I am known as Cylarne on Relicnews and many other places, but here on MOD DB, and Skype I am known as Lord Doofus, my preferred name as it is easy to change................ I am a developer for the Dawn of War game, and my mod is the Ultimate Apocalypse mod. I did A LOT with it. I am a coder, map maker, mod tester, AI developer, hex n' tex maker, FX maker, makes 2D images, voice act for units, make (poor quality) videos, scar code, create campaigns (with non lore related), GUI developer (expert at that), and finally I can make the "impossible" possible with super passionative thinking and enjoyment of developing games.

Review RSS Feed Assassin's Creed III
6 Review

Game Review on Nov 8th, 2014 - 3 people agree

The game is almost... basic like today's standards. OK gameplay, good graphics, half the time it is fun.

Story/plot: 9/10
Delivery: 5/10
UI: 5/10
Immersion/gameplay: 4/10
Learning Curve: 8/10
AI: 9/10
Graphics: 10/10
Functionality: 8/10
Replayability: 4/10
Worth the buy? 4/10

So the whole scenery is very good, but the controls and the... fun factor is really... average. I like it though, matrix style and all, and all you need to do really is press the run button and you can do 50,000 stunts. But that's the thing, the run button is the right trigger. The fire button is... Y. The action button to click on things with your character is all the buttons and you have to guess the correct button or you stab someone or worse, horses.

The inventory system is terrible. You got to hold down the right button and while doing that, you got to use both the left and right control sticks to find what you want, equip it to your D-Pad, and then hold down X button to see what weapons you have equipped and try to remember where you put things because the UI is fricking missing.

... your character can survive 11 bullets of gunfire before he dies...

... if you are not too careful and in combat, you could kill dogs or civilians...

The tools option isn't really substandard either. You have to for example go into your inventory and unlock "item" on your D-Pad then press Y. It is not simplistic.

I am seeing bugs like a stall in user interface when you should kill someone but there is no tip that tells you what to press or when to press.

The ingame menu is messy and confusing. I can't get to what I want, and half of what it contains, I dunno what it does. oO

Finally the whole world interaction is quite bland. You can't really pick things up or find chests, you can't talk to anyone you want, intead, ... random characters that you are forced to talk to during missions.

For the pros, I like the design of the game, the ideas of the game, the story of the game, and the games in the game (even though instructions are confusing as ****). It does not qualify as a bad game, no not in my standards. It just has that stiff implemented feel of developers not knowing how to implement something good. They might have the skill for artistic creations and that... matrix style program, which is nice, but... damn, it is a shame they couldn't have implement the flow. Or at least my imagination is far more fancier and creative.

It is better than Assassins Creed I, though. At least you do not restart at x point having to travel from destination to destination; jumping around like an obnoxious troll. :)

The Forgotten Races
1 Review

Mod Review on Sep 19th, 2014

No review provided

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission
5 Review

Game Review on Sep 1st, 2014 - 2 people agree

I tried the demo. I liked the game, it has too much potential, but whoever coded the thing shoved his/her middle finger up my spadardians. "NNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!" I was saying the whole time to this potentially great game.

Not worth a big review, imo, because I am very, very disappointed in the design of it, even though everything else is super fabulous, polished, and awesome.

Don't buy the game...

Macabee Mod (SS)
10 Review

Mod Review on Aug 28th, 2014 - 2 people agree

Simplistic addition: Pariah Lord (Thomas Macabee), with very KEEN thought and effort applied. Well done.

Galaxy in Fire RELOADED
9 Review

Mod Review on Aug 25th, 2014 - 2 people agree

Overall this mod is fun (kinda), but yes it is still in beta stages. :)

+10/0 points for beta reasons

Gameplay/immersion 5/10
Replayability 7/10
Learning curve 8/10
Story N/A
Balance 9/10
AI 8/10
Art/content 8/10
Functional 10/10
Polish N/A
1/0 free point for using our content (I THINK)
Worth the download? 7/10

The mod's quality and introduction at the start is perfect, but then it comes down to the core of the game which counts for every single project. Necrons for example I feel was not done well. Build radiuses are too small to field structures with no radial expansion (like in vanilla), but this time, everything is expensive like hell, lol. The economy in the beginning felt off like my UA 1.73 Necrons, and fielding armies in general is... bizzare. That's Necrons.

The caps and prices offsets the learning capabilities so you need to get used to it, but this is minor compared to damage tables... Once a Listening Post is built in tier 1, you're screwed over and trolled as it is invulnerable against infantry weapons. Not even a scratch is dealt, and the tiering for all races is crudely expensive... Too many waiting games.

Commanders die like flies, not standing a chance against a single large squad. Necron squad sizes are soooo large that it's funny but awesome. Titans? Where? The number of winconditions are also at low amount to customize your game freely. Well done on Eldar, I enjoyed them.

But the art and content makes up for this mod, even with an unfinished feel... Some beeping noises on Annihilation Barges death, some missing icons, Doom Scythe not firing gauss projectiles... But again, that is nit picky compared to core gameplay which is... needed to be revised.

Also what is with the structure builds positioning? The left half of your taskbar is empty...

The mod has GREAT potential, and the units and structures are new goodies. Implementation though.... eh.

Model improvements are good, like joining both destroyers together.

Overall good mod. :)

Inquisition: Daemonhunt mod
10 Review

Mod Review on Jul 10th, 2014

No review provided

9 Review

Mod Review on Jul 6th, 2014 - 2 people agree

Good job on this mod! Very, very easy to get a hang of and install. This mod comes close to bumping heads with a 8 and 9, but I feel it is a 9. Here is why:

Storyline/plot/campaign: N/A (?)

