Although I'm just another avid gamer I like to pretend my opinions are way more important than they truly are. In truth I'm just excited to find an excellent site/collection of smaller production games, the microbrews if you will, and a community thet can discuss them. If you're curious to know more about me then you should know I am a substitute teacher looking for a full time teaching position in middle school science and that LEGO is the best thing ever invented.

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ApparentSuicide Apr 2 2012, 9:51pm says:

Oh wow I am stunned by the cuteness of the graphics. Visual team you get so many thumbs up for this.

+5 votes   game: Bean's Quest
ApparentSuicide Apr 2 2012, 9:49pm says:

I'm really digging this game's concept, but I'm not really sure what the end goals are to be. Really, I'd like to see more terraforming available as well as a reason to create a perpetual resource collecting system. Maybe large structures would require monumental amounts of resources or something.

+2 votes   game: Epic Inventor
ApparentSuicide Apr 1 2012, 5:15pm replied:

What is the gimmicky crap? The addition of stockpiles or the efforts to redo the craft ui?

0 votes   game: Survivors of Ragnarök
ApparentSuicide Mar 31 2012, 11:44pm replied:

I've got my fingers crossed. I want to play it probably as much as the team wants it fixed. :-) That said, I toughed it out and crashed every 10-15 minutes until I got to day 20 on the demo, I liked it that much.

+2 votes   game: Towns
ApparentSuicide Mar 31 2012, 5:15pm says:

What an impressive game! I remember King Arthur's World on the SNES and this is an amazing action-y recreation. I hope some "big" units make their way into the game as well as more devious traps. Try the demo if you're curious, it's a lot of fun.

+2 votes   game: King Arthur's Gold
ApparentSuicide Mar 31 2012, 5:12pm says:

What I have played of this I have loved, it reminds me of Haven and Hearth but without all the downtime. Unfortunately I'm suffering from the ATI related issue, I've got my fingers crossed and am hoping some sort of workaround is found.

+2 votes   game: Towns
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