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Agandaur New Faction concept

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basic idea of this faction is to replace
the Angmar faction on certain maps
that are incompatible due to a different
time period or geographical distance. (Harad, Mirkwood, Erebor, Gondor, Rohan and
other maps...) This change would be similar to the Gondor/Arnor system.

substitute for the old faction would be the restored Angmar of the Third Age,
through the representation of the WB game " LOTR War in the North".

the next pages I will explain the units, heroes, buildings and upgrades. The
list of Spell powers with explanations and Building plans can be seen seperatly
as a picture on my ModDB profile page.



The Fortress- The main building which features important
upgrades and produces builder and hero units, comes with a aray of defensive


1) Skull Rack - Similar to banners in
other fortresses this decoration decreases the cost of adding LEADERS to Angmar

2) Patrol - Spawns 2 orc hordes and a
troll which will continuosly patrol at the Fortress and attack nearby
approaching enemies.(1200)

3) Flaming Arrows - Enhances the Fortress
attack with additional burning damage.(1500)

4) Dark Conduit - Special upgrade, Chanels
the power from Saurons black scrolls into ACOLUTES either granting them great
power (Turns them into SORCERERS of Carn-Dum, 30% chance), or turn them insane
(Creates MADMAN, 60% chance), or it could simply kill all of them (10% chance).

5) Spire of Carn-Dum -Final Upgrade,
same effect as the Wizard tower, extends Agandaurs teleportation range.(2500)

Other Upgrades and Buildings.

Preparation - Unlocks tier 2 buildings, units and fortress upgrades.(750)

War in the North - Unlocks tier 3 buildings, units and fortress

Fortress Expansions:

1) Arrow Tower expansion - Basic ranged
defence expansion.(500)

2) Balista Tower expansion - Siege
defensive expansion.(1200)

3) Lightning Tower expansion - Advanced
,long ranged but ,powerful but very slow defense, fires a concentrated beam of
lightning at the target.(Like Sarumans

4) Wall Hub expansion - Standard wall
starting point with a gate and tower upgrade (Now not possible for newer
versions of edain)

Goblin Hole - Primary unit production building, produces: Feral
Goblins, Goblin Bowmen, Goblin Warriors and Flaming arrows.

Alows Goblin
Sorcerer to be added to the selected goblin horde.

Orc Hall (Needs Preparation upgrade in the
s) - Advanced
military building, produces : Northern
Orcs, Orc crossbows, and Orcs of Carn-Dum (
Needs WitN upgrade)

Alows Orc
Champions, Ork Sorceror, Uruk Archer, Uruk Hammer and Shield Uruk to be added
as leaders.

Rhudaur Lodge(Needs Preparation Upgrade - Support Military structure,
produces Rhudaur Tribesman.

Alows Rhudaur
Spiritmen and Rhudaur Champions to be added as leaders.

Smelter (Req. WitN) - Final unit building, fields the most
powerful units of the factions and contains unit upgrades. Produces: War
Trolls, Stone thrower ballista and Siege commanders, upgrades include Steel Bolts, Spiked Armour ,Blast Charge
and Troll Armor.

Resource Buildings :

Lumber mill and Grind

Supportive buildings : Arrow tower and Orc Kettle (Healing



Feral Goblins (100) - Extremely
weak unit that deals minor damage but is extremely fast and can be upgraded
with Blast Charges (Expensive upgrade 600) when activated kills the battalion
and blasts their location burning the ground with a medium explosion)

Goblin Bowman (150) - Basic
ranged infantry, very weak, can be upgraded with Flaming Arows.

Goblin warriors (150)
- Basic mele infantry used as fodder.

Northern orcs (250) - Good
meat shield units.

Orc crossbows (300) - Phisicly
weak, but good range attacker, deadly against heavily armored foes.

Orcs of Carn-Dum (450)
- Shock troops of Agandaur, wear heavy armor and wicked blades. Req lv.
3 Orc Hall

Rhudaur Tribesman (300)
- Glass cannon unit able to deal good damage against infantry, but weak against
ranged attacks, can hide in forests.

War Troll (550) - Normal
troll which wields a small hammer, can be upgraded with Troll armor to increase its resistance against ranged attack, can
not throw stones.

Stone Thrower Balista (700)
- Ranged siege unit, throws rocks ,has no upgrades.

