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BalkanLuka Apr 25 2014, 11:47am says:

Just accidentaly founD this mod while loking nostalgicly in google for things about FF, immediatly instaled it, man this mod is great!!!

I have just several questions, is this mod dead or still growing? I mean will there be more updates because its just plain awesome!!! I mean its a TMNT brawler! Pls somebody reply and tell me this mod isnt dead!!

If this gem is still beign worked on, it has a nice potential for more characters like Razar and Tokka and many others and maybe as the ultimate boss-SUPER SHREDERR!!

This game is great for having a big amount of colorful combatants, maybe you can use some characters from the TMNT 3 Manhatan Project game for the NES, they are unoficial but would fit nicely with the turtles.

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BalkanLuka Mar 19 2014, 1:29pm says:

Sombody posted a link a long time ago,for a tutorial for making the unit portraits BfME,can that persoson please post it in the comments again.
The link was to the lotr bfme the3rd age moding site, but on the tutorial page i there isnt anything conected to portrait making, so if someone has the link post as a reply or pricate message please do it.

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BalkanLuka Jan 22 2014, 11:08am replied:

Realy nice idea, Bolg with his own role in the army, maybe if he gets to a certain level he can quit beign a scout archer and become more mele oriented fighter and commander, to change his apearance from DoS Bolg to the armored concept wich Tienty has shown.

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BalkanLuka Dec 22 2013, 3:41am replied:

I posted this idea a while ago, but ill repeat it in a short version.
Why not use both Bolgs? He can start as the movie version but afther he gains a certain level he assumes command from his father and becomes armored,slower but stronger(The actor version) instead of the light but fast tracker Bolg from the movie.This would make Bolg an evolving character on the battlefield, he wouldnt imediatly start so much vicious in look, but he must earn his position.

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BalkanLuka Dec 15 2013, 11:08am replied:

As i watched images of Bolg and videos for the battle of Azanulbizar i noticed around 3-5 orcs with the sam hair and beard style, big orange and red in colour, other orcs only have small beards and are mostly bald so it seems to me that those orange hairs arent even orc hair but dwarf hair/beards. Maybe its one of their sick habbits to use dwarfs ornaments for heads just like Azog and Yazneg have clothes made out of dwarf heads.

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BalkanLuka Dec 15 2013, 7:45am says:

Here is a small suggestion concerning Bolg, why not use both looks?
He can start as the unarmored version, weaker but faster still in the shadow of his father, but later as he reaches a certain level he proclaims himself lord of all the orcs of the north and gets his heavy armor and flayed beorning cloak becoming more slow but stronger in both offense/defense.(Maybe even make it as a passive power like gandalf the white)

I also believe that the confusion of Bolg and Azog on the battlefild wouldnt be a problem if they would use different animations- Azog uses Lurtz and Bolg could use uruk berserker animations. Also Bolg is a bit taller then Azog so i see no problem here,just like there is no problem with Lurtz or Ugluk-same size and animations, only color variations.

As for the fate of Bolgs visuals we dont know will the costumed version even be implemented in the third movie, there are some posibilities:
1)We saw that the orcs are begining to use heavy iron armors from Dol-Guldur, their design is quite similar to the costume Bolg.(Maybe he will armor up for the last battle)
2)He will stay the same as in part 2.(Bolgs miniature from Games Workshop was recently renamed to Gundabad General-maybe this means that they have scraped the costume concept but still want to use it as something else)

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BalkanLuka Nov 30 2013, 2:47am says:

Could somone of the mod developers please answer my question concerning the the Goblin Kings final ability-Scavanger cart, and reasons for it to be remodeled- to let the cart be pulled by Goblin Town denizens and not wargs.(Or give it to another Goblin sub-faction)

Here is the link to the questions and reasons to do it:

The questions are moving with new posts ariving,look for it from page 11,its long and you cant miss it.
Ive been waiting 6 days for an answer, and some users already got theirs in 1.

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BalkanLuka Nov 24 2013, 4:25pm says:

THIS IS PART 1,read this then PART 2 to form the COMPLETE post!

I agree with zsozso, the goblin king should get a singing ability because that was his signature scene from the movie, or as a possible global ability like cloud break which would either weaken or stun enemies.
Sombody already mentioned in the coments that the goblin town subfaction needs torture devices, i absolutley support this idea because its also one of the things which personalizes GT goblins, maybe make them as the heroic statue buildings,but instead of leadership bonuses they would weaken the enemy.

