I am known as Cylarne on Relicnews and many other places, but here on MOD DB, and Skype I am known as Lord Doofus, my preferred name as it is easy to change................ I am a developer for the Dawn of War game, and my mod is the Ultimate Apocalypse mod. I did A LOT with it. I am a coder, map maker, mod tester, AI developer, hex n' tex maker, FX maker, makes 2D images, voice act for units, make (poor quality) videos, scar code, create campaigns (with non lore related), GUI developer (expert at that), and finally I can make the "impossible" possible with super passionative thinking and enjoyment of developing games.

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10 Review

Mod Review on Jul 10th, 2014

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9 Review

Mod Review on Jul 6th, 2014 - 2 people agree

Good job on this mod! Very, very easy to get a hang of and install. This mod comes close to bumping heads with a 8 and 9, but I feel it is a 9. Here is why:

Storyline/plot/campaign: N/A (?)

+2 points easy install
+1 point bonus content you get from install

Gameplay/Immersion: 5/10
Replayability: 5/10
Learning Curve: 10/10
Balance: 10/10
AI: 9/10
Functionality: 10/10
Art/Aesthetics/Content: 8/10
Finalized touches: 8/10
Sounds: 10/10

Worth the download? 7.5/10

Like I mentioned, the mod is very easy to install and very easy to get used to. The developers did that toooooo well... + screen modifying.

The mod looks polished. The mod is balanced! The mod's ai is kicking butt and the strategies involved is FAIR.

However the level of content and gameplay is not that good, I thought. Necrons for example... what is this thing you have to place to get the power resource? Scarabs knocked around... units losing sight vision in snow maps and cover; limited HQs; reinforce only when near HQ???

So the game overall is a little stiff. You gotta figure out how to play DOW Pro, but luckily you are saved by the easiness of the mod.

Witch Hunters in the mod are very cool and very tough, hence why you got some aesthetics/content points, but the unit selection is very vanilla hence I did not take off a lot of points because of it. Just add more stuff, I feel. Anyways...

I like very much that you edited and improved the vanilla models like making scarabs burrow or making Pariahs teleport, well done. The fx applied to Chaos are solid and I thought the wargear system in this, though very choice restrictive, it is AT LEAST applied with addons.

So the mod has its flaws and its greatnesses. For a person like me, it is not to my taste, but it is very well done regardless. There is NOTHING in the mod that is cheesy and wonky like Supreme Commander, so the mod is not that bad at all.

It is not for me, but it is for others. Hence why the rating stands proud and you are welcome. :)

Black Templars: Kaurava Crusade mod
10 Review

Mod Review on Jul 5th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

So the famous Black Templars from the famous Firestorm Over Kaurava mod comes to life in a new... one and only solo race!!! It was exciting.

Story line/plot/campaign - N/a (?)

Race design/layout: 10/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Immersive Feel: 10/10
Balance: 9/10
Tactics: 10/10
AI: 10/10
Sounds: 10/10
Learning Curve: 8/10

+2 points for well polished and finalised looking release + content.

Worth the download? 10/10

Get this mod if you like big stand alone factions! Black Templars has a very interesting gameplay technique, I must say. The sounds in it (I mean voice overs) are very well done I thought, and the gameplay, though obstacled at first, gets better and better and is overall well thought out.

The design of the race, including every single icon, upgrade, ucs, and polish has a finalized touch and it is not very buggy of a faction. The units in it are great, especially the commanders and their terminator armor looks.

I could be wrong, but was this faction also included with "mark" like choices? I stay away from that idea whenever possible... it is not a popular demand because it does split your faction and people tend to not like that... but it depends on how it was implemented, and it did not effect my performance, if any.

The balance is not perfect, but it is very keenly close. Vindicators I noticed can wipe out things clean, but there is a limit placed on them there, all good. No unfairness, like more relic units compared to other vanilla factions, so overall balance is great.

Tactics in it is full of surprises. So many abilities!

AI has like no flaw. Out of the two games I watched the ai battle, they kick ***...

That's it! Like Dark Angels and Daemons, this is one of the most finalized races I've played! :) Keep up the good work, jones1979! ;)

Orbital Wars : Reborn
10 Review

Mod Review on Jul 2nd, 2014 - 2 people agree
This review may contain spoilers

This mod is simple and straight to the point. ADD MOTHER FECKING SPACE SHIPS!

The addon is small and perfectly displays ingame what the mod does. The units are fine, looks bad ***, and looks polished and finalized. It is not a perfect ten, I feel but it would only be the nitpicking.

Recommended. For those who like to combine mods, you should not miss the opportunity to get this mod.


All Space Ships for all factions (I assume for all factions) gives the player an extra factory and planetary defense just for space ships. Tech 1 to tech 3, balance will be no issue also because all factions can use the same strategy and Space Ships cost a ton to build. So go land, air, naval, or Space to defeat your enemies. And this mod does that presumably perfectly.

It is a small mod, and I'd recommend to all space or small mod lovers.

