Oppressed peoples, enslaved to the Capitalist beast, rise from the bottom and revolt for the equality you truly deserve!

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Well these satanic communist Swine Sent their men to death without a weapon as far as even the liberal lunatics version of history says you gotta come up with some real facts to back that up.

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Must watch this movie "Enemy at the Gates". Youtube.com

Inspirational story of a Soviet sniper Vasili Zaetsev during the Battle of Stalingrad, biggest battle of all time.

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Enemy at the Gates is such garbage, to be honest. The weird love relationship, the historical inaccuracy, and even portrayal of Red Army soldiers is poor.

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I don't watch any love relationship, I just ignore all that stuff.

About historical inaccuracy you may be right to some extent. Since the no such german sniper ever existed but Soviet sniper Vasili Zaetsev actually existed.

It also portrays the Red Army correctly. On early days it was somewhat weak. It became strong only at a later period.
Call of Duty 1 also portrays a Stalingrad very similar to the movie. You may watch it:

It's awesome to know that out of top 10 snipers of the world, 9 are soviet snipers! except the first position is of Samoya Hayha, finnish sniper who was ironically the greatest enemy of Soviet army.

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Lol, what? The USSR was just severely disorganized on a command level and unprepared for war in 1941. They literally did not use unarmed conscripts with zero training and machinegun their own troops for retreating. That's factually wrong.

And in Stalingrad, the counter-attacks across the Volga were very well equipped, with plenty of soldiers armed with mainly submachineguns. The blocking detatchments were meant for entire armies and divisions, at the very back of the lines - not the front. Only armies couldn't retreat without permission, not soldiers in small tactical engagements.

It's a complete myth that the USSR operated on human-wave tactics and throwing units into machineguns. That's not at all what Soviet doctrine dictates.

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All we know is from articles of history. Modern history is mostly influenced by the west.
Probably they have started this myth since they are always jealous of USSR and always try to downgrade it.
They will keep saying like that, who cares about them. At least they will have to agree the glorious victory of the Soviet Union in the decisive battle of Stalingrad.

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North Korea was "CINO" or "communist in name only" until the early 2000s. But it has never been an orthodox communist country and dropped all references to communism, Marxism and Leninism over the last decade.

One major difference is that orthodox communism (officially, though not always in practice) embraces equality of the sexes and tends to deemphasize the importance of the family. But North Korea generally expects women to embrace traditional, "feminine" roles. They may work outside the home (because the regime needs the labour) but women are expected to be first and foremost, homemakers and raise children. Until fairly recently women were not allowed to wear pants in public and ride bicycles in Pyongyang because they were considered unfeminine.

Marxism is explicitly post-racial. All the world's races, ethnicities and peoples are one. However, North Korean ideology is extremely xenophobic. The official ideology of the regime says that Koreans are the cleanest, purist and most noble ethnicity. Other Asians (particularly the Japanese), Africans, Europeans and others are morally and genetically inferior to Koreans. They strongly object to inter-ethnic relationships to the point that if a North Korean woman becomes pregnant with a child conceived with a person of another race or ethnicity (including Chinese), the state will force the woman to abort and send her to a labour camp. One of their major criticisms of the South Korean regime is for allowing South Koreans to form relationships with outsiders.

Also, orthodox Marxism asserts that society's goal is to become classless and egalitarian. But the North Korean state ranks everyone by a hereditary caste system called songbun or social class, which is Confucian in nature, and determines what type of access a citizen gets to opportunities and services. Those who had ancestors that fought for the liberation of North Korea have a high songbun. Those whose ancestors were landowners, Christians or have mixed ancestry (particularly those who have Japanese ancestors) have low songbun and cannot live in Pyongyang (which has a much higher standard of living than the rest of the country), go to good schools or get a good job. When the North Korean economy collapsed in the early 1990s, the state withheld food rations from the lower songbun classes while the higher classes continued to receive food. So the resulting famine was targeted at lower class people.

Finally, Marxist ideology emphasizes that the people are the driving force of a country. The working class is supposed to guide a country as the state withers away. However North Korean ideology says that the Leader is the guide, the people are infantile, and need to be guided like a father guides a family. No doubt, there were occasional elements of this in the personality cults of Stalinist era in Russia and with Ceaușescu in Romania, but it was never as explicit as in North Korea.

North Korea officially embraces "Juche" or self reliance, though that has never been particularly well defined and exists more as a slogan than a practical ideology. Many outside observers believe North Korea's ideology is, ironically, derived from Japanese fascism of the WWII era. It could also be characterized as an absolute monarchy (with succession passed through heredity, like European monarchs) in neo-Stalinist drag.

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Good to know that
Sounds amazing
This is why I like North Korea even more now

What i can say is that Marxism is in cahoots with feminism , with the Muslim immigrant wave , with rampant blowhard atheism and with the New World Order . Until I made these connections I could not understand it , but now I do and I don't want it anywhere near me
These leaders that are praised here genocided many Christians and good people and I don't admire them anymore

The family is important , the traditional roles are important , there cannot be any equality for all because that would turn everyone into a clone and a robot ready to be exploited by the ruling Marxist class
Also Marxism supports the delusions of the madman Charles Darwin which's theory of Evolution has been debunked and turned out to be a full hoax more or less recently , yet another point why Marxism is bad , why it failed and why we don't need it again

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I believe North Korea is a mad country.

