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Amnesia Custom Stories!

So i honestly thought i'd make this Blog for people who will be visiting my page, more than likely due to the reviews i do on 'Amnesia Custom Stories', which is exactly what this Blog is highlighting.

I mean it's great that people make these mods and share them with the community, as alot of the time the end result is great! But this year there really aren't any Mods that are BAMN! I'd say the closest we have had to that this year is 'Amnesia Rain', which in my eyes is a 10/10. What i mean by this is a Mod that features a good storyline/plot, Monster scares that keep you on your toes but skulking around at the same time, all these 'cheap scares' and 'flying naked bodies' is so old yet used so often it's quite embarrassing! I recently played a mod called 'Venture in the Dark mod' which was probably one of the better mods i've played this year as well, but the general point i want to make is that one mod will do a FANTASTIC JOB of making you scared and jump at every turn, but have a really crap plot & storyline. There are very few middle CS that hit it on the head, and like i said a couple have this Year such as Amnesia Rain, but with Amnesia: Machine for Pigs on the horizon, we can always hope that the Modding Community will make a spot on job about that!

Anyway, the modding community for Amnesia is great and do a good job most of the time, all i'm saying is that some Modders need to broaden their minds or focus on several aspects of what their mod is going to be. Oh, and no PewDiePie Mod's please...

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Have you got installed patch 1.3? (for Amnesia)

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Hey, Amnesia a machine for pigs is coming out September 10th

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That is exciting, can't wait to play it

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