As for the Goblin Scavanger cart i think it is more fiting to the gundabad orcs, there are several reasons:
-Warg taming:Only orcs of gundabad have an alegiance with the warg packs and posess the strenght to capture, tame and ride one of these beasts, i think its hardly possible for a weak degenerate creature to tame or capture a beast that would likely consider him a meal than a worthy master or rider.

-Location:Goblintown denizens are rather troglodytic and reclusive in their nature,so i cant realy imagine wargs coming inside caves to offer their services or get caught in traps and goblins from GT geting far away from their holes to search for them.(they are simple cowards, and have no real sense of organisation to make such an attempt)

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BalkanLuka Nov 24 2013, 4:24pm says:

THIS IS PART 2, they were posted so in order to make it like a complete text,READ PART 1 then this-due to character limitation

-Usage:I believe its hardly posible to drive a cart in a ramshackle cave town that has no visible botom, and whose "roads" are bare rotten wooden boards. Also there is the question of need for GT goblins for such a mean of transportation, why would they use it in a cave if they could just climb with their claws or use ropes to traverse chasms in their caves. The intent for the cart is to quickly transport needed supplies on the battlefield, but GT goblins never really venture outside to fight,they rather wait for easy prey to come to them,to their traps.

I think it is more fiting for gundabad orcs who are a semi-nomadic horde who only retreats to gundabad to replenish and recover losses, they are in much greater need for fast supply because they spent most of their time in the wilderness,or on the battlefield and have no posibilities to armor up, rest, than to scavange right on the field of battle.( they gave a bigger need for metal because they use both bone and metal armor/weapons)
They only value strenght,and only the strongest ride wargs to battle but they could add a cartman to weaker,unworthy for battle orcs, who survived harsh tribal conditions and could provide some usefulnes to the orc cause.

As Ugluk said, there are 3 types of orcs:the apes od Mordor,the maggots of Moria adn the Uruk-hai
Gundabad are most uruk like and the only ones capable of organisating a serious force so i find a warg-unit which main role is to support an army on the move to be in an army that uses wargs and is always on the move,not to stay in a moldy cavern where it cant be used and could posibly,if not likely kill its "masters".

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BalkanLuka Jul 31 2013, 5:09pm replied:

Hvala,hvala na lepim recima :)

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BalkanLuka Jul 31 2013, 4:37pm says:

Both characters are roughly based on the folowing actors-Chris Hemsworth and James Cosmo.

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BalkanLuka Jul 31 2013, 4:36pm says:

The folowing characters are roughly based on the folowing actors-Jeff Bridges and David Thewils

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BalkanLuka Jul 31 2013, 4:32pm says:

Hi to all of you, i just want to tell you that i posted new drawings on my profile so check them out and give me your comments

The drawings are my suggestion for a Ghulzar rework and four drawings requested from THE LAST SILMARILL (the heroes from the fiefdoms of Gondor who fought at the Battle of Pellenor field)

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BalkanLuka Jan 29 2013, 8:29am says:

Just added a new drawing for a unit concept for Angmar.
Visit my profile to see it.

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BalkanLuka Jan 29 2013, 8:28am says:

As a unit suggestion, the six moraturi would be more of a defensive unit.Limited to 1 squad of 6 men, this unit would be tough, but its true potential would show when its defending, they would get bonus stats when near your buildings, they could also boost alied units by blowing thier horns to increase morale.

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BalkanLuka Jan 14 2013, 3:20pm says:

Concerning the similarities of the mod and bfme 1, will baracks and other unit production buildings be upgradeble to lv 2 by resources, like bfme2 or will the mod return to experience gathering via making new units in the structure ,thus increasing its level?

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BalkanLuka Dec 31 2012, 10:33am says:

Glad to see people like my idea and WITN i too find it to be a great game, and Agandaur is a good vilain :)

Anyway if you want i can send you the word file with images, just give me an adress.

+3 votes   member: BalkanLuka
BalkanLuka Dec 31 2012, 8:00am says:


Hi afther along time absent from this forum i have come with some suggestions about a new faction Agandaurs Angmar.Now most will atack me saying its bad, WITN is lame...I know that the edain team has now full concentration on adding the Hobbit features to the mod and grounbraking changes conected to it. Anyway i ask them and you to look to this as a suggestion for future versions of the mod, because this was never implemented in any other BFME mod and thus i believe it would make it even more unique.

