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0 comments by Ched80 on Jul 3rd, 2015

This week was spent back in the development seat and I've made better progress than I thought I would. I did have thoughts of getting the Android version properly working and pushing it out to Google Play, but I'd spent the previous week dealing with publishing and marketing so I fancied a week back in the code.

Here's a summary:

Added breakable keys. Basically what it says on the tin. Keys randomly break meaning you need to seek out a new on or use lock picks again.

Added a text prompt when you hover over a collected hack. This describes the benefit of the hack and if you don't have the correct ingredients yet, it tells you what you need.

Added five new hacks:
Skill Tonic - gives you perfect shooting accuracy for 90 seconds.
Auto Shotgun - is kinda obvious as it's a hybrid of a shot gun and an automatic rifle.
Electro Handgun - deals additional electric damage, but can also be used to shoot doors open.
Field Scanner - increases the number of items you find by one.
Exploding Bullets - bullets that do double the damage.

Adjusted the Murder Crime image to make it look better.

Adjusted the Game Over screen to show the moment of death, rather than the Moon's surface.

Adjusted the map screen to make it more clear, by high-lighting only the floor and the section that the player is in.

Adjusted the camera wobble to a time based system as the effect was almost non-existent on higher end PCs.

Adjusted the way Hacks are discovered so that they are limited to one per section. Meaning you won't have the same hacks available to you in each play through.

Adjusted Floor and Section numbering to start from 1 to make it more logical.

Fixed player collision with dead NPCs.

Fixed gun ammo text disappearing when new items were found.

So over all I'm pretty chuffed with the progress this week. Hopefully more of the same next week!

Before I go, just the usual cheeky reminder that beta two is currently available via for $0.99.

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0 comments by Ched80 on Jun 26th, 2015

This week was spent holidaying with the family so development progress was zero, but I'll be back in the saddle from Monday.

So in between trips to the zoo and walks around the park I've mainly been planning what's going to go into beta three. This is what I've drawn up:

As I've mentioned previously, the hacks are going to be expanded and these are the first 10 I'll be adding:
Automatic shotgun hack
Electro Handgun hack (add electric shock damage)
Enviroshield hack (allows you to access failed sections)
Exploding bullets hack
Field Scanner hack (increases loot yield)
Flame gun hack (my personal favourite)
Lazer Rifle hack
Omni tool hack (reduces the number of items needed for repairing)
Skill Tonic hack (perfect shooting accuracy)

The Armour mechanic will be adjusted so that it degrades with damage taken.

The A.I. will be improved, to add actions such as running away.

Some objects will be breakable, such as keys and guns.

The Experimental Crafting mechanic will be added.

Two unlockable crimes will be added:
Robbery Crime
Smuggling crime

Three NPCs will be added:
Guard NPC
Robot NPC
Megabot NPC

The bridge section will be added. The bridge will be a unique section and will contain the medical bay.

I'm also attempting to add an end game animation, but given my art skills this may not get added.

I'm aiming for beta three to be completed by mid August and when it does I'll be increasing the selling price. So just a cheeky reminder that beta two is currently available via for $0.99.

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0 comments by Ched80 on Jun 19th, 2015

This week I had a little trip to Toulouse in France and back for work this week so I was able to get a few hours on this again during the flight and the second beta is ready for deployment. I just need to package the various platform versions and host them.

So this past week was spent polishing the game and bug fixing. Although the 360 controller features have not been fully added into this next beta (I'm still thinking of how to implement the hacking part using the controller), the annoying snap at the four quadrants has been solved. It was actually embarrassingly easy. AGK, by default, sets the dead zone for the analogue sticks to 0.15, so now I just force the dead zone to 0.0 for a much smoother motion.

I also added a simple pre-damage sound so that it sounds like a part of the ship has exploded just before the alarm sounds. I think it adds a bit to the atmosphere.

I also slightly adjusted how player collision is done so that collision with non-occluding objects works as I wasn't happy with the fact you could walk over chairs and tables.

Still no feedback from Desura, so I'm now looked a as a hosting platform and any others I can find.

Anyway, after the beta are up I'll create a little video re-capping all the new features and post it up.

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0 comments by Ched80 on Jun 12th, 2015

I had a little trip to Norway and back for work this week so I was able to get a few hours on this during the flight.

The hacking mechanic is now fully implemented for two hacks - Vile Bullets and Bullet Lotion. The 3rd beta will have a lot more, I just wanted the core mechanic working for the 2nd beta.

The final aspect of the 2nd beta is the crew quarters section. Which is already running in the game, but many object are missing from it so the level currently feels sparse and disappointing. With this being the crew's area I want a lot more stuff to be around, and that means creating a lot more media, something which is taking me longer than I thought.

But I'm still on track for the next beta to be out before the end of the month. Next week I am focusing on this final section as well as removing any silly bugs I find. Then I'll package the three platform versions up and put together a short video shows what's been added since beta one.

Still no feedback from Desura, but giving that their parent company has filed for bankruptcy I have a feeling Desura may not be taking on any new games.

