Whats up? Quick info on me- Im a 23 year old (vet) person who works in security and law enforcment, love star wars, halo, studding maps, working with guns, and gets on the computer when i have time. Im curently mapping for the GGW (GREAT GALACTIC WAR MOD). Theres an update in the blog bellow if your wondering. I love mapping for Forces of corruption when i have time. So thats me...

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~Avenger~ Jul 15 2012, 2:09pm says:

You guys should also mod the game so dead units stay on the battle field longer (like in da halo mod) and destroyed ships in space leave remains after that death clone (like the the clone wars mod).

Just a thought.

+2 votes   mod: Star Wars: Clone Wars Sub-Mod
~Avenger~ Jul 13 2012, 8:55pm says:

@Death Trooper

That makes too of us.

+2 votes   mod: Republic at War
~Avenger~ Jul 13 2012, 8:54pm says:

I beg to differ

+1 vote   media: Halo 4
~Avenger~ Jun 29 2012, 10:27pm says:

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~Avenger~ Jun 8 2012, 9:45pm says:

Wow lol, ya know, if you need any help with mapping, I can map almost anything, even GC.

+2 votes   mod: FOC World War 3
~Avenger~ Jun 6 2012, 11:02pm says:

Whats the world map/conquest look like?

+2 votes   mod: FOC World War 3
~Avenger~ Jun 6 2012, 10:58pm says:

I like how they are called "Avengers"

+1 vote   media: Shooting down SU25s
~Avenger~ Jun 6 2012, 10:52pm says:

Overkill too much?

+1 vote   media: Overkill SA-6
~Avenger~ May 30 2012, 2:17pm says:


+1 vote   media: More Halo 4
~Avenger~ May 25 2012, 6:40pm says:

ohh trust me there are many mountains, and lots of destruction, this is like half done ;)

+1 vote   media: Alderran Ambush
~Avenger~ May 25 2012, 12:14pm replied:

pretty much

+1 vote   media: Tython Land
~Avenger~ May 25 2012, 12:11pm says:

You guys should include some atmosperic ships. I've always been fond of them

+2 votes   mod: Star Wars - Clone Wars
~Avenger~ May 25 2012, 12:00pm says:

Will there be more turret choices than the standard FoC turrets?

+1 vote   media: Republic AA
~Avenger~ May 24 2012, 3:51pm replied:

ehhhhh, alright, but I would have made it a fighter support craft

0 votes   media: More Expansion Units
~Avenger~ May 23 2012, 11:37pm says:

Well halo had its own aspect of 1st person shooting. That aspect was baddass in the first halo and in halo two. I got kinda old at halo 3. I really hope 343i doesn't repeat that same aspect in halo 4. Btw It is a new triligy with new story and a much different aspect.

Acorinding to 343i, they're going to make make halo 4 a much more mysterious game than any of the previous games. You start out on the Foward Unto Dawn and make your way to the bridge. On the way you are attacked by and elite. You are surprised by this because you thought that these guys were on your side. Cortana also points out that these covenant may be rough by their features (ex. Grunts don't have masks but just nostrol tubes, elites don't have full/proper uniforms/armor). You are eventually overrun and forced down on the forrunner sheild world as seen in the halo 4 announcment trailer.

+1 vote   group: Halo Fanatics
~Avenger~ May 23 2012, 6:50pm says:

The Halo 3 version of John makes him look like a plastic toy. It was epic when he got this new armor in Halo 2 but now it got old of the greyed-out-green armor with very little gear. In my opinion, he looks more like a spartan in halo 4. Halo 3 makes him look too much of a light-weight spartan. But thats just what I think

+5 votes   media: Halo 4 Changes
~Avenger~ May 23 2012, 4:16pm says:

They used the point brush, here I used the leveling brush. Youll be seeing many trenches on many Worn torn planets. ;)

+2 votes   media: Dantooine
~Avenger~ May 23 2012, 5:43am says:

lol, and I did not take this pic at 2 in the morning. My desktop's clock is like really messed up and I dont know why lol

+1 vote   media: Dantooine
~Avenger~ May 23 2012, 3:32am replied:

Almost summer :)

+2 votes   group: Sigma Games Studios (News&Releases)
~Avenger~ May 23 2012, 3:28am says:

Blown-up trooper on the right ruined it lol.

+1 vote   media: I wish star wars games were like this
~Avenger~ May 22 2012, 10:04pm says:

I picture that ship no bigger than the size of two V-wings :P

+1 vote   media: More Expansion Units
~Avenger~ May 19 2012, 4:25pm replied:

And to add to LordVindican's list of units, there will be a total of six custom maps. 3 land, and 3 space. Land- The Foundry, Bothewii Slaughter, and Hoth Outpost. Space- Defense of Alderran, Skirmish over Tython, and The Destruction of the Sith.