You can find the concept as a blog on my profile page, together with my allready posted Building plans adn Fate Power tree.Due to page restrictions i couldnt attach images so the blog is only textual, if you would like to see the original WORD file with pictures that will help you envision it better, just give me your EMAIL and i will have no problem sending it to you.

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BalkanLuka Dec 23 2012, 2:02pm says:

HI im in desperate need for an answer to my problem, if someone knows how to fix this issue please help me. The problem is this,

I have copied the Data folder and the Mod launcher to my UaW folder and redirected the path to it.I can enter the mod launcher perfectly, the game starts normaly, and now comes the important part

In the main menu of the game a new option apears it says MOD, when i click on it i get a new screen with 2 choices BACK and START GAME. Clicking on Start game simply returns me to the main menu, also when i enter skirmish mode i can only chose the 3 main factions. The game is patched to 2.

Pls help.

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BalkanLuka Dec 14 2012, 2:45am says:

Why isnt somoeone comenting the movie so far, how many of you have watched it? I thought this forum would be swarmed with reactions about the movie and new ideas and suggestions.

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BalkanLuka Dec 6 2012, 5:12pm replied:

I like Iron hills becuause of Murin and Drar, double your damage, double your fun.

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BalkanLuka Nov 29 2012, 1:40pm replied:

Good idea, but i would implement it into the power so theres a 33% cnance taht the spell would either summon 2 variants of trolls or seanathra,just like Imladris Council of Elrond power.

As for Urgost as a ring hire, i think that would make this Angmar faction too similar to the Goblins. Agandaur shoul─Źd be their ring hero, he would become just like the final boss batle in WitN- with a dark aura, supercharged and eminentin lightning.

Runsing is the Siege masrer of Angmar, he apears in Guardians of Middle Earth, but his look is entirely based on a rhudaur barbarian from WitN.

+1 vote   media: Agandaur faction-Power Tree
BalkanLuka Nov 28 2012, 8:15am replied:

More acuratly 3 standard heroes (Agandaur,Tharzog,Wulfrun) as for Seanathra she isnt that important, but could be implemented as an inn hero. One possible choice for this faction could be Runsig.

+1 vote   media: Agandaur faction-Power Tree
BalkanLuka Nov 28 2012, 8:04am replied:

Lol, no he doesnt, because i think the ring has only shrinking powers ;)

Anyway the idea is that he swalows it, the ring iniside grants Rogash limitles anger and strenght but the agony slowly kills him from within.

+1 vote   media: Rogash Ring Hero
BalkanLuka Sep 28 2012, 9:18am replied:

Lol i also thought that adding the faction-switch option for Old Angmar/New Angmar is good, because old Angmar doesnt seem right when he fights for example in Harad, Rohan or Minas Tirith. And Agandaurs Angmar fits these maps because of its time period.

Check out my profile, i even made some concepts how Agandaurs buildings should look like, i also mad a power tree unique to his faction.

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BalkanLuka Aug 28 2012, 3:45pm says:

For those who think- Why would the Witch-King alow Rogash to keep the ring , and shouldnt he immediatly give it to Sauron?

My answer is: The Witch-King is pleased with the new form of Rogash and his thirst for destruction so he will alow the mighty beast to continue his rampage in the lands of the West until it dies from the Ring, which could then simpy be picked from his corpse.

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BalkanLuka Aug 28 2012, 3:39pm says:

Just added a new drawing, check it out on my profile.
It is also meant as a posible suggestion for the Edain Mod.

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BalkanLuka Aug 23 2012, 4:03am says:

Hey guys i had some free time, so i made some funny memes for the edain team and the community, check them out on my profile, hope you like them.

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BalkanLuka Aug 16 2012, 3:00pm replied:

I made this concept because i find LOTR witn great as many other people do,but i believe the edain team will never implement this because they dont like it,but still what are dreams for if we dont believe in them?

+2 votes   member: BalkanLuka
BalkanLuka Aug 16 2012, 2:57pm says:

I just want to thank all the people that support my ideas, yuo are the force that keeps me going adn lets me make my ideas, my work is inspired by all of you ,for you.

Anyone having ideas for lotr can always call me and ill draw them something and send because i believe good ideas should always be apreciated and made into reality.

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