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Fleet comparisons.
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Federation Marauder Author
Federation Marauder 19hours 57mins ago says:

As you can see, the Galactic Empire's Super Star Destroyer's outrank everything in that picture. (The big black one being the Eclipse.)

In space battles, Star Wars far outranks 40k. I'm probably going to be hammered for saying it, but I'm simply stating facts.

Star wars ships can use hyperspace to be places much faster than any Imperium ships using the warp, just as well they specialize in long range warfare. Where as Imperium ships have to get up really close to bring all guns to bear.

Star Wars ships also use turbo lasers and so forth, much more destructive than standard 40k projectiles.

The Imperial Super Star Destroyer Executor could take the Battleship Divine Intervention on any day of the week. And the Galactic Empire has hordes of Super Star Destroyers and build Death Stars that can destroy whole world's in one shot. Best thing Imperiums got, cyclonic torpedoes, and they have to be launched close range in volleys. Where as Empire ships just use a Base Delta Zero or Death Star it with a superlaser.

If the Imperium took a lesson from the Galactic Empire and worked on improving their fleet I'm sure they could come up with counters and responses. But that requires devoting the time and effort on the part of the Adeptus Mechanicus as well as creativity and openness to new technology.

Now in ground warfare... I'm gonna have to give that to the Imperium, they've got better troops than the Empire. Way better (cept for some special units like dark troopers or 501st) but do not challenge the Galactic Empire fleet directly, bad idea.

Great, now I'm imagining Death Korps of Kreig against the Imperial 501st Legion...

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Joazzz 18hours 26mins ago replied:

"the Galactic Empire has hordes of Super Star Destroyers"

i'm gonna need a source on that. as far as i know there were only a few even in the old Expanded Universe

you don't need a cyclonic barrage either. release a virus bomb or three in a world's atmosphere, then set the whole globe ablaze with a lance strike. cheap, effective, quick. other methods of atmospheric incineration work too.

you're dead on regarding the ground warfare part, but then again we don't exactly know how much damage blasters would do to ceramite armor. or how star wars plasma/laser bolts react with void shields - hard to compare, since Warp-based tech probably wouldn't work in Star Wars. still, it would be pretty funny if one salvo from an AT-AT could bring down a Warhound.

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Federation Marauder Author
Federation Marauder 18hours 6mins ago replied:

That would be pretty funny with the AT-AT.

Yeah the hordes part probably not so much with the SSD's. I may have went a little overboard there, however...

The Empire did have enough SSD's within their lifetime to wreak havoc with the Imperium. I wouldn't say few necessarily. And if they desired could mass produce these ships with ease. Just look at the Death Star, they already were at building a newer and better one only a few years after the Destruction of the first with it operational within that time. And that thing was way bigger than whole fleet's of SSD's.

And utilizing tech like the world devastator, the production time of any type of war tech, be it Death Star or Star Destroyers would be very easy to keep up with.

True regarding the viruses. But both can play at that game. Nasty game though.

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MattmanDude 11hours 31mins ago replied:

Star Wars blasters are usually theorized to be a type of plasma based weaponry.

So if we think of an E-11 like we do a plasma gun... that combined with the fact that there are far more Imperial troopers than there are Space Marines (I'll get to the Guard in a second) I'd give the edge to the Galactic Empire.

Now if you throw in the Guard then it changes... the "Waaagh" effect will most likely then switch over to the Imperium's side... the question then becomes will Lasguns break through a Stormtrooper's armor, and which faction's vehicles are superior.

Okay well since we saw an entire legion of the Emperor's best men get defeated by Ewoks, I'm going to assume that Lasguns will penetrate. Let's be honest, Stormtrooper armor is worthless. Also, we know that sustained plasma fire does to vehicles in 40K and the heavier turbo lasers on Galactic Empire vehicles would likely make short work of Imperium vehicles by that logic. Also the Empire's vehicles are armored so thickly that they can withstand plasma weapons fire... there for the only thing that the Imperium could penetrate it with would be a **** ton of meltas Vanquisher turrets, or sustained Lascannon fire. That would likely take a while to break through anyway.

So in a large battle, the technology and vehicles edge go to the Galactic Empire while the man spam edge goes to the Imperium. Who will win? I don't know. But it would be fun to watch.

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Federation Marauder Author
Federation Marauder 11hours 17mins ago replied:

Actually stormtrooper armor isn't as useless as people think. Read here.

"Most stormtrooper armor was integrated with standard personal ray-shield projectors (in direct contrast of clone troopers) in order to survive open blaster fire in case cover was nonexistent or limited. It also improved hand-to-hand combat, making standard troopers capable of surviving contact with vibroblades (although did not provide any protection towards lightsabers)."

- The gloves could be powered up during Hand-to-Hand combat (power gloves).

- The stomach armor contained a Manual Suit Seal and environmental controls.

- The thigh armor had a reinforced alloy plate ridge.

- The lower right side, near the knee, contained the suit's system power cells.

- The left upper side of the shin armor had a knee protector plate for comfort from a kneeling firing position.

- IFF circuitry was in the back of the suit for identification and command purposes for identifying each other.

Stormtrooper armor actually has a lot of perks. Unfortunately the standard bad guy vs. good guy effect never showed that in the movies. But anyways, I agree with your points. It would most certainly be entertaining to observe.