Siege Commander (1000)
- Powerful semi hero unit whose roar causes infantry to do more damage against
buildings. MAX 1

Acolutes of Sauron (400)
- Esential faction unit, canot fight but generates FATE POINTS through CHANT
power ( Like Imladris system, but only
) Can be empowered with the DARK

Madmen - Negative transformation of the Acolutes, weak unit, but
causes fear and weakens enemy infantry.(Similary
as Spiders frighten cavalary)

Sorcerers of Carn-Dum - Positive transformation of Acolutes, very
powerful unit with strong endurance who poses the power to magically blast
enemy soldiers, blink and throw bolts of fire at enemies. 3 units in battalion



faction doesn't have standard upgrades for DAMAGE and ARMOR nor do they have
banner upgrades to improve unit levels, instead they must rely on their LEADERS
system to improve their units. Different Leaders can be assigned to different
units, some units can only have certain leaders assigned to them. They cost resources. They are
purchasable in the hordes and battalions if the conditions are met.

Goblin Sorcerer - (Assigns
to Goblin warriors and archers
) Adds bonus damage and doubles EXP gain.

Orc Champion - (Assigns to
Northern Orcs and Orc Crossbowmen
) Adds offense bonus, reduces damage taken
from charge attacks. PREP

Orc Sorceror - (Assigns to
Northern Orcs and Orc Crossbowmen
) Adds good defensive bonus PREP.

Uruk Archer - (Assigns to Orcs
of Carn-Dum
) Adds greater vision and enhanced movement speed. WITN

Shield Uruk - (Assigns to Orcs
of Carn-Dum
) Adds a good defensive bonus, horde gains the abilitz to form a
defensive formation. WITN

Uruk Hammer - (Assigns
to Orcs of Carn-Dum
) Adds a good damage bonus, horde gains flat damage
attack. WITN

Rhudaur Spiritmen - (Assigns to Rhudaur Tribesman) Adds ranged def.
bonus and allows the unit to regenerate. PREP

Rhudaur Champion - (Assigns
Rhudaur Tribesman
) Adds bonus offense and the Charge ability. WITN



Tharzog (2000) -
Chieftain of Mount Gram, this hulking brute uses his large cleaver to slay his
enemies. Despite his big stature he is able to leap at his targets dealing the
finishing blow. Abilities LEAP like Mery
and Pipin, BLADEMASTER gains bonus
dmg but loses health, Passive HARSH
Increases bonus of Leader units by 15%) (Animation to be used- Uruk Berserker)

Lugbol (1800) - Cunning Goblin minion of Agandaur, gained potent magical
abilities through Saurons dark scrolls and is now able to cause panic and mayhem
in enemy lines either through his sorcery or his bloodthirsty wolf packs..
Extremely fragile hero. Walks on the ground instead of levitating (Basicly
differend from GoME) Abilities SEARING
like Gandalfs blast but drasticly smaller and red colored, FIREBALL and CALL THE PACK Sends out a pack of wolves in a direction that damage
enemies. Similar to the power of Shade Wolf. (Animation to be used Gorkill)

Runsig (2300) - Captured
in his early youth by Orc Raiders, Runsig was brought to work as a slave in
mines deep under Mount Gundabad, all from that moment Runsigs mind and body were exposed to harsh conditions, always
between the bounderies of life and death. But where most would die, Runsig
still stood, the mines only made Runsings body stronger but eventually they
destroyed his mind, leaving a giant with only one goal in his life-to put all
his strength into work, no stone was strong enough for him to brake, no burden
to heavy for him to lift, nor was any goal to hard for him to achieve. This deranged
beign was discovered by Agandaur when he arrived in the north to find good
subjects to begin rebuilding the old fortress of Carn-Dum, but instead of a
builder, Agandaur made Runsing chief of the Rhudaur tribes,and directed his conviction
on a different target- the Free Peoples.For Runsing nothing has changed, for
him no wall is strong enough for him to brake, no enemy to powerful for him to
defeat, nor was any goal to hard to achieve, he just pulls onward. Abilities UNDYING STRENGHT After losing
all his health Runsig is able to fight for several more seconds, INVINCIBILITY Runsig crushes enemies
under his bootheals like Murin, MARCH OF THE NORTHMEN Runsing blows a
horn, invigorating units in the targeted area to move faster and gain a def.
bonus, SUNDERER Runsig strikes at
the foundations of the building doing good damage against it. (Animation to be used Hwaldar)

Wulfrun (2800) - A man of unknown origins that became one of the
most powerful amongst the ranks of the remanants of the Black Numenoreans in
the North, he is wery powerful and answers only to Agandaur. The Dark Scroll of
Sauron unlocked Wulfruns dark potential for the arcane allowing him to change
the weather around him, blink in an instant and commit many other foul deeds,
all in the name of Sauron. Besides Agandaur he is the only man able to command
a wicked Fell Beast, and even to ride it. Abilities
equaly strong as Gandalfs blast, WHIRLWIND Just like Angmars tier 1 power in ROTWK but does no
damage and affects a smaller area, WRETCHED
Creates a fog in the selected area, enemy units lose speed and
damage, BLIZZARD Causes a large rain
of hail to crush the enemy and freeze them to death, just like Corpse Rain but
with blue colours and in a larger area, can mount a fell beast if fate power
has been casted on him. (Animation to be used Saruman)

