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anonymousjim Mar 4 2012 replied:

First make sure your cnc3 is updated to the latest patch. Then in the cd launcher go to 'game browser' and you'll find the mod under the mods tab

+1 vote   download: CNC Fallout Public Beta v0.1
anonymousjim Mar 3 2012 says:

what's the name of the peice of music playing in the main menu background?

+1 vote   download: CNC Fallout Public Beta v0.1
anonymousjim Feb 10 2012 says:

hey, you still looking for animators? i can animate pretty decently in blender, what is it you would need animating?

oh and i can model too if youre interested, though by the looks of it you already have a good modeler...

+1 vote   game: Alpha Team Six
anonymousjim Feb 10 2012 says:

im told its not compatible with 64bit windows?? :S

+1 vote   download: Zombie Grinder Pre-Alpha (Windows)
anonymousjim Sep 5 2011 says:

I get a weird problem in that as soon as I spawn my guy just starts going into and out of crouch stance repeatedly, making it very hard to aim :/ any ideas?

+1 vote   game: Assault!
anonymousjim Aug 22 2011 says:

it doesn't work :/ the game crashes right after '' disappears and the music starts. This doesn't happen with megaglest btw, might be a problem with the menu perhaps?

+1 vote   download: Annex Beta version 1
anonymousjim Jun 28 2011 says:

oh, by the way, how do the jets work? Have you just done it that they stop in midair like normal glest air units or do they actually behave like jets?

+1 vote   media: New Lighting+Textures
anonymousjim Jun 26 2011 replied:

it's not really racist... from what I've seen, egoraptor always draws like this.

0 votes   media: Jermaine Uberheimer Concept Art
anonymousjim Jun 26 2011 says:

haha, very awesome!!! XD

+1 vote   media: Cutscene pic
anonymousjim Jun 25 2011 says:

This is sort of reminiscent of some of the early levels in bulletstorm, good stuff!

+1 vote   media: Lost Highway 1
anonymousjim Jun 24 2011 replied:

the dark and also the whole purple feel

+1 vote   media: New Lighting+Textures
anonymousjim Jun 19 2011 says:

hmm, not sure if I didn't like the older tileset better... These are also a bit dark, I like the look of the units though :)

ps, how do you make jets in glest???

+1 vote   media: New Lighting+Textures
anonymousjim Jun 13 2011 says:

I like the sound of 'pocketcraft' sounds cool

+1 vote   news: New name
anonymousjim Jun 11 2011 says:

looks cool! a very nice level of detail for 6000 tris, keep it up!

+1 vote   media: Recruits Character WIP
anonymousjim Jun 11 2011 says:

schweet!! I'm really getting excited to play this :)

does gae support custom hud?

+1 vote   media: Annex new HUD V1
anonymousjim Jun 4 2011 says:

looks a pretty neat game! Any hope for us android users?

+1 vote   game: iDamaged
anonymousjim Jun 1 2011 says:

If it gets released for psp, I might actually start playing minecraft XD

+2 votes   game: Multicraft
anonymousjim May 29 2011 says:

I'm wondering if deadlock will be a download or another online release. Not all of us have fast enough internet to play things online. Is it possible to download the other released mini games at all?

+2 votes   game: Interstellar Marines
anonymousjim May 27 2011 says:

quite a neat little game. I managed to keep going for quite a while without dying, it gets a bit on the monotonous side though. Could have done with advancing levels perhaps, other than that, good work!

+1 vote   game: Gone
anonymousjim May 27 2011 says:

E3 should be pretty awesome this year, tonnes of good stuff coming up! Sadly I'm one of those folks who'll have to content myself with watching it on youtube in the weeks afterwards :/

+2 votes   poll: Attending E3?
anonymousjim May 27 2011 says:

what do you mean by diagonal flipping?

+2 votes   news: MegaGlest 3.5.2 Released!
anonymousjim May 26 2011 replied:

That's what gta is there for lol

+3 votes   game: Alpha Project: Line of Fire
anonymousjim May 18 2011 says:

Loving the idea of the two different paths to choose from, games like that normally work out well because they leave freedom for the player's style of play. Very nice trees, keep it up! And please let the beta be soon! :)

+1 vote   news: Keep moving forward!!
anonymousjim May 17 2011 says:

not sure I'm a fan of the higher population cap,b units of the size and detail you've made these generally feel better in small numbers. Not to mention that the glest engine (as well as most pc's) will probably creak and strain under the graphical proccessing required. Tanks look very nice though, I like the design of the units all together actually, the cartoonyness is cool. Keep it up :)

+1 vote   media: In Game Lighting/Unit Designs
anonymousjim May 9 2011 says:

People pirate a lot especially if they live in countries where the price of games is outrageously high (in Kenya, I've seen psp games over £100) In fact, in some countries you can't buy some games at all. I know you're all going to say that you can download them legally but, speaking for myself, steam is a real pain and credit card transactions online are difficult with a weedy internet connection so half the time you end up paying for the game twice.

But also, I think a major cause is that people want to get round the age rating, I know several people who pirate because they can't legally buy the game at their age

The above reasons aren't about indie games though. I never even knew that people do pirate indie games until I saw this poll

0 votes   poll: Why do you pirate games?
anonymousjim May 5 2011 says:

Mod looks very cool! Definitely tracking this! Haven't been any updates for a while?

+1 vote   game: Annex: Conquer The World
anonymousjim Apr 16 2011 says:

very cool! A bit annoyed at the long loading times though, I don't suppose you could fix that at all?

+1 vote   download: psp alpha v1.2
anonymousjim Apr 5 2011 says:

Or you can get the much smaller 7z file here:

This is the full thing just compressed more
cheers to ultifd

+1 vote   download: 2080 Mars
anonymousjim Mar 7 2011 replied:

Thanks ultifd, that g3d viewer looks good. I'll be sure to start a thread. The game should be finished pretty soonish as development is progressing well (We actually have a whole faction finished now!)

+2 votes   game: 2080 Mars
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