+2 points easy install
+1 point bonus content you get from install

Gameplay/Immersion: 5/10
Replayability: 5/10
Learning Curve: 10/10
Balance: 10/10
AI: 9/10
Functionality: 10/10
Art/Aesthetics/Content: 8/10
Finalized touches: 8/10
Sounds: 10/10

Worth the download? 7.5/10

Like I mentioned, the mod is very easy to install and very easy to get used to. The developers did that toooooo well... + screen modifying.

The mod looks polished. The mod is balanced! The mod's ai is kicking butt and the strategies involved is FAIR.

However the level of content and gameplay is not that good, I thought. Necrons for example... what is this thing you have to place to get the power resource? Scarabs knocked around... units losing sight vision in snow maps and cover; limited HQs; reinforce only when near HQ???

So the game overall is a little stiff. You gotta figure out how to play DOW Pro, but luckily you are saved by the easiness of the mod.

Witch Hunters in the mod are very cool and very tough, hence why you got some aesthetics/content points, but the unit selection is very vanilla hence I did not take off a lot of points because of it. Just add more stuff, I feel. Anyways...

I like very much that you edited and improved the vanilla models like making scarabs burrow or making Pariahs teleport, well done. The fx applied to Chaos are solid and I thought the wargear system in this, though very choice restrictive, it is AT LEAST applied with addons.

So the mod has its flaws and its greatnesses. For a person like me, it is not to my taste, but it is very well done regardless. There is NOTHING in the mod that is cheesy and wonky like Supreme Commander, so the mod is not that bad at all.

It is not for me, but it is for others. Hence why the rating stands proud and you are welcome. :)

Black Templars: Kaurava Crusade mod
10 Review

Mod Review on Jul 5th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

So the famous Black Templars from the famous Firestorm Over Kaurava mod comes to life in a new... one and only solo race!!! It was exciting.

Story line/plot/campaign - N/a (?)

Race design/layout: 10/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Immersive Feel: 10/10
Balance: 9/10
Tactics: 10/10
AI: 10/10
Sounds: 10/10
Learning Curve: 8/10

+2 points for well polished and finalised looking release + content.

Worth the download? 10/10

Get this mod if you like big stand alone factions! Black Templars has a very interesting gameplay technique, I must say. The sounds in it (I mean voice overs) are very well done I thought, and the gameplay, though obstacled at first, gets better and better and is overall well thought out.

The design of the race, including every single icon, upgrade, ucs, and polish has a finalized touch and it is not very buggy of a faction. The units in it are great, especially the commanders and their terminator armor looks.

I could be wrong, but was this faction also included with "mark" like choices? I stay away from that idea whenever possible... it is not a popular demand because it does split your faction and people tend to not like that... but it depends on how it was implemented, and it did not effect my performance, if any.

The balance is not perfect, but it is very keenly close. Vindicators I noticed can wipe out things clean, but there is a limit placed on them there, all good. No unfairness, like more relic units compared to other vanilla factions, so overall balance is great.

Tactics in it is full of surprises. So many abilities!

AI has like no flaw. Out of the two games I watched the ai battle, they kick ***...

That's it! Like Dark Angels and Daemons, this is one of the most finalized races I've played! :) Keep up the good work, jones1979! ;)

Orbital Wars : Reborn
10 Review

Mod Review on Jul 2nd, 2014 - 3 people agree
This review may contain spoilers

This mod is simple and straight to the point. ADD MOTHER FECKING SPACE SHIPS!

The addon is small and perfectly displays ingame what the mod does. The units are fine, looks bad ***, and looks polished and finalized. It is not a perfect ten, I feel but it would only be the nitpicking.

Recommended. For those who like to combine mods, you should not miss the opportunity to get this mod.


All Space Ships for all factions (I assume for all factions) gives the player an extra factory and planetary defense just for space ships. Tech 1 to tech 3, balance will be no issue also because all factions can use the same strategy and Space Ships cost a ton to build. So go land, air, naval, or Space to defeat your enemies. And this mod does that presumably perfectly.

It is a small mod, and I'd recommend to all space or small mod lovers.

Total Mayhem
9 Review

Mod Review on Jul 1st, 2014 - 2 people agree

Nice mod! First edit due to the fact placeholder icons can be fixed with the Black Ops Icon Support. Rating changed from a 8 to 9, and I even upvoted/downvoted some scores to update my mod play impressions.

Storyline: N/A
+2 points models affecting gameplay
+1 point models affecting AI

Replayability: 7/10

Immersion: 10/10

Art/Aesthetics: 10/10

Sounds provided to units: 10/10

Unit Polish: 10/10

GUI/Layout: 7/10

Functionality: 9/10

Balance: 6/10

Worth the download? 10/10

The units in this mod just make your heart POUND! They are... AWESOME! Too much shooty, too much heart pounding spine throttling wowness for perhaps every single unit I played. However too much, the GUI should be improved slightly, but I understand the modder's position he is in. Too many new stuff will leave clumps. It should be taken at top priority. A suggestion would be to separate the new items you provided from the base game in different build columns. Even at game start. Maybe make one engineer unit build all base game units, and have a new engineer from this mod build all the new stuff!

I just want to point out what is wrong with the addon:

- Too many units and structures that it over crowds your build capacity.

- Balance is critical. I know that Seraphim does not get a lot and the UEF for example could build a super heavy unit at TECH 1, and could potentially whipe out any faction by clicking, gathering resources and boom you win. Basically.

Overall the content in this game is insane and I am very, very impressed. I will definitely keep an eye out on this mod, and for whoever made these units come alive, GREAT... *******... JOB, it is a masterpiece. However if I were to recommend, perhaps every single unit is just shooty, if you give some unique abilities to the units and apply actual icons to them, you could very easily get a 10, if and only if you layout the build menu of the GUI and make these units correctly placed. Balance is for last.

Fun. Worth it.