As the old world is crumbling something new is coming into being. Many people are waking up to their true powers- their DNA changing somehow... You, Myo Hyori- an 18 year-old girl of Korean descent, are one of them.

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Media RSS Feed Self cast shadow and real time reflections (view original)

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Quick question regarding custom features.

Would you prefer features that are rough around the edges but implemented anyway or if it isn't perfect then not have it at all?

This self casting real time shadows and reflections will likely not be perfect because of animations that don't line up with the viewmodel/weapon animations, mainly the reload animations but other stuff as well.


Firstly I cannot de-compile the Valve animation files I need to tweak and secondly even if I could it would probably be too time consuming to tweak them all to fit the view model animations perfectly.

And the new view model animations are good enough I don't want to change them.

So vote then. Cut it or keep it as is? *It may look ok in a pic but in game its very obvious the animations do not line up.

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Jan 12th, 2014