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dpzeratul5 Oct 7 2013, 9:13pm replied:

Oi u ave no life cause dis mod is awesome and sexy so far Q.

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dpzeratul5 Apr 29 2013, 11:30pm says:

Guys the word cannot be may4th

mat4th is not a word
I think its update


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dpzeratul5 Apr 21 2013, 12:27am replied:

Hey delta keep up the good work u guys are doingna great job!!

I have a suggestion/request:

Since the gun platforms are only buildable on muunilinst, it seems silly to be able to have an extra layer of defence for a planet the same as every other.

Mabye you could consider giving muunilinst a special building or ability or something.
I know the gun platforms are put in because of canon reasons and that they are awesome which is fine, but its just an idea.


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dpzeratul5 Apr 20 2013, 10:03am replied:

Thanks killer.

Oh and if you dont mind, i have one more idea:-)

How about making it that when you build land units, you have to place them in a transport that you have built to be able to land and invade planets.

I have always thought about how land units deploy out of transports that you dont actually have.

This is just another idea to make the game more realistic towards star wars.
Thanks killer.

I have many other ideas if u would like to know that you could possibly use for raw in the furture:-)

I have always

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dpzeratul5 Apr 20 2013, 12:50am says:

Hey raw team, are the cis gun platforms only buildable on munnilinst?

If so, mabye you could give munnilinst a special ability or building or something.
Having extra defence for a normal planet just doesnt seem right. I know you have implemented them because the platforms are canon but its just one of my many thoughts.

Keep up the awesome work!!!

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dpzeratul5 Apr 20 2013, 12:43am says:

Hey u know what, if u look at the station it actually looks good without all the other attatchments.
Having the rebel space station just makes the battle silly. Its okay though.

Great mod though!

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dpzeratul5 Apr 12 2013, 2:03am says:


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dpzeratul5 Apr 9 2013, 2:51am says:

Soz about doble post, one is directly sent to u killer

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dpzeratul5 Apr 9 2013, 2:43am replied:

Thanks killer, i have posted my request/suggestion at the link you suggested for me: everything eaw discussions.

Could you take a look and mabye consider the idea of trenches thermal shields and tell me weather it would work.

The reason why i posted the ideas and info about the fighters and everything was because i actally wanted to help you guys on ways to put the thermal shields into the game without having issues, rather than me just suggesting the idea and thinking u guys would give trench thermal shields.

Thanks, i know i have been bragging aboutbit constantly but thats because it would be awesome,

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dpzeratul5 Apr 8 2013, 3:10am says:

hey guys, its me again

I have an idea for a new hero well, not really but yes.
You know how nute gunray controls a lucre hulk.
Well you could give him a special lucre hulk droid control ship to command in space battles with the sensor arrays that can do a special ability or something like that.

And for the republic you could add luminaras tranquillity venator or something

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dpzeratul5 Apr 8 2013, 1:58am says:

awww killer, u haven't given your thoughts to admiral trench shields:(

sorry about the semi span about the same subject (trench thermal shields)

I just really want it to be in the game:)
you must understand, im sure everyone thinks about adding more stuff to a game they have played.

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dpzeratul5 Apr 7 2013, 5:27am says:

hey killer, do u think you guys will give trench thermal shield?
thanks bye

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dpzeratul5 Apr 7 2013, 5:26am replied:


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dpzeratul5 Apr 7 2013, 5:26am replied:

u mean trenches thermal shields

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dpzeratul5 Apr 7 2013, 4:27am says:

yeh actually aliendark12, I agree with you.

It could be abused leading to an unfair advantage.Mabye they could make it that you would have to install thermal shields on trenches ship which would cost money. There is one problem to this idea, the shields should have a hardpoint (Thermal shield generator)

Thanks for the comment, could ya tell killerhurtz for me

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dpzeratul5 Apr 6 2013, 10:45pm says:

oh and even if he doesn't have thermal shields, your mod still kicks ***. It's just a request that would be cool

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dpzeratul5 Apr 6 2013, 10:43pm says:

hey KillerHurdz,

are you guys goanna give trench thermal shields?
I wrote a script about all the details regarding the shields in my former posts.
It would be cool if you could read them and tell me what u think:)

thanks keep up the great work

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dpzeratul5 Apr 6 2013, 7:55pm says:

hey AlienDark12 what do ya think about trenches thermal shields?

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dpzeratul5 Apr 6 2013, 7:53pm says:

okay sorry my mistake,
btw so is trench getting thermal shields?

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dpzeratul5 Apr 6 2013, 8:46am says:

Omg disney is retarded for shutting down lucasarts, they are snozwangers.

Anyway, hey ozzy and everyine, ur mod is awesome.

Are you adding admiral trench, and will he have thermal shields? cool

Hey i was wouldering, why dont you guys and the raw team group together and combine your
Mods and make an ultimate one.

Thanks bye

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dpzeratul5 Apr 5 2013, 10:52pm says:

Raw your mod is awesome.

Soz about the long message, im not ordering u guys, its just a suggestion with the ways to overcome the barriers of implementing the shield for admiral trench.

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dpzeratul5 Apr 5 2013, 10:51pm says:

i was woundering, could you give trench thermal shields
If you do, the shield should not be visible
You should make it that when a fighter/bomber, or torpedo comes to pass through it, the shield flashes up and aborbs the torps and blocks fighters/bombers.

how it works: when the shields are up the ability to launch his tracking torps should be disabled.
For the fighters, instead of having his ship launch fighters and bombers itself, give trench the "launch fighters" ability so the player has to manually launch them so that they dont fly out when the shields are up.

Pronblem: enemy fighters and your fighters near trenches ship when the shields are up. All you guys need to do is make it so that when fighters near trenches ship, his shield flashes up in the area and doesnt let them pass.

Promblem: because the shield absorbs the enemies torps and missles, it would therefore have to absorb yours. You should make trenches ship torpeds and missles not drain the thermal shield as that would be unfair and would reduce the shield health down in seconds.

flashing: In the show, when anakins torps come to hit trenches ship, the shield flashes up as a green colour to absorb the torps.


The shields prevent the abilities: tracking torps, launch fighters
When your and enemy fighters near the ship, they are blocked by the shield as it flashes up
The shield would obviously enemy absorb torpedoes and missles.
Your torps and missles will be absorbed.

The shield ability should last forever until the shield health is reduced to zero.
When it is reduced to zero, the ability should have a cool down and during this timethe shields will regenerate.
However, when the ability is usable again it shouldnt be fully charged, that would be a bit overpowered, therefore the shields regeneration time should be slow.
When the shields are up, you should be able to toggle off and on.

Thanks raw team. Please give me feedback.
People would love trenches thermal shields!

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