Currently working as a coder, modeler, animator, general tweaker, texture artist, mapper for the 'Samurai: The Art of Battle' Mod. I'm also planning to create a Source rendition of the Metroid Prime storyline (new plot of course :P)

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Antig3 Nov 2 2008 says:

Gah, it's really hard to pull off a 'scary' MP mod. Only SP mods can truely be scary sometimes.

Also once ZP:S got steam support, their player numbers jumped by thousands. It's probably this that was why ZP:S got so many votes. Think about it, how can anything be creepy if you got a guy yelling comically in the voice chat, or just in general, chat?

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Antig3 Oct 29 2008 replied:

I'm one of those testers. It's awesome.

If you were expecting a big change, then too bad - it may not look like a lot, but it definitely makes a big change. Stuttering, NPC Interpolation, a few behind-the-scene changes. Also after this, a new team will come in.

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Antig3 Oct 24 2008 says:

Just noticed. You have 103th rank in ModDB. That's pretty impressive.

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Antig3 Oct 24 2008 replied:

Yes, so he is.

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Antig3 Oct 24 2008 says:

What you've done makes the EP1 engine look really different. It's great.

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Antig3 Oct 21 2008 says:

I have only one comment.

ZERG RUSH!!11 Kekeke

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Antig3 Oct 17 2008 says:

This looks pretty interesting. Like the mudkip mod amirite?

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Antig3 Jul 7 2008 says:

I understand that it's called a 'beta' but regardless of gameplay beta or not, it's shameful to release a mod like this. They could have held it for a week or so just to fix the textures and the animation (or just use the standard citizen models). Seriously.

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Antig3 Jun 10 2008 says:

Glad to see this isn't dead. I'm the team's coder, general tweaker, (etc, I'm pretty much an all-rounder) but I'm pretty much amateur because of it.

Anyway, I've started working more on it as I'm pretty much free now since the exams ended. If you want to know more on the progress of it, the FPSBanana page has a progress bar and a more detailed report.

Some form of media should be around soon (most probably in valve time :P).

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Antig3 Jan 31 2008 replied:

The dedicated server for windows is the normal mod download.

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Antig3 Jan 19 2008 replied:

You need to enable all the categories.

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