Hello everybody. There's not much to my profile page. I'm not a modder, all that stuff is way over my head. I'm a movie maker, even though I haven't been able to work on any projects lately. You can visit my Youtue channel if you're bored, or just want some entertainment.

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CaptainCrow @ Planetwar Total War Version 2

Tried to patch the game because it was crashing every battle. Am unable to do so because when merging the Data folder, the process Freezes and never continues. What do I have to do to make this work?

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CaptainCrow @ The Dark Times

Awesome Mod!

Will you guys make one for the New Jedi Order/Legacy Era time period?

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CaptainCrow @ The Battlefront Project

This mod is awesome.

It's like a completely different game! New classes with all new weapons that fire more intensely and realistically plus an awesome grenade system.

My only complaints are that there are units without their name listed, and it's seriously hard. Plus it seems like almost every weapon overheats.

The Jedi and Sith characters are 'nerfed' so to speak. This way, they're not these invincible godlike tyrants wiping everyone out on the battlefield. (Good or bad thing?)

I've found only one glitch so far; The self destruct option doesn't work as the probe.

Other than these things, and the fact that you will die more than ever, if anyone is tired of the same old boring Battlefront then get this mod!

One more thing.......did Yoda get taller?

And will there be space battles in the future?

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CaptainCrow @ Star Wars Battlefront Conversion Pack

I love this mod, but there are a few things I need to say that need to be said.

1. There are TOO MANY jedi and sith characters with Luke's saber combo!

2. The game crashes...a lot...(if that's not because of this mod, let me know)

3.On Rattak there's a few graphical errors.

4. The map selection screen says things like "AT12" or something like that, instead of the map's actual name.

5. it won't let me select some maps for the playlist, even if I selected the Eras and game type right.

That's all I have for now, I haven't had real time to spend on this mod, so I will post again later if I find more problems.

Other than that, great job guys, and I hope to see a Version 3 so that there are less problems and more fun.

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CaptainCrow @ Star Wars Fan Group

Hey if anyone knows about a NO-CD patch for the Battlefield 2142 First Strike mod, please let me know. Thanks...

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CaptainCrow @ Freeworlds: Tides of War - A Star Wars Total Conversion for Freelancer

Oh my god, I had no idea this existed! I would've kept this game installed if I would've known.

This is looking great. I can only imagine the amount of work and knowledge needed to to create a mod like this.

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CaptainCrow @ First Strike v1.4 Full Installer

To angelcs-

I know this is probably late, and you've already made your mind about this, but I'm here to tell you that YES, it will work on your computer.

My computer system is this:

736 MB of RAM
1.81 GHz
GeForce 6100

And it works near perfect! (Surprisingly!)

Just turn everything down Graphics-wise and you'll be fine.

But I must warn you, if you plan on Torrenting this game without the CD, this mod will not work even if you have a NO-CD patch/crack/file for the main game.

Plus, if you want to play online with a torrented version, you can't because The Company that made this game has blacklisted some of the Serial Numbers that have been reused.

So if you can, buy it. That will make your life easier.

Plus (again) it is a multiplayer based game and the singleplayer mode is VERY limited.

Other than those things, if you want to torrent it, head on over to a site that I use called Btjunkie and get started and have fun.

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CaptainCrow @ First Strike v1.4 Full Installer

Hello, Newbie on the block! Anyways, I'm having hell with this mod!

After finally installing and patching the main game, and this mod, I've run into yet another road block.

When I start this mod, it tells me to insert the CD.

Now I know what you're thinking - "Damn Noobs!"

I've been torrenting games for almost a year now, and I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing when it comes to that.

I've got a NO-CD crack for the main game, and the main game works fine. But this mod won't work from it.

I would very much like to play this mod today.

So what I've been looking around for is a NO-CD file for this mod itself so that way it won't scan for the disk.

I've come up with sites that look fake, or a scam.

I've seen a forum in which some guy said he found one, but you have to redownload the entire mod as well. I already went through the pain of downloading this thing and isnstalling it. All I need is a seperate NO-CD .exe file to run this thing without a CD.

The only other option I have is to Retorrent the main game and burn it onto one of my disks and see if that works. I don't know if that will work but if it does, the type of DVDs I have are 8.5 GB Dual Layer DVD+R.

I hope someone responds to this......

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CaptainCrow @ CaptainCrow

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