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Renegade X

Game review

I was bored and innocently thought it was worth a try and now I am addicted. The few hours after work are now a toss-up between playing Renegade X or doing productive things.

Like most games it has sniping, vehicles, rushing, and abilties to use; but that's where it starts. Renegade X quickly brings back ideas like Stealth infiltration, subterfuge, and support like no other FPS I've come across. They have, IMHO, improved on the original and the graphics are top notch.

Can't recommend it enough.


Tiberium Essence

Mod review - 1 agree

The effort going into this thing just makes it totally worth a look. A completely new and refreshing experience, I felt I *had* to download and redo the campaign.


Jade Empire in Style

Mod review

Given the difficulty modding this game and the amount of refinements implemented it's hard to rate it anything less than a 10.

There are a few bugs that I found however, Jade Empire seems to be a much harder game to mod than usual so I think 10 is appropriate for difficulty alone.


Red Alert: A Path Beyond

Game review - 2 agree - 4 disagree

When I first reviewed the game, I was medicorely impressed and one of my issues with it was the reality the dev team working on 3 projects at once.

However, almost monthly updated and new content continually in the works, that complaint is completely nullified.

New concepts like NPC Techs, a return of Naval, and more significant use of buildings has completely changed my mind on it.


Star Trek: Continuum

Mod review
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