Agandaur (3400) - An ancient Black Numenorian, Agandaur rose to
power when the Dark Lord Sauron entitled him the task of conquering the north
of Middle Earth and prevent the Fellowship to reach the Gap of Rohan. He would
accomplish his task by finding the minions of evil in the north, shards of the
once powerful realm of the Witch King and re-forge them in a terrible weapon
with whom he would drive a deadly blow right into the heart of Eriador. Sauron
has provided the means to Agandaur to achieve this goal. Agandaur has the hosts
of Mordor at his side, but he is also bestowed with the gifts of the Dark
Master, granting him unimaginable powers like controlling lightning, moving in
a blink of an eye and an unnaturally long lifespan, but all this comes with a
great price. Agandaurs mastery over the forces of electricity has scared his
face and body, thus he masks himself with an Iron spiked crown, a symbol all to
familiar to the Dunedain of the North who know what this means and more
frightening, what comes with it. Abilities
toggle foot, horse mode, can get Fell beast with a fate power, SHOCKWAVE Just like Gandalfs
lightning sword spell, BLINK Short
range teleport, range extends if the Spire of Carn-Dum is present, NORTHERN BOLT A lightning bolt hits the
target, good against buildings, similar to Sarumans bolt but less stronger, TORMENT Agandaur summons a thunder
storm, random bolts hit the ground in close proximity of him causing knockback
and damage. (Animation to be used Witch King of Angmar) he would simply walks
on the ground, no levitation.

Note-The models used to show these heroes are from
GOME, their purpose is simply to show you the basic concept of the heroes, for
new models I would suggest using ideas from WITN or a combination of the two.



Agandaur represents the only hero that can cary
and benefit from the One Ring for his faction
. In his ringhero form Agandaur gains increased statiscs in
terms of health and damage, lightning bolts arc out of him at enemies and he
gains a lightning range attack, his abilities gain more destructive power, it
also granting him a larger range to teleport on the map. Just like in WITN he
becomes shrouded in dark energies and electricity.



Upgrades in the faction include:

Flaming Arrows - (500) Upgrade for the Goblin Bowmen

Steel Bolts - (1000) Upgrade for the Orc Crosbowmen

Spiked Armor - (1000) Armor upgrade for all units
except Feral Goblins, Goblin Bowman and War Troll. Doesn't give any defense
increase, instead cavalry that charges at units equipped with this armor takes
damage. (This dmg shoudnt be large)

Blast Charge - (1000) Unique upgrade for Feral Goblins,
when purchased allows the selected Goblin group to die causing a medium blast
that burns the targeted ground.

Troll Armor - (1000) Adds shoulder and head armor for
the equipped troll giving it beter defense only against ranged attacks.



faction shares similaraties to 3 evil factions: Angmar, Goblins and Isengard
(Instead of thralls you chose a leader,
similar early game play, upgrades in the fortress - Isengard unleashed) and 1 good: Imladris (Fate point gathering)

The main
difference is that Agandaurs Angmar is a power under construction so his true
potential has to be reached in later stages of the game, he still relies from
supplies and logistic from Mordor, thus for example Agandaurs basic unit the
goblins are equally strong as their kin from Moria yet cost more. His armies
canot upgrade levels but can refill their ranks through healing either by the fate
power or through the orc kettle building. The faction lacks cavalry units to
quickly attack the enemy, instead they rely on
the skilled Uruk Bowman whose tracking skills enhance his group, they
can also use the Whips of their masters power to speed up. Because there are no
spear units for the faction they must realy on number or use the Spiked Armor
upgrade to protect the elite of the army or to give it to a large number of
weak units effectevly making a living barbed wire for enemy mounted units.

The strength of
Agandaur comes from different points:

suicide squads of Feral Goblins can wreak havoc in the enemies lines giving you
time to act before he regroups, their presence can help you delay the enemy in
thinking when to attack, giving you time to build a proper army.

Another strong
point of the army are Carn-Dum
Sorcerors who wield tremendous magical potential, because there are only 3 of
them per squad they can easily merge and conceal themselves In larger groups of
orcs from where they can safely rain death at the enemy.

Agandaur is not
ready to show the free peoples his plan of Northern Conquest so he must gather
his power not through battle but through the dark worship of his master Sauron.
This enables Agandaur to gather points although he might be losing on the
battlefield.But it also brings a question to the player, will you keep safe
your Acolutes and gather slowly points or will you risk losing them in order to
get more powerful units of your faction?

War Trolls are
the strongest units of Agandaurs army, although they can only use melie but not
range attacks they compensate this with the possibility of wearing armor agains
piercing attacks.


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