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Shadowuzi 4hours 56mins ago replied:

Frankly the only reason the Storm troopers in those movies missed most of the time and were defeated by ewoks was the almighty power of plot however would still say the imperium still has an edge in ground combat over the empire cause literally their storm trooper armor I believe is more made to stop plasma damage and not projectiles the size of someone's head but if anything the empire and the imperium would most likely be focusing more on destroying the powers of chaos than each other probably cause if they were going against each other most of the time the chaos gods would just jump in and then its "Oh FUUU-" for everyone.

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ukato1411831788 15hours 55mins ago says:

The Galactic Empire hires private companies to make their ships and these companies are not bound by dogma and superstition like the Mechanicum. Plus, they do not focus on looking for lost technology for they better protect and save their designs and improve upon what they have. Imperial doctrine on technology is like The Covenant from Halo, they imitate (Forerunners) but not innovate (Humans/Reclaimers).

And yeah, galactic travel from one side of the galaxy to another takes mere hours at most through "hyperspace" unlike the several days to weeks it takes traveling through an otherworldly dimension full of contradictions to physical reality and hellish beings bent on devouring your soul.

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Federation Marauder Author
Federation Marauder 14hours 18mins ago replied:

Well said.

You win a cookie. :-)

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Huron_Blackheart 13hours 34mins ago replied:

Then Again, Warp travel doesn't always Work like that. Sometimes, you can arrive months or years before you left... or thousands of years after.

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Federation Marauder Author
Federation Marauder 13hours 12mins ago replied:

Pretty useful if you arrive years before. Gives a head start in preparing for war.

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Spudman619 12hours 45mins ago replied:

Admiral: 'Fleet to Ground Control, we're here to assist in repelling invaders.'

Ground Control: 'What invaders?'

Admiral: *looks at updated clock* 'FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-'

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dimitrimulkern 14hours 10mins ago says:

Yes, on a matter of scale, the Empire definitely takes the cake. However, let us not forget several weapons of the Imperium that the Empire would struggle to counter.

1- Ship-ship boarding assaults by Space Marines (being used as ACTUAL marines)
2- Psyker Combat on a massive scale (Recruit more Sith Lords??)
3- Infiltrated Titans (this could only have been done by some kind of tactical genius...)

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Federation Marauder Author
Federation Marauder 13hours 33mins ago replied:

The space marine boarding parties are definitely something the Empire has to watch out for. A single space marine squad could tear through several units of stormtroopers if not more. Hence the long range guns on those star destroyers need to be very vigilant.

As for Psyker combat, that's definitely something to watch out for. But does the warp and force work in the battlefield in question?

How does infiltrated Titans work anyway? Haven't heard of those till now.

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Joazzz 8hours 45mins ago replied:

the "infiltrated Titans" thing refers to Lord Castellan Ursakar Creed's special tabletop rule that would allow him to Infiltrate any unit in the player's army. there could be an Imperator Titan hiding behind that lamp post over there.

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DerEisenmann Creator
DerEisenmann 8hours 35mins ago replied:

AND the proper reaction of discovering that unit(s) would be furiously shouting "CREEED!!!"

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Machine-Reaper 4hours 18mins ago replied:

Well lets try putting Creed in space first and then see if the Empire starts yelling "CREEEEEEED!!!"

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(2142)Gen.Reaper 7hours 58mins ago says:

Well it isn't like the Imperium can't just warp to Coruscant, exterminatus it, and knock out the Empire's leadership throwing the Galactic Empire into disarray just like it did in the original EU when the Death Star II blew up taking the Emperor and Darth Vader with it. One of the main problems with the Empire is that it's heavily centralized on the Emperor, so when you remove him, the entire structure falls apart. But this is going off the old EU canon, not the new canon in the new upcoming Star Wars movie, whatever that will be.

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(2142)Gen.Reaper 7hours 46mins ago replied:

Of course the same thing could be said with the Imperium of Man because it would no doubly fall apart if the Empire was to find way to get to Terra and perform it's own version of Exterminatus, Base Delta Zero, or even take it by ground assault, taking out it's government causing the Imperium to fall into Chaos...and speaking about Chaos...they will no doubly take advantage of the situation as well because without the God Emperor to protect it and keep the Warp ways secured, the Imperium will just be ripe for the taking which will probably work against the Galactic Empire as well because now they'll have the other 40k factions to worry about as they would be left unchecked.

But that's assuming if the Empire can even get to Terra undetected.

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Phenixtri 6hours 15mins ago replied:

or unscathed for that matter .... id love to see how they would even make it past its orbital defense platforms around Mars 0_o

Only the necrons managed to make a suicide rush past its defenses and make it planet side :/

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Shadowuzi 3hours 47mins ago replied:

The empire has more advanced space tech than the Imperium. Literally the Empire could probably just swoop in knock out the defenses from long range and barely be even scratched. Now if space marines boarded one of their ships that's a different story but as said above the empire would probably blast said boarding pods before they got close. In a ground war the imperium has the edge of man spamming due to guardsmen and the durability of space marines but literally the empire would probably have a large air superiority advantage and could just carpet bomb everything or even use orbital bombardment if needed...

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A comparison between 40k and Star Wars fleets.

I believe this needs to be addressed.

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