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0 comments by Ched80 on Jun 5th, 2015

I have been thinking of an experimental crafting system that has been suggested to me. I still want to stick with my "hack" method of predefined combinations, with these giving you specific predefined bonuses. My plan is to have a large number of these bonuses, with the aim that you only find a set few in each play through. The idea, hopefully, is that the bonuses will change how you play through the game, even though the ultimate end is the same, the journey their can be slightly different.

I think I will save the experimental crafting mechanic for a later release.

Speaking of releases, I've now moved the game on to Desura, although as I'm writing this, I don't actually have confirmation that Desura have accepted it. We'll see what happens.

Anyway, this week was about working through the plan. I focus almost entirely on the hack system. I added two hacks, I've got the HUDs working and a few other bits, but hacks don't actually have an effect yet. That's next week's job.

No coffee cups this week as I was focused on a single element, but I did finished off the guns and they now fully implemented.

So next week will be finishing off the hack system and then moving back on to finishing off the Quarters section.

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0 comments by Ched80 on May 30th, 2015

This week was all about planning. So far I'd been a bit ad hoc with features and content for the first beta. I mean I knew it had to contain specific bits, but I didn't really have a plan for the next beta and I was aiming for a new beta each month. So I drew up a map of what I want in the game and what should be introduced at each beta, but I quickly realised I'm never going to make all the stuff I want for the next beta before the end of June, so I think I'm going to aim for a beta every other month. Anyway, this was the progress this week:

Started to add two new weapons - an automatic rifle and a shotgun. Not tested them yet, so far I've just been adding the icons, the animations and the audio for them.
Started adding a few more collectable items such as Gaffa tape, batteries, etc. Which all sounds a bit dull, but I'm also adding a new mechanic that will make this all a bit more interesting.
Started work on a 'hacking' mechanic. By this I mean that you can alter or create items by combining the stuff you have collected. For example combining lock picks with bullets creates bullets with 25% more damage. The hacks are only available when you collect the recipe for the hack so you won't be able to hack right off the bat, you'll have to hunt for them. I'm introducing 4 hacks for the next beta.
Added a few more items for the crew quarters, such as a bed and table, but I've got a lot more to add yet.

I was hoping to get a bit further than I did, but I'm hoping having a plan will keep me focused on getting the next version out before July.

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0 comments by Ched80 on May 24th, 2015

Back into the development of Trapped in the Sky this week following the submission of the demo into the Intel Level Up 2015 competition. No video :(, but I'll save that for when the next beta is available, but in summary

Added a camera wobble when a section is damaged. I plan to expand it so that the wobble is stronger when the section you are in is damaged and i also want to add in some explosion and creaking sound effects to make it feel like the environment is decaying.
Altered the shadow shader slightly to blur the shadows at the edge of the screen - it's slowed the frame rate a little, but the visual effect is worth it and makes the lighting more natural.
Started adding a new section type - the crew quarters - which is similar to the cells except the crew get bigger rooms, the furnishings are nicer, and there is am R&R room and a weapons store.
Altered the looting system so that objects can only be found in logical places. No longer can you have 5 CPUs in a toilet. Instead, hardware can be found in creates, while keys, bullets, etc. can be found on people. The idea being that you need to search the different sections of the ship to get the items you need.
Expanded the map generator to now create multiple floors (the current beta only creates a single storey world). I also added the mechanic for the lifts (so you can access the different floors), but it's current interfering with the exit doors. One step forward....

Not excessive progress I'll give you, but creating a section takes about 3 days while coding a mechanic takes about 1.

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0 comments by Ched80 on May 5th, 2015

Just two days until you can get your hands on the first beta release of Trapped in the Sky. I'll be putting up both Windows and Linux versions. I was thinking of also putting up an Android version, but after testing it this evening it's way too buggy to inflict on the gaming public.

Looking forward to getting some feedback on how it's bolted together so far.

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0 comments by Ched80 on Apr 29th, 2014

I fleshed out the challenge system for Planetastic a bit more today.

The pic below shows the status of 4 objectives for this system challege:

  • At least 3 Gas Giants,
  • At least 2 Rocky Planets
  • At least 1 planet supporting life
  • At least 5 planets in total.

When the objectives are mastered, the challenge is complete and the player stars a new challenge.

I've also been working on rearranging the UI see below.

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0 comments by Ched80 on Apr 28th, 2014

I've been making some reasonable progress with Planetastic.

Actually I'm being a bit harsh on myself here, I only started this game 10 days ago, and I've already got the basic mechanics implemented and the first Alpha up on Google Play.

Today I started implementing the Challenge system. So I was playing "Out There" the other day and I realised my game doesn't have any variation from attempt to attempt so I thought I should spice things up a little bit by setting a series of challenges.

By challenges I mean things like:

  • At least 3 Gas Giants,
  • All planets within 4 AU
  • 2 Planets supporting Life

that sort of thing.

I'm going to limit the number of challenges to 3 per system, but have enough so that each system has a different set of challenges.

I'll also still support the sandbox mode as it's just nice to throw planets together.

In other news I've created 3 of my own planets since I found a pretty neat GIMP tutorial on planet creation.

and here they are:

They're actually surprising simple to create so I'm planning to add a few more before I release the next version.

Here's a little screenie of one of them in action too.