Occasionally making an Amnesia custom story for you guys to enjoy. I also have a YouTube channel full of awesome Let's Plays and other content.

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In Lucy's Eyes

Mod review may contain spoilers

*Review contains minor spoilers*

What more can I really say about this mod that I haven't already said in my let's play?

Beautiful maps, excellent scripting, awesome lighting effects, loved the monster that always seems to be haunting the player, loved the paranormal encounters that always left me with goosebumps, loved the voice acting, and of course the match mechanic is original and a good way to make the player really appreciate the light.

Some small glitches here and there, such as the mysterious disappearing matches (which you guys fixed) and some missing textures (also fixed), as well as some frame drop in the first map and dungeon map. But those did not hurt the experience too much.

In the final level, however, I was expecting some kind of challenge or boss fight of some kind. The final few levels seemed to be leading up to something, but I found the ending to be a bit anti-climactic. But something I did enjoy about it was the cool little art scenes which told the story of David's escape with Lucy.

All in all, this was a phenomenal full conversion mod, and I immensely enjoyed playing. Keep up the great work guys. I look forward to the next project, which will inevitably be even better!



Mod review

If there is one thing that stands out about this mod, it's the absolutely beautiful mapping. Bravo for detailed, perfect maps.

Scares were a bit on the lacking side, although there were some parts that got me good. All around creepy atmosphere though that I did like.

Story left me wanting to know more. The ending felt a bit too abrupt, leaving me wanting more. Definitely was on the shorter side of custom stories.

Overall a 9/10. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who appreciates the amazing mapping.


Amnesia: A Coward's Debt

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

A haunting, dark and terrifying glance at the penance that a coward must pay for his life of selfishness. Expect a couple puzzles that make you think, and a new monster that will make your skin crawl. Loved the ending especially. Great job.


The Four Horsemen

Mod review - 1 agree

Excellent mapping, great story, fun game play. Some spots had me stumped for a while, but that's part of the fun. Really enjoyed the 4 quarters of war, death, famine and pestilence. Keep it up guys.


Bitterwood Peak

Mod review - 1 agree

The attention to detail in this mod was admittedly overwhelming at first, but quickly became incredibly respected and adored. Not only that, but the story was well thought out, and executed perfectly. The tapes gave cryptic and at times comical advice, always trying to steer you in multiple ways. This mod had me running in circles for hours, but I never seemed to mind. The prospect of continuing the story drove me to keep going. Props to the developer for making this polished full conversion mod a reality.

10/10 Excellent.


The Silver Key [Collapsing Cosmos]

Mod review

Mapping and lighting were excellent. Interesting story, despite the lack of scares. I could tell the immense amount of effort that went into this story. Keep up the good work!


Brutal Doom

Mod review

Just plain AWESOME!


Gary - Dark Secrets

Mod review - 1 agree

Story, atmosphere, lighting, scares, puzzles, exploration. This mod does it all, and does it well. One of the best custom stories out there. Definitely deserves the 10.


Black Mesa

Mod review

Very well done. Definitely worth the wait.


Mission Improbable

Mod review - 2 agree

Very well done. Loved the attention to detail. Fun firefights. Challenging puzzles.

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