Total Mayhem
9 Review

Mod Review on Jul 1st, 2014 - 2 people agree

Nice mod! First edit due to the fact placeholder icons can be fixed with the Black Ops Icon Support. Rating changed from a 8 to 9, and I even upvoted/downvoted some scores to update my mod play impressions.

Storyline: N/A
+2 points models affecting gameplay
+1 point models affecting AI

Replayability: 7/10

Immersion: 10/10

Art/Aesthetics: 10/10

Sounds provided to units: 10/10

Unit Polish: 10/10

GUI/Layout: 7/10

Functionality: 9/10

Balance: 6/10

Worth the download? 10/10

The units in this mod just make your heart POUND! They are... AWESOME! Too much shooty, too much heart pounding spine throttling wowness for perhaps every single unit I played. However too much, the GUI should be improved slightly, but I understand the modder's position he is in. Too many new stuff will leave clumps. It should be taken at top priority. A suggestion would be to separate the new items you provided from the base game in different build columns. Even at game start. Maybe make one engineer unit build all base game units, and have a new engineer from this mod build all the new stuff!

I just want to point out what is wrong with the addon:

- Too many units and structures that it over crowds your build capacity.

- Balance is critical. I know that Seraphim does not get a lot and the UEF for example could build a super heavy unit at TECH 1, and could potentially whipe out any faction by clicking, gathering resources and boom you win. Basically.

Overall the content in this game is insane and I am very, very impressed. I will definitely keep an eye out on this mod, and for whoever made these units come alive, GREAT... *******... JOB, it is a masterpiece. However if I were to recommend, perhaps every single unit is just shooty, if you give some unique abilities to the units and apply actual icons to them, you could very easily get a 10, if and only if you layout the build menu of the GUI and make these units correctly placed. Balance is for last.

Fun. Worth it.

Supreme Commander
9 Review

Game Review on Jun 30th, 2014 - 6 people agree
This review may contain spoilers

So this is my third edit of this review. My review from before was a six. And this one is official.

Storyline/plot: 9/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Learning Curve: 8/10
Immersion: 10/10
Replayability: 9/10
+3 points (prolonged gaming)
Economy System: 3/10
Tech System: 8/10
GUI/Layout: 9/10
AI: 9/10
Graphics/Aesthetics: 10/10

Worth the buy: Stay tune.

Especially with the mod support involved, this game has a very nice talent and an interesting taste in gameplay. Great story line, utmost potential being implemented correctly based on beginning concept, the game even has the finished feel. As a futuristic game, it is recommended. Its content is unreal, and if you know how to play the game, it is extraordinary, cheesy, but extraordinary.

Now here are some things that are not done well:

- The game in general is wonky, stiff, and you need to know how to play the game.
- The balance is a bit off, slightly (Seraphim).
- The game is absolutely cheesy, because you are talking one hit kills, bases disappearing before your very eyes, constant harrassment from all corners, and interesting commanders that can wipe out all armies that lie before it... on death.
- Economy system ******* sucks, making gaming slow and brutally tiring.
- Some pathfinding, where units do not attack in groups, rather line formations.
- 3 hours of base building work can be destroyed in SECONDS...

Besides that, the tech system is slightly stiff where if you build tech one engineers and then you build tech 3 engineers, you gotta deselect this in that. But the features in this are amazing!

The game is wonky, sometimes ridiculous, and for beginners, like me, you'd probably hate the game, and the tutorials range from bad to okay. But this game has long term gaming. Once you get used to it, it is probably one of the best games out there. I spent 678 hours on it. There is no game, besides Skyrim that can top such a duration of PLEASURE.

GET THIS GAME!!! (10/10) **** the sequel, it ******* sucks hands down.

Space Engineers
10 Review

Game Review on May 21st, 2014 - 2 people agree

I would rate higher, but I can't... is there a 100/10 option? Nope...

However! I am giving this game a 10 because my vote should not be counting and I can't really have a point of view. Why? Well... I can't play this game. My computer can't handle the lag. I need an optimal computer to play this FUN game! It could be the best game of my lifetime, but I can't play it and tried everything.

I recorded my framerates. Everytime I look at buildable objects, the physics built large, small, or station ships... my frame rate drops to 1-2 frames per second.

So here I am crying for the life of me because I think I found my dream game... yet, yet I can't do anything with it anymore. :'( I even tried maneuvering with all of that lag... I tried it for an hour, successfully made 10 blocks (And yes that was extremely difficult for the likes of my computer) and... stopped. :(

Please allow AT LEAST really fast graphics quality... I can't go any lower than normal! Can't disable shadows, no poly decrease... so sad.

I would rate this a 1. I really would because you killed my heart and I would have to buy a whole new computer! But deep down, the looks of it, the gameplay, and the immersion! This cannot in my opinion be any lower than a 10 (or until I discover something within it like actually playing the game). And it is improved day by day!

