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biohazardger Jan 13 2014, 1:29pm says:

Keep it ;D

+2 votes   media: Self cast shadow and real time reflections
biohazardger Jan 16 2013, 11:36am says:

sup, dawg

+1 vote   member: Rezental
biohazardger Jul 19 2011, 7:45am replied:

Nope, I made that with the 2007 SDK ;).

+4 votes   news: Source Shader Editor plugin released
biohazardger May 14 2011, 11:56am says:

Ceci n'est pas ultio.

+1 vote   member: lololonotatroll
biohazardger Sep 12 2010, 8:57am replied:

Sad to read that, but thanks for the update.

+1 vote   mod: Pokémon: Online
biohazardger Jul 12 2010, 6:54am replied:

so this does not represent worldspacenormals? here's a reference with Y and Z swapped from wikipedia: what does it represent otherwise?

+2 votes   media: PotW: At the end of the rainbow
biohazardger Jul 11 2010, 7:13pm says:

Looks like worldspacenormals to me.

+3 votes   media: PotW: At the end of the rainbow
biohazardger Apr 17 2010, 8:43am replied:

Well at least he tried to create a post processing based outline instead of having those fatboy outlines on models - but I agree, it does not look good this way...

+3 votes   mod: Half life 2 cel shaded
biohazardger Apr 17 2010, 8:41am replied:

Technically it /can/ be added to a material with $lightwarp, this guy didn't use it though...

+4 votes   mod: Half life 2 cel shaded
biohazardger Apr 16 2010, 12:23pm replied:

That's true. Guess I misinterpreted you since you related my common argument to your own work and abilities, nvm then.

+1 vote   media: Pokémon's In Alpha
biohazardger Apr 13 2010, 5:03pm replied:

So? I never said that you 'suck' at animating or something, just that it's a lot of work for so many different models (but magneton is not really difficult at all, i'm rather thinking about all the unique walkcycles, since you guys want the pokemon to move).

Although you could make the deathanim at least a bit more dramatic, like so .

+1 vote   media: Pokémon's In Alpha
biohazardger Mar 22 2010, 1:53pm replied:

They are not even going to use turn-based combat. And imho being able to switch your pokemon as often as you want to is fine, your enemy does basically get a free round to attack. If you lose because of this your team was probably rather imbalanced.

+1 vote   mod: Pokémon: Online
biohazardger Mar 7 2010, 5:04am replied:

Why the hate, don't you want to maintain a good relation to your community? Moddb supports ogre, you could simply update your profile I assume.

+1 vote   mod: Pokémon: Online
biohazardger Feb 27 2010, 6:25pm replied:

Would indeed be cool to see something ingame, even if it's just a screen and not a vid.

I also don't understand why someone downvoted you for this, you didn't say anything bad, geez! I can especially understand your concerns since many of these models are not even created by the team, unless this guy joined you already:
I also realize that you guys asked him, and he offered them for download anyways, so that's totally fine! (but you should maybe mention the original creator)

+1 vote   mod: Pokémon: Online
biohazardger Feb 25 2010, 8:15am replied:

Unwrapping is hard? -> Unfold3D.
And again you missed the point. I never said it's hard to make them, but it's difficult to make them good, because it takes a lot of time. And if you just 'experimented' with this kind of stuff, how can you know? I don't think that you've got access to mocap, or do you?

+3 votes   media: Pokémon's In Alpha
biohazardger Feb 25 2010, 8:13am replied:

What have I done to prove - what? Proving that many mods don't have complex custom animations? What do I need to prove there, just open your eyes.

+4 votes   media: Pokémon's In Alpha
biohazardger Feb 24 2010, 4:58pm replied:

He's talking about turn-based combat like in stadium or any gameboy game instead of seizing direct control of the pokemon entities.

+1 vote   media: Haunter and Gengar
biohazardger Feb 23 2010, 1:49pm replied:

The other pokemon mods never made it very far, there's absolutely no reason for name calling because someone is skeptical, but you seem to have missed the point.

And it's not difficult to create ****** animations indeed, thanks for reading my comments throughout. But I don't see many good custom character animations on source around, and you neither.

+6 votes   media: Pokémon's In Alpha
biohazardger Feb 22 2010, 5:07pm replied:

Heh, of course I hope they will already have their models fully animated in (their first releases), too. But since I know how much work this stuff is, it might be possible that these things have a lower priority for now.

And it seems they don't have a coder yet, so who knows if they have a skilled animator for this? ;)

+2 votes   media: Pokémon's In Alpha
biohazardger Feb 22 2010, 4:26pm replied:

That's a legitimate question. Nearly every pokemon must have a unique skeleton, so you can't have shared animations - it's a lot of work to create a set of good looking anims here. And how often do you see fully fledged custom animated characters on source? No, aimlayers on top of valves walkcycles is not what I'm talking about.

+2 votes   media: Pokémon's In Alpha
biohazardger Feb 20 2010, 6:12pm replied:

It's possible that he simply slapped a very sensitive sobel filter on the framebuffer AFTER the hud has been rendered. The hudelement vgui drawcalls are done directly after the scene has been drawn, so you can actually do this.

But the sobel filter should be applied to depth or/and world space normal, this way it just looks dirty.

+1 vote   mod: Half life 2 cel shaded
biohazardger Jan 24 2010, 8:51am says:

Hehe cool thing DuckSauce! Do you plan on adding some animations though? Since the players seem to be in air most of the time it would be neat to have some blended swinging anims :).

+1 vote   news: Ever dreamt of electrocuting combine in zero gravity?
biohazardger Jan 18 2010, 7:11am replied:

A fov of 130? That's ridiculous. Source engine games allow the user to play at a fov between 75 - 90 by default (54 - 70 for viewmodels) and furthermore this setting is relative to the y-res, so it adjusts to your x-res accordingly by itself, it is NOT dependent on your ratio.

+1 vote   news: Sunday update. New team mates.
biohazardger Jan 7 2010, 6:35am says:

I've already voted, you guys deserved it :).

+1 vote   news: Flesh, not so minimod afterall
biohazardger Dec 22 2009, 1:17pm says:

Good job on this mod, I really like the atmosphere; both visuals and sound effects.
The only small drawbacks imho are the controls and your character animations. I think it wasn't a good decision to scratch strafing out for the usual pc controls, it seems a bit odd, though you can get used to it of course.
And your custom movement animations create an humorous impression sometimes, because the models are 'ice skating' all the time.
But these things are only small fish in a big pond, it's a great mod overall.

+3 votes   news: Flesh version 1.0 released
biohazardger Oct 31 2009, 5:52am replied:

You could have added your own keyvalue to a material in 'surfaceproperties.txt' and access that within the code :P.

+2 votes   media: Example of NoHook Texture
biohazardger Sep 7 2009, 8:51am says:

Well, if you already take the cig_smoke.vtf from TF2 you should use a waaay smaller alpha value, like they've dont it with the particles for the spy.

Maybe add a child particlesystem with ordinary smoke, than it might look more realistic.

+4 votes   media: Muzzle Flash Particles: Smoke
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