Hi. I mod for many different games, just all games i see that need to be improved. I've started with simple texture-replacements, i can do a bit of scripting and modelling but what i mostly like to do is editing sounds, espacially weaponsounds. As already said i aim for higher quality or more realism ( hollywoodsounds -> realistic sounds ;) )

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ConfusedMaster Aug 2 2014, 1:22pm replied:

i just used all handmaps as preview-images here

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ConfusedMaster Jul 29 2014, 8:15am replied:

Consider that this game is from 2004.
If i think about more or less comparable games like OperationFlashpoint, JointOperations and Battlefield1942 they are all from around that time and don't really make Söldner look that bad if you ask me.
I would describe this game as a simpler OperationFlashpoint.

+1 vote     game: Söldner: Secret Wars
ConfusedMaster Jul 26 2014, 11:27am says:

this is in the wrong category. its a mod - not a game

+1 vote     game: Cyber Arena
ConfusedMaster Jul 3 2014, 9:35am says:

After using the installer i had to rename the modfolder "Vietnam 1967" into "Vietnam" to make it work. All speech (except for the vietcong who speak english) is in czech.
Yes, it is in fact a Vietnam-War-Modification with corresponding levels, weapons and enemies for this setting.
But for my taste it is a bit too tough.

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ConfusedMaster Feb 2 2014, 8:28am says:

Simply an excellent mod same as the first Poke646!
Played them both when they were old already but the amount of audible detail and the love put into the leveldesign keep it more than playable even nowadays.
I enjoyed turning on the music at that sofa and recognizing it actually came as stereo from the positions of the 2 speakers.
I strongly suggest to play this mod with EAX on.

+1 vote     mod: Poke646: Vendetta
ConfusedMaster Nov 14 2013, 7:00am says:

Windows7 for gaming, Debian for everything else. No need to empty your wallet ;)

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ConfusedMaster Oct 13 2013, 10:02am says:

just played it. it was fun and i even had to think in one or another situation to be able to continue. the minimal weapon and ammo loadout from the beginning could have been kept throughout the whole game in my opinion. not much of a surprise, but these narrow corridors reminded me of the movie Stalker which i can really recommend if you like verbose thoughtful films.

+1 vote     mod: Dead Sector
ConfusedMaster Aug 4 2013, 1:06pm replied:

The Download works for me right now. Maybe the Mirror was down when you tried it.

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ConfusedMaster Aug 4 2013, 1:04pm replied:

This is for the final version of The Battlegrounds 1.

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ConfusedMaster Aug 4 2013, 1:00pm replied:

there is an example mentioned in the installer. you specify the path all the way to your maps-folder and if there is no maps-folder you create one.

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ConfusedMaster Jun 18 2013, 7:45am replied:

you can change that in the command-menu

+1 vote     download: Marinebot 0.91 for Firearms 3.0
ConfusedMaster May 31 2013, 2:37pm says:

since all this was so nicely done i was most curious about seeing what XEN would be like but instead all i see is credits :(

+1 vote     mod: Black Mesa
ConfusedMaster Feb 28 2013, 9:59am replied:

Have you tried editing the reaction-time of the bots? The ingame-menu makes it quite easy if you ask me.
In my opinion Marinebot is one of the best bots for HL-mods alongside with Sturmbot.
You might want to give it another chance.

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ConfusedMaster Dec 29 2012, 10:15am says:

now this is a nice christmas-surprise! thanks!

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ConfusedMaster Nov 24 2012, 3:37pm says:


+1 vote     media: Smoking room fully converted
ConfusedMaster Jul 20 2012, 9:00am replied:

usually they should manually join after a bit of time when you start a server and if you dont find anything like a function to open the marinebot menu in your controls you might try reinstalling the bot - maybe even firearms.
okay and if that dont help try if anything happens when you type recruit into the console ;)

+2 votes     download: Marinebot 0.91 for Firearms 3.0
ConfusedMaster Jul 4 2012, 8:36pm says:

it looks awesome but when i tried to join my favorite server i was kicked by punkbuster :(

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ConfusedMaster May 22 2012, 8:36am says:

tu vuo fa l'Hurricano Hurricano Hurricano dabdadab

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ConfusedMaster May 21 2012, 5:19pm replied:

looks a little alien-made if you ask me

+3 votes     media: Victor bomber
ConfusedMaster May 15 2012, 1:45pm replied:

marinebot.net is down for a long time already. i asked the former admin of the marinebotforums, he took a look but couldnt find any waypoints for that map. maybe there are some people still out there playing this. i wish you good luck

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ConfusedMaster May 15 2012, 1:24pm replied:

pardon me, the CBF-archive was damaged. this time i tested it before the re-upload. neither the CBF, nor the ZIP are faulty. just download it when it is authorized. i suggest you to use version 1.6 of Vietcong since i did not test the model with any older versions.

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ConfusedMaster May 13 2012, 1:11pm replied:

thanks for informing me, i reuploaded it - this time as a zip.
it's waiting to be approved

+1 vote     member: ConfusedMaster
ConfusedMaster May 4 2012, 6:02am says:

THANK YOU, I am definetely going to try them out!

Insurgency Bots next? What do you think about it? ;)

+8 votes     download: Day of Defeat: Source - BOTS 1.4.4
ConfusedMaster Apr 26 2012, 12:39pm replied:

i am sorry to disappoint you but i am not working on this anymore and i dont know whether i will continue

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ConfusedMaster Mar 16 2012, 5:51pm replied:

i kinda think the same. might sound a little more powerfull and dirty for an fps. i also miss the choir from the former insurgency mod.

but dont get me wrong - im not saying this is bad ;)

+1 vote     media: The battle continues
ConfusedMaster Feb 23 2012, 12:33pm says:

it's got coop ijäijäijäijäijäijäijäijäijä!!!

+1 vote     article: Cry of Fear Spotlight
ConfusedMaster Feb 23 2012, 12:25pm replied:

i'd even say the best vietnam mod ive seen for the whole arma-/ofp-franchise :)

+1 vote     mod: Vietnam: The Experience (OFP)
ConfusedMaster Feb 13 2012, 7:01pm says:

this update kicks äss. i enjoy "Infinite" a lot!

+1 vote     article: Eve of Destruction Classic v2.40 - 10th Anniversary Release
ConfusedMaster Jan 2 2012, 2:37pm says:

i agree, make it look more like olive-green

+9 votes     media: Opinion on RPG color???
ConfusedMaster Dec 20 2011, 4:05pm says:

no... you're not really telling me thats the ingame-look, are you? I guess I'm stunned now

+1 vote     media: Smoking room Completed
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