So if you hear this, please, for low end computers and MORE audience approval, please heed to this review, game developers. The thought of wasting my money, 20 bucks on something I cannot play until a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG time from now is... mentally murderous.

Dawn of Immolation - Angevin Crusade
2 Review

Mod Review on May 21st, 2014 - 5 people agree

My THIRD edit of this review... sorry about that folks.

In my opinion... this mod needs... to be looked at. :D

I would love to rate higher... but I got down on my knees to beg for sanity.

This is the hardest... I have ever laughed. I just... don't know what is going on... it surely broke my internal organs.

2/10 gameplay
1/10 immersion
1/10 replayability
1/10 ai
5/10 graphics and HUD
1/10 tactics and balance
1/10 skins

The mustaches... oh the mustaches.

- Please fix the four mod extensions within the game manager labeled "DoI".
- Balance is a concern.
- Names of units is...
- Pink icons.
- Redundant or same races.
- The skins... Sick Orks for example. xD
- Bad FX and beeping sounds on the Grey Knight units.
- Broken AI.

Otherwise I'd rate by then like a 5 or 6. MAYBE 7 if you make somewhat of an expansive faction. Otherwise I just cringe...

Everybody try the mod out once! PRETTY PLEASE. This mod is so worth the try... probably a better try than the UA mod rofl and more rofl sakes. OR watch a video. Please don't miss out... this is your once in a life time opportunity, #yolo.

Battlefleet Gothic Mod for Dawn of War
9 Review

Mod Review on Dec 13th, 2013 - 1 person doesn't

I have to say that I am very impressed with the improvements from version 0.7 to 0.8. I had time to test out BFG mod for an hour or so to see what's up, the installation is simplistic, and this version is definitely up for playability!

With leniency, betas are never finished products. +10/0 (free points)

8/10 immersion/gameplay

6/10 replayability

10/10 learning curve

7/10 tactics; 3/10 unit mechanics and how they work

10/10 AI

10/10 functionality

8/10 graphics/quality

2/0 (free points) for a complete total conversion mod!

Worth the download? 10/10

Onto the game itself, I like it. It needs work, but I like it. The AI, whoever did the AI did a perfect job, the layout of the game was very nice, and finally, it has achieved level of quality and gameplay in this version (0.8).

I would play this mod once, perhaps definitely twice to try out both factions, but the finished feel and the epicness is not there yet (sort of like Planetary Annihilation Alpha), so it is not a mod I would play.

As for the things I don't like that I'd like to see fixed in the future is:

The Fog on some maps making your units disappear as you zoom out, pathfinding issues (a must), the movement and turning speeds of your fleet (a must), the lack of fielding starfighter units (a heavy must), the lack of projectiles shooting down ships, lack of sound, Imperial Navy using Chaos voices, the tech tree system a little confusing switching from building to building making sure you got the unknown relic, the control zone radius, lack of many structures, the variants in unit types feels the same, better ui descriptions (what x unit is effective against), and finally perhaps a bonus, the option to warp jump via the jump ability ;).

Lack of turrets I can deal with, because that's what mods in DOW do these days (which in my opinion is f***ing ridiculous). :\

That's it! This mod I see in the future would be a HUUUUUGE hit!

Very good.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
8 Review

Game Review on Nov 17th, 2013 - 1 person agrees

Overall this game is very unique, full of tenacity, and a cold and dark battlefront where your ships at your command can be viewed with a glorious and enhanced camera! It is a game I would recommend. :)

+1 point (Indie game)

Mod support 10/10
Gameplay / Flow / Layout: 6/10
Balance: 10/10
Immersion 10/10
Replayability: 7/10
Story Line/Plot: 4/10
GUI 5/10
AI: 9/10
Graphics/Aesthetics: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Worth the buy: 8/10

+3 points for Pirates.

So let me talk about what I like about this game. The Solar System management, balance, and race uniqueness, on top of that PIRATES, unique game, Solar System domination, unique heroes (capital ships), the immersion itself, sounds + VO, and AI is very good. It has... ahhhh I don't know word!!! Anyways...

Now onto my dislikes. This game has potential. What I do not get is why you haven't included voice acting in the tutorials??? It is the hook of your game and it is not very well done. This also has no story line, at least I do not know the story line because I think the plot is, "This is what this faction does". I like the factions and how they work, but overall there is no campaign.

User Interface is also a major let down. The options and what a player can do within it feels rushed and unfinished. It has a lot of potential in it, and the ideas are great, but the implementation of it is only average.

Gameplay... uggh, it's good, but... it needs work. It feels stiff in some areas. It is really hard to get a good economy for one. Each planet limits your build queue and is expensive. Research feels like a waste of time, get units, wait and wait and wait, produce! Big maps need work, if you send a squadron of ships over to a next planet, you might as well get up for coffee, no ship return...

I could talk and talk about the game in depth, but MOD DB only allows 2,000 characters on a review. This game would be for me, but if I was the creator, I know how to make it much, much better.

Recommend! Me game? Nah, others, yes.

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