+1 vote   mod: The Old Republic : The Great Galactic War
~Avenger~ May 19 2012, 4:15pm says:

Lol, Manaan Typo. I do have it right on the map though.

+3 votes   media: Mannan Land Map
~Avenger~ May 19 2012, 4:14pm says:

lol I never played the TOR. Im just going on whats on wookipedia. Thats why I post pics off my maps. So people like you can fill in whats missing. Ill look that up and be sure to add it in ;)

+3 votes   media: Tython Land
~Avenger~ May 19 2012, 8:17am says:

yep I agree, I dont have much patience for texture but I am dedicating many textures to the GGW mod.

+1 vote   download: GGW Mappack
~Avenger~ May 19 2012, 7:55am says:

Lol now I get it! Well I got to bed at like seven and wake up at 4. Just couldnt get any sleep and woke at 3. :)

+4 votes   media: Coruscant Redone
~Avenger~ May 19 2012, 7:27am replied:

lol, I dont need proof. I usually trust everyone... until they break my trust, thats when I need proof.

+1 vote   member: Set_Tainer
~Avenger~ May 19 2012, 7:22am says:

lol, notice the time I took the pic...

+5 votes   media: Coruscant Redone
~Avenger~ May 19 2012, 6:49am says:

Some features I would love to see in this expansion or future expansions would be: more space stations and more atmospheric ships.

I really like the fact that Z created bigger and more complex space stations. The ones in FoC seemed too small. But I also would love to see more space station props. Like civilian stations. They don't have to destroy-able, but add the mood to maps like Coruscant and Taris.

I would love to see more atmospheric ships in the mod. They don't have to be massive ships like the Venator or the Providence Cruiser. But I (and I'm sure many other people here) would love to see fighters, bombers, corvettes, and maybe some of the smaller frigates like the Acclamator be seen and made playable on ground maps.

These are just some of my suggestions, I hope you consider them. :)

+4 votes   mod: Republic at War
~Avenger~ Apr 30 2012, 6:18pm says:

Youve got to see it first, this shot was taken when I was half done.

+2 votes   media: Mandalore
~Avenger~ Apr 25 2012, 11:51pm replied:

My god, you really are hoping for the worst XD

Let them take as long as they need: don't rush them ;)

+6 votes   article: April Update (valid as of July)
~Avenger~ Apr 22 2012, 12:28am replied:

Aren't you admin there?

+1 vote   member: Enceladus
~Avenger~ Apr 14 2012, 2:55am says:

This map is currently awaiting authorization

+1 vote   media: 300
~Avenger~ Apr 13 2012, 6:50pm says:

Small fighters? Do you mean the sith buzzards?

+1 vote   media: Basic sith Fighter of the Empire
~Avenger~ Apr 7 2012, 12:45am says:

Yah its valor-class, but its also considered a dregnant

+1 vote   media: Republic Dregnant
~Avenger~ Apr 6 2012, 9:22pm says:

Really? I honestly thought it was a Tor era ship.

+1 vote   media: Praetorian Class Frigate
~Avenger~ Apr 6 2012, 1:42pm says:

lol, the only thing the sith are getting is the foundry, speaking of which, i need to make a land map for that :)

+1 vote   media: Map Update!
~Avenger~ Apr 6 2012, 1:14pm says:

skirmish ;), no coding is required and no props are needed, just regular custom maps.

+1 vote   download: GGW Mappack
~Avenger~ Apr 5 2012, 10:47pm says:

Encleladus?... From filefront?

+1 vote   member: Enceladus
~Avenger~ Mar 17 2012, 5:54pm says:

lol I seem to underestimated you guys :D

+1 vote   media: Smashing [A.O.F]
~Avenger~ Mar 8 2012, 6:31pm says:

Man I wish I can model like that :)

+1 vote   media: 15 t MAN tranport
~Avenger~ Mar 5 2012, 7:53pm says:

Damn passibility, jedi temple reset it so that nothing can come in the temple, Ill have to fix that

+2 votes   media: Coruscant Raze Skirmish Map
~Avenger~ Mar 2 2012, 5:22pm says:

ill problaby relese a bigger prop pack, one with new props, but itll strictly be for the GGW mod.

+1 vote   download: FOC prop pack
~Avenger~ Feb 28 2012, 8:07pm says:

Ohhhhhh, this planet is so fun to raze to the ground. (played it over and over again)

+2 votes   media: GC Korriban
~Avenger~ Feb 4 2012, 9:00pm says:

Cant wait to use these props for mappmaking ;D

+1 vote   media: New building and cars
~Avenger~ Feb 3 2012, 11:30pm says:

lol, obama

+1 vote   media: Suddenly
~Avenger~ Jan 22 2012, 2:50pm says:

looks interesting, wish you guys luck ;)

+3 votes   mod: Star Wars: Empire At War - Full Mod
~Avenger~ Dec 8 2011, 2:27pm says:

The pope isnt god.

