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Warhammer 40,000 themed Source mod Exterminatus exceeds 1000 members in it's steam community group.

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This week the Exterminatus 2 - Rival Species GAME GROUP gained it's 1000th member.

Make a wall

EX has long been using it's Steam community group to schedule games amongst our international fan base. We regularly schedule several games a week, including both the stable beta and cutting end Alpha version of the mod.

As the community group features have grown so we have embraced them to make important announcements and discuss the gameplay and drection of the mod.

Gloryous carnage.

With the group's 100th member signing up I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the players that have registered to the group for game notifications and announcements about the mod. Thanks also to the group administrators and moderators that have helped the EX team to make the community such a good place.


That's nice...but pratically none of them play out of the event.

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Well, that is the point of these events at that size of a community, isn't it? It would be a waste of time to try playing when nobody is on... but it is great to know when you can get a decent game :-).

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When I first joined the group and saw event notifications. I was exited to play the mod with people obviously. But NEVER out of all those times I tried to join a server during those events I saw anyone else playing. So with time I just gave up on it and don't really care anymore. The only thing is that those pesky event notifications in steam FORCE ALL MY APPS no matter Steam related or non to background, so that the f**ing notification can annoy the hell out of me when I once again get killed in CSS because of it.

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Mod only has 1 server based in the UK with a 16-slot max. I have found it more effective to have friends who also have the mod and just send invites to them to get players into the server.

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