String is a short little custom story made for Amnesia the Dark Decent. You play as Henry, an old king who returns to his once underground fortress. But he soon finds out that those he left behind have been waiting for him all these years. If he succeeds he might be forgiven.

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impala-of-mayfair says

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I'd like to start off by saying holy crap, your mapping is gorgeous. The atmospheres are beautiful and unique and provided for a new experience. I took a few minutes in the beginning just to gaze at the scene of the waterfall.

Those sounds coming from outside the closet were terrifying. I loved the fact that Richard could talk. However, I did not understand why he was a Brute. There wasn't any reason for Richard to be a monster, unless he'd been brought back from the dead...?

I feel, though, that the story left way too many questions unanswered. What was Henry trying to cover up? Was it the fact that he killed Christine? How is Christine alive and dead at the same time? Was the ghost of his past self literal, or just a figment of his imagination? Why was Henry always closing the gates (paranoia)? Why was Henry initially cruel to Philip - was it just the alcohol or was there another reason? Is Philip even still alive? What on Earth was the floating body bag in the end? Was that the statue of Henry? If not, what did it represent? If Christine really did forgive him, then why does Henry die? Why does the story end so suddenly? Why is it always the same ending despite different paths taken? In the left door of the maze, what was the purpose of the water-stairs sequence?

Perhaps it's just the writer in me, but I felt that the story was lacking lots in detail. I feel like a bit of mystery is good, but you can still leave an open ending to a story even if it is finely detailed.

Overall, I thought it was a great mod, but it could use a bit of story-work, in my opinion. Keep working hard, you've got a lot of talent!

Ok here it goes...

Astonishing Level Design
Brilliant Voice Acting
Disturbing Story
Quite Scary and can be very unnerving at times.


String was an amazing experience with astonishing level design and with amazing detailing put into the maps from start to finish.
I Loved every minute of that CS and I'll replay it again if I have to.
The atmosphere of the mod was purely unnerving and felt unforgiving in certain parts. The Scares were well executed and were really well placed.
The voice acting was superb and the story was very chilling.

In the end, it was an amazing modification and I really want to see another mod from these guys!

9/10 = Astonishing Masterpiece!

This custom story is simply amazing,the level designe is gorgeus,really detailed suggestive,the music is truly good,the jumpscares well placed(a really horrifing experience),the story deep,what can i just say?Excellent,really excellent!

Man, I wish every CS is this detailed and well made! From basics building up to little details. The monster talking to himself, the voice acting, the choices you have. Though it is short, I didn't mind, because I played it 4 times in a row, just to see "What if I go there or there the next time"


I will made a review of this mod solely based on the gameplay atmosphere and maps.

The reason is simply as the story is somewhat ungraspable to me because of the distorted voices. They are quite difficult to understand, even for a native english speaker who played this story and tried to explain it to me.
If this mod have subtitles, then everyone could understan it properly and rate it right.
This reason is, for me, the mayor outback of this mod

This one isn't an Amnesia experience, its more like a playable short story.

The maps are perfectly detailed and with an exceptional design.

The atmosphere is excellent, creepy and eerie with a touch of melancholy to add more flavor.

Its rather short, less than half an hour of gameplay, but this is not bad, it seems to be a good story (couldn't properly say, because there are tons of voice recordings distorted by gramaphone noise and other dreamlike echoes that difficults the understanding of the story).
The notes some add to the (ungraspable) story, and others only help to understand what is needed to do for advance.

This is not, again, an amnesia experience. Its a creepy and interesting adventure type mod.

I expected a lot more, maybe, if the developers agreed to add some subtitles, then, maybe, the score will go up.


- Extremly well made levels
- Voice acting
- Intresting story
- Great details
- Several paths to take


- Low challange
- A lot of unanswered questions (story felt unfinished)
- Bad ending
- The "3 door paths" leads to the same place

Neutral: (Neutral opinions does not affect the score)

- It might just be me, but it was kinda hard to hear what the voice actors said at times. Subtitles, if you know how to add that, would be great


I personally think the levels are very beutiful, but there is almost no challange at all. Almost no monster encounters, puzzles are very easy to solve, etc.

It felt to me like the story wasn't very well developed on because of the short lenght of the mod. I have no clue who the boy in the office flashback is, why the woman was murdered and so on.

The ending felt so random. *SPOILER WARNING*. I went into a room, a womans voice said "I forgive you" which made no sense since the man voice said several times that I was going to die and that I deserved to be punished and so on. Then it began to burn and then a black screen with no fading at all. The end. It didn't feel very satisfying.

I had to, during one scene, choose between 3 doors. I though that my decision was important and would change the story depending on which door I pick. All doors led me to the same place immidiatly.


A beutiful, short story that is good because of the design and story line. I wouldn't recommend it to people that wants challange or a long story though.

8/10 - Very good


HumiliatoR says

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What an amazing little mod.

I truly enjoyed almost everything what this mod contains, mapping is just phenomenal, well designed, atmospheric enviroments, really terrifying some times, not boring stuff at all, really enjoyable to play when you progress on the maps. Still little disappointed when the endings comes and all of sudden it ended with really intense scene.
Noticed couple errors and floor flickerings, but that was pretty much for the errors and bugs or noticing things.


- Creepy sounds
- Terrifying atmosphere
- Mapping (one of the best mapping design I seen a while)
- Couple unique scares, events were really scary
- Story, really intesen and well made
- Detailing on every map


- Too short for my taste
- Too easy to figure out what to do (lacks of good and complex puzzles)
- Default music

Overall, really good job with mapping and putting few terrifying scares, whole experience was worth to play to the end!

Good story, great voice acting
Need to play this again to figure out other routes..

As I said in the comment section, a very good and unique storyline with an original plot. I mentioned my negative thoughts on this as well, the 2 most important being the short length of the story and the lack of subtitles.

Nontheless, it was both very fun and scary to play, which actually made me like it a lot in the end. This, and the amazing voice acting. I think I see a lot of potential in you as a future modder, so I gave this is 10 on 10 in hopes that you will keep releasing more Custom Stories of this caliber and quality.


Perfect custom story, regardless the length. Absolutely amazing design, excellent storyline with choices to make. Just sit down, play calmly and enjoy.

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