+4 votes   media: Pope
~Avenger~ Dec 1 2011, 10:50pm says:

all i recomend id just tweaking the model a bit (just a bit to give it the changing era experiance) Red/orange skins would be perfect.

+1 vote   media: Republic Centurion
~Avenger~ Nov 24 2011, 1:23am says:

LOL, a lepoerd takin on an atst

+1 vote   download: Leopard 2A6 Addon for FOC
~Avenger~ Nov 21 2011, 6:45pm says:

Lol, I thought the AI already used feint attacks and moves...

+4 votes   media: Battle Scenes
~Avenger~ Aug 4 2011, 10:43pm says:

That is such bull ****! (not to sound mean) Hammerheads? realy? A vong corvette can take out 7 hammerheads! And dont you know the size of a world ship?????? They are MASSIVE!!!! This is extreamy uncannon. No offense but the vong can whipp this republic and their 4,000 year old ****. (Not to sound arogant) But I ask that you change this description for its not true and I dont see any vong here. thx

0 votes   media: Victory above Fondor
~Avenger~ Jul 16 2011, 6:37pm says:

I no longer serve the republic

I killed the supream overlord

I will claim this pathetic galaxy for the Vong

+1 vote   group: The Yuuzhan Vong
~Avenger~ Jul 11 2011, 4:20am says:

This game is THE BEST GAME EVER MADE. Why doesn't lucas arts get off their fat a**** and make Battlefront three?

+3 votes   group: Star Wars Battlefront 2 The Clone Wars Fan Group
~Avenger~ Jul 6 2011, 1:19am says:


+1 vote   media: Destruction of the Decimator
~Avenger~ Jul 3 2011, 12:13pm says:

Ah I thought that it might be her.

+1 vote   media: A jedi ally
~Avenger~ Jul 2 2011, 8:25pm says:

I made this one map that resembeled New York, lol the atats kept going off the map and walked through buildings, only at ats did that. hmmmm

+2 votes   group: EaW/FoC Mappers
~Avenger~ Jun 30 2011, 3:15am says:

It would be a nightmare to secure the city itself with millions of "civilions" trying to kill you, we had no use for the capitol. If you look at wiki you will see that the Elom were not very advanced, besides, we took out the city from space then sent in the bombers to put the rest out of their misery. The sith had no presence on Elom.

+1 vote   article: Bombardment of Elom
~Avenger~ Jun 29 2011, 3:51am says:

I only have the version with the "jedi civil war" one ill download V.4

+1 vote   article: Favorite foc mods
~Avenger~ Jun 28 2011, 4:12am says:

May I use your map?

+1 vote   download: Dagobah Outpost v 1.1
~Avenger~ Jun 24 2011, 5:21am says:

hehehe, but who got defeated? The republic is stronger, there is even a few mandalorian clans who allied with the republic.

+1 vote   article: Alliances and Enemies
~Avenger~ Jun 18 2011, 2:17pm says:


+2 votes   media: valentines
~Avenger~ Jun 17 2011, 3:41pm says:


+1 vote   article: Ranks
~Avenger~ Jun 10 2011, 6:06pm says:

He helps the republic ;)

+1 vote   media: Republic transfering a prisenor
~Avenger~ Jun 5 2011, 1:47am replied:

lol isnt lord of hunger more powerful than you?

+2 votes   member: lord_of_pain
~Avenger~ Jun 1 2011, 4:05pm says:

sooo, where is lord of hunger?

+2 votes   member: lord_of_pain
~Avenger~ May 21 2011, 3:39am says:

join us... Moddb.com

+1 vote   member: Captain_Valenzuela
~Avenger~ May 18 2011, 8:13pm says:

cool thx

+2 votes   member: johnd463
~Avenger~ May 17 2011, 10:22pm says:

join us...

+2 votes   member: forrepublicatwar
~Avenger~ May 17 2011, 8:39pm says:

lol, wanna post any videos?

+1 vote   group: The Old Republic
~Avenger~ May 17 2011, 7:40pm says:

lol, i have clone wars iii, if u want we can verse each other with that mod, pm me when ur online, oh yah check out my group Moddb.com

0 votes   member: 101stDroidBattalion
~Avenger~ Apr 26 2011, 12:37am says:

use a double bladed lightsaber, far more kills :)

+1 vote   media: knights of the old republic
~Avenger~ Apr 3 2011, 12:11pm says:

Im only a traitor to the sith and the jedi lol

+1 vote   member: ~Avenger~
~Avenger~ Mar 22 2011, 12:51am replied:

man that juggernant will crush the droids... literaly

+1 vote   media: More Testing and AI pics..
~Avenger~ Mar 22 2011, 12:37am replied:

Its the same f*cken thing.

+1 vote   media: Testing Screens
~Avenger~ Mar 22 2011, 12:25am says:

so thats plo koons fighter.

+2 votes   media: Running to Ground
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