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0 comments by Ched80 on Apr 29th, 2014

I fleshed out the challenge system for Planetastic a bit more today.

The pic below shows the status of 4 objectives for this system challege:

  • At least 3 Gas Giants,
  • At least 2 Rocky Planets
  • At least 1 planet supporting life
  • At least 5 planets in total.

When the objectives are mastered, the challenge is complete and the player stars a new challenge.

I've also been working on rearranging the UI see below.

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0 comments by Ched80 on Apr 28th, 2014

I've been making some reasonable progress with Planetastic.

Actually I'm being a bit harsh on myself here, I only started this game 10 days ago, and I've already got the basic mechanics implemented and the first Alpha up on Google Play.

Today I started implementing the Challenge system. So I was playing "Out There" the other day and I realised my game doesn't have any variation from attempt to attempt so I thought I should spice things up a little bit by setting a series of challenges.

By challenges I mean things like:

  • At least 3 Gas Giants,
  • All planets within 4 AU
  • 2 Planets supporting Life

that sort of thing.

I'm going to limit the number of challenges to 3 per system, but have enough so that each system has a different set of challenges.

I'll also still support the sandbox mode as it's just nice to throw planets together.

In other news I've created 3 of my own planets since I found a pretty neat GIMP tutorial on planet creation.

and here they are:

They're actually surprising simple to create so I'm planning to add a few more before I release the next version.

Here's a little screenie of one of them in action too.

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0 comments by Ched80 on Apr 12th, 2014

Started work on my next casual title this week "Paper Down Hill" a 2D soap box racer for Android.

I haven't started on the mechanics yet, although I did make a prototype of this last year so that part should go relatively smoothly.

This week was getting the menu system sorted. Although not as sexy as game mechanics, I figured if i sort this out first, it'll be easier to slot the mechanics in, rather than the other way around.

Here are some screenies:
generic login screen

A part of the game will be for you to construct your own soap box racer using a simple drag and drop menu like this:
cart designer

This is as far as I got this week. Next week's plan is to finish off the cart designer functions, create a few more parts to play with and then work on the track designer.

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