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BlackProject Sep 1 2014 says:

some Sea Raiders spawned and become stuck between Drachenburg and Tower of Istmur due to block implemented around the mountain. Might I suggest instead of putting a block, when we click the tower, it will instead open a screen that says:

"You see the Tower of Istmur. Apparently you can't pass through here" and so on. I'll leave the message to you

+1 vote   mod: Nova Aetas
BlackProject Aug 14 2014 says:

just one question, do you guys have the license to create an Online Fallout game? This would be a problem later on when Bethesda or Interplay or someone who hold the license see your game development.

+2 votes   game: FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix
BlackProject Feb 27 2014 replied:

guys Docm30 is still working this mod. he's just rarely (or never) update this page. he still answer comments in Taleworlds forum. just want to say this, mod development is risky, you're basically developing a new module of a game yet you can't force anyone to pay but on the other hand, once your mod is completed, it can be a plus when you try to enter the industry


here's the link, last comment from him was on Feb 26

+8 votes   mod: L'Aigle
BlackProject Aug 1 2013 replied:

is it the iron forest anomaly? scared me as hell and it happened right after fast travel. imagine playing it at midnight with your headset on. not cool man, not cool

+1 vote   mod: MISERY
BlackProject Jul 23 2012 replied:

just be glad you still born in that country. take a look at countries in Africa, high inflation, civil war, poverty and many of them can't enjoy the internet like what you're doing right now

+1 vote   member: asif_ridwan
BlackProject Jun 13 2012 says:

one question, what do you need to buy with that money and why? seriously guys, you all know better than me, if you ask for fundraising, that means the community will believe you will complete the mod nevertheless and if you stop the mod after the fund has been collected, it will leave a bad mark for ModDB and later, community will become skeptical about fundraising and donation

+2 votes   news: Fundraising for the development SZM CoP 0.3
BlackProject Jun 5 2012 replied:

i think it's just false positive. Back then, i use Avira and it detects one of my trainer as virus, but when i try with Kasperky, it doesn't detect anything at all

+2 votes   game: Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch King
BlackProject May 20 2012 replied:

good luck with that :), from what i know, creating a new smooth animation is not easy for Bethesda game

+2 votes   mod: The World Of Magic
BlackProject Dec 16 2011 replied:

u serious? if you were born in 500 years ago, you wouldn't have enjoy what you enjoyed right now (PC, TV, IPod etc) because they weren't invented during that day

0 votes   media: The world would be a better place...
BlackProject Jun 14 2011 says:

actually no, u can only place routes like bus, train, etc but u can't drive it though

+5 votes   game: Cities In Motion
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