Hi. I mod for many different games, just all games i see that need to be improved. I've started with simple texture-replacements, i can do a bit of scripting and modelling but what i mostly like to do is editing sounds, espacially weaponsounds. As already said i aim for higher quality or more realism ( hollywoodsounds -> realistic sounds ;) )

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0 comments by ConfusedMaster on Sep 7th, 2010

I don't want you to think that I've given up my projects so here's a short list what I'm currently doing
- Codename: Zulu : Last bug-fixes before releasing a public beta-version
- Maps : Red Dawn-maps "converted" for the use with Fist Alpha/regular Vietcong
- TP-Mod : Scheduling of the project's future, maybe combination with community-patch/ vietcongreloaded
- Graphics : Fitting Enbseries for several games

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0 comments by ConfusedMaster on Jan 19th, 2009

-New US-uniform-textures (olive-green-standart instead of special forces camouflage)
-Scrawled Helmets (like in the TR-Mod)
-Teamplay-Community beer-skin (yummy)
-New weaponskins
-New menu-design (see "Menustyle Prototype")
-New menu- & weaponsounds (44khz)
-Higher fire-rates (not too extreme so dont worry)
-Harder recoil (its still easy to hit targets but this way shooting-fun has already increased)
-Browning Automatic Rifle added for US side (the response to Fist Alphas DP2 on VC side)
-RPK-47 for VC side
-XM177E1 for US side
-M1919 for US side
-Chicom Type56 for VC side
-M2 Carbine for US side
-Remington 11-48 for US side
-(MAS49 for VC side)
-(MAT49 for VC side)
-(K50M for VC side)
-(Nagantrevolver for VC side)
-(AK-47 Sniperversion for VC side)
-(New Class : Commander)
-(Portable Casetterecorder to listen to music on patrol)
-(Boats, Vehicles, Aircraft)

so far thanks to NobodyVanSekion, Den, The Ad and the rest of Teamplay-Community for their support, creative ideas and feedback!

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