly mistaken, Spring's main element was/is a Total Annihilation game.

0 votes   news: New P.U.R.E. Screenshots Posted
DrSmiles Apr 3 2008, 7:46pm replied:

To be honest, since that's only in a brief part of the game, I wouldn't say it is ironic of HL2. If anything, it seems far more iconic of Garry's Mod.

+2 votes   poll: From the signature weapons listed, which one is your favorite?
DrSmiles Apr 3 2008, 7:45pm replied:

Sorry to double post. I'd just like to say, Midiprefix that your main idea got me thinking. So, I wrote up a quick blog post on the most basic ways to avoid this problem. If you have any other ideas, I'd love to hear them.


+1 vote   blog: Modding - is it all about guns and ammo?
DrSmiles Apr 3 2008, 7:31pm says:

Such an interesting concept, and what a nice breath of fresh air. Can't wait to see how this progresses.

+1 vote   game: Lift
DrSmiles Apr 3 2008, 7:05pm says:

Seems like an exciting mod, with a formidable scope. If you ever need any help, I'd be more than happy to lend a hand.

Either way, I'll keep an eye on you guys. I love the idea of an "Antartic Alliance."

+1 vote   mod: Command and Conquer Generals, Final Hour
DrSmiles Apr 3 2008, 6:57pm replied:

I'd just like to throw my hat into the ring, as for offering my skills for this mod. I understand you're not recruiting now, but I'm fine with, "later."

Regardless, I'll be keeping an eye on this mod. It seems to approach the whole Zombie vs Survivor concept a lot more authentically, hopefully avoiding the barricade-syndrome of oh-so-many other zombie mods.

+1 vote   mod: Forsaken Few
DrSmiles Apr 3 2008, 6:52pm replied:

If it's done well, then no.

The special forces theme, as far as I'm aware, hasn't been attempted at such a scale: GIGN, KSK, Spetnaz (and maybe RCMP? /joke). Since this mod is only in its begining stages, the only thing it can really do now is promise, not deliver. All it requires for this mod to be well on its way, is to maintain momentum and not get mired down in the re-creation of a thousand different guns, - every mod had made an MP5. That's not to say guns are to be ignored in this game by any stretch, only that if they are created, they have to be done without getting lost with only gun concept art.

But if this mod steps past that, I see no reason why to be so cynical. Stepping past it is another issue in itself, easily accomplished by either a large team, or an organized team, and at least a quasi-professional team.

Phew, sorry that was long, it's just a very important concept that many fledingling mods get stuck on. MidiPrefix actually has a great blogpost on it.


+1 vote   mod: Special Forces: Source
DrSmiles Apr 3 2008, 6:42pm says:

I love the aircraft in the 3rd screenshot, they look great. The cube in the last screenshot seems interesting, what is it?

+1 vote   news: New P.U.R.E. Screenshots Posted
DrSmiles Apr 3 2008, 4:56pm says:

Fantastic that this is up here. Plus, the name? Well, anything with Wintermute is automatically awesome.

+2 votes   engine: Wintermute
DrSmiles Apr 3 2008, 4:14pm says:

This mood looks absolutely fantastic. I can't get over how well the Space Marine models look.

+2 votes   mod: Exterminatus
DrSmiles Apr 3 2008, 4:06pm says:

I can't believe this blogpost doesn't have any comments.

I think you're bang on. A majority of games keep on reinventing the wheel (making yet another MP5, or another M1 Abraham tank), and they expect this to really excite their fans. Well why should it, everyone else is doing the exact same thing.

I'm not suggesting that a mod should steal another mods models. What I am suggesting is that if you're finding yourself making the exact same models as someone else, you should either re-purpose your mod, or join with another mod.

However, I do stand by the view that new weapons and the like can add to a mod; but they have to be created under the proper scope of the project. For this to happen a team needs leadership, in the form of project management.

It's just a pity that so many fledgling mods start out doing the exact same thing as a score of other new mods, only to get disheartened that no-one is excited about their mod. The horrible thing is they probably have some genuinely good ideas, they just are tackling it in the wrong way.

+1 vote   blog: Modding - is it all about guns and ammo?
DrSmiles Apr 3 2008, 3:51pm says:

Everything and anything? Quite the feat. I'll keep an eye on you guys, and if you ever need any help, just message me.

+2 votes   company: Evolution Entertainment
DrSmiles Apr 3 2008, 3:49pm says:

Sounds like an amazing work of charity going on here. Good luck.

+1 vote   group: Flagrun Networks
DrSmiles Apr 3 2008, 2:30am says:

I just wanted to say your mod look absolutely fantastic. The concept seems to be a nice break from games which encourage players to go rambo, and forgoe narration for explosions. Instead your mod seems like a breath of fresh air, a solid narration which will create the mood, which makes the game *fun* (and really, whawt else matters?).

+1 vote   mod: Fullmoon
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