You play as Alastair, a 19th century researcher who has devoted his life to the study of the Four Horsemen. Upon hearing reports of their arrival to Earth, Alistair realises that he may have the solution to save mankind from annihilation...

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- High level of creativity
- Advanced, yet not too hard puzzles
- Amazing level design! It's obvious that you took your time with it
- Story line is so unique as it can be
- Best voice acting I've ever heard in Amnesia! Huge cred to the voice actors


- Suitor only spawned once and disappeared quickly. I saw no purpose with him
- Pretty few actual encounters (the grunt was walking around like 12 times and only attacked 1-2 times at most)
- The ending was way too easy, especially compared to the rest of the story. I did not understand what the Alexander voice acting did there. Was that a horseman?


I play a lot of stories, some of them are bad and some are decent. I ask myself "would I pay to play this story as a DLC?" And my answer is always No. But this time I could actually say "Yeah, I would pay to play this story".

There are a few minor things, like the ending, that could be a bit better, but it's close to perfection. The story is unique and refreshing, the level design is beutiful and the voice acting is the best I've ever heard in Amnesia.

Highly recommended.

10/10 - Masterpiece

Absolutely fantastic. There are no glitches, no bugs, and it is very well made. This is the best custom story I've played!

Excellent mapping, great story, fun game play. Some spots had me stumped for a while, but that's part of the fun. Really enjoyed the 4 quarters of war, death, famine and pestilence. Keep it up guys.

One of my best favorite mod!


Skelatilian04 says

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Plot was original and great.
Sounds were generic and not that amazing, not bad though.
Music was great especially the place between quarters, for me anyway.
Level design, some parts great others bland.
The scares were amazing. I nearly died one time. (It was a no-death run though :P)
The fact that it was half scripted other times just an obstacle was amazing, for me anyway.

I would have loved to see some form of Horsemen NPC but I'm not sure if that would take away from the experience or not.

Puzzles weren't ridiculously hard and it was balanced. You'd have to think like an extra-Amnesiac, sometimes.

There was voice acting, which I liked and it brought me deeper into the experience especially the downwards West wing staircase jump.

I didn't understand the workings of Alistair most of the time though, it felt forced-what he was doing on some parts- and his development felt rushed.

But still a great story, I think Amnesiacs should play it.

That's it for me.

Excellente custom story !

The Four Horsemen easily achieves a level of quality present in the original game. Plot, voice acting, atmosphere...

The level design, especially, is to be applauded. The levels could use optimisation, however. Also, you can get lost a few times.

This is one of the top three best custom stories that I've ever played in my entire life. The level design is perfect. The plot was fantastic. The way that each of the four last levels of the game perfectly matched a horseman of the apocalypse. I cannot praise this custom story highly enough. It is easily on the same level as Amnesia: The Dark Descent.


GoodGamePlayer says

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Definitely belongs to the top custom stories. Focused on detail, atmosphere, storyline and originality, The Four Horsemen offers an excellent custom story experience which can easily amaze the player. A few the puzzles are rather hard and there's not much oil if you're not searching thoroughly. I believe I had been tracking this CS once before it was released and I think it'd been in development for a pretty long time. Now I understand why. All the effort that was put into this fine piece of hard work has proved to be reasonable.
I only found one bug - when you're going back from the Death's Quarters and load an autosave, the passageway that is supposed to be unblocked might still be blocked. This bug can be avoided by loading an earlier save or autosave. (I loaded an autosave before I went to the room with the orb and it worked.)

This was an excellent mod. It had a very unique story, with some great level desgin and voice acting. Great atmosphere as well, but there was a lack of actual scares which I found slightly detracted from the experience. Still a very good mod

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