- North Koreans born after the Korean War are about 2 inches shorter than South Koreans on average.
- Kim Jong Un ordered all male citizens to copy his haircut.
- It costs $8,000 to defect from North Korea.
- Kim Jong Il's annual cognac expense was about 500 times the average North Korean's annual income.
- Bill Gates' net worth is four and a half times as large as North Korea's estimated GDP.
- North Korea is about the size of Pennsylvania but less than 20% of its land is arable. That's about the size of New Hampshire's land area.
- North Korea says it has a 100% literacy rate.
- Less than 3% of roads in North Korea are paved. In fact, while all of North Korea's roads could circle Pluto 3 1/2 times, the paved roads alone would cover only the distance between New York and Cleveland.
- Qatar's GDP per capita is more than 73 times that of North Korea.
- North Korea was recently named the most corrupt country in the world — tied with Somalia.
- North Korea hands out ballots with only one option on them, so votes swing, you guessed it, 100% for the leader.
- There are almost no working Traffic Lights.
- North Korea has a three generations of Punishment rule.
- Fake "Propaganda City" : As a way to intimidate South Korea and put on a front, Kijong-dong (Peace Village) was built after the Korean War.
- Kim Jong-Il Reportedly Imported $ 763000 of Cognac a year. The mean NK income is $1500
- Pyongyang has only three fun fairs, some with less than optimal rides and technology.
- North Korea only has 3 TV channels!
- Students are Required To pay for their chairs, desk and heating fuels !
- Pyongyang, one of North Korea’s only cities, is home to three million people, but only the elite. Only trustworthy, healthy, and loyal citizens can live there.
- Because of its lack of resources, North Korea was forced to use human feces as fertilizer, demanding the product from its citizens.
- Half of the populaion lives in Extreme poverty. This means half of the 24 million people don’t even have access to basic human needs.

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How can you be too blind? If you don't support equality how can you call yourself a communist?
North Korea is ruined by the greed of few leaders. You may see how the Korean Peninsula looks like at night.
What will you say about it?

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North Korea is ruined by the imperialist west that split it from the South
If you are speaking against NK which is a rare , fine example of imperialist resistance , a last stand against the imperialist west , then you sir , were never a communist in the first place
NK is to be admired for what they are doing , holding up with so little , to the face of the leviathan sized threat
Even its enemies admit this feat
If NK regime proves it will work to the end , we need to burn all our marxist , stalinist books and embrace the new generation communism that works , simple as that

If we have brains we use them to think right so why is you and your boyfriend Akhmed not doing this : THINK ! instead or regurgitating the same tasteless doctrine
And by the looks of what your boyfriend Akhmed here says against it , i am starting to think this group is not communist either , but just hateful atheist rant and marxist wank and i stand proof for this because i was always treated bad here despite my genuine care for communism , for the real communism that is not this trash that passes here for communism

If Akhmed the hater will stop deleting what i say maybe you guys will be able to learn a thing or two

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No one is regurgitating anything.

Marxism is a science, and we're applying that science to the material conditions of society and nature to understand reality and the nature of society itself - and it's purely scientific and materialist in it's understanding - not idealistic and based on metaphysics. That's like saying doing math or any science is just "regurgitating."

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A failed science bae , a faked science that cannot work anymore
It proven its worth already , is case closed now

Stop putting your hope in it , you will waste life for an ideal that won't return anymore
You are a better man than this and smarter than you let out , you can get over this

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So, your argument is just saying "It don't work!1", when I'm sure you don't even understand dialectics.

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I agree to your point. Korea should have been never split into two parts. United Korea has the strength to become Asian Super Power.

Communist ideals never make racial differentiation like NK does. They are never working by threatening others.

Why does NK think everybody as an enemy? There have been many droughts in NK. Millions of people starved to death. North Korean leaders could have imported food from other nations. But they didn't, saying they are self sufficient. At the same time the same country was focused on Nuclear Research!

What will you get from such militarisation. You should learn from the Soviet Union. Their primary focus was economy and citizen well being. Military was secondary factor. Not like NK, which is totally opposite.

Who is Akhmed? I don't know any such guy. I am a boy myself. Why are you joining such strange relations? You should cool down before writing anything.

Lastly, I want to say if you don't like communist ideals, why are you roaming here on this group and spreading hatred.

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I understand your points too but i don't understand why do you care about the well being of North Koreans all of a sudden ? And i am supposed to believe you too when you act like you care about them ?
I don't like hypocrisy

What i will lastly add about them is that North Korea is the last country to not have a Rothschild Illuminati bank , the others are Cuba and Iran , they are hated for a reason , they have enemies and need to be prepared , am sure they would could not care less about them being in tune with some English ideologist or a Chinese dictator or a former Soviet dictator
Who the hell and where the hell does it say that everyone that is communist has to be Marxist , Stalinist or the Maoist ? Don't you see how ridiculous this sounds

Apone is Akhmed , everyone who talks here and is upvoted already knows him , don't tell me you don't know him already

This is not hate , the hate and hostility is what this group treats me with , i am here just to say what i think and share what i know but as long as Akhmed crosses lines and censors me , i will always be obligated to fight back
This is not how you would promote Marxism , with intolerance for people that are not like you but maybe you guys act like this because you are an endangered specie about to be extinct , other than some of you guys here i cannot say i met any other hardcore Marxists

Respect me , my opinion , debate civilized with me , understand my points , try to see things from my perspective too , understand that i am quite well informed about stuff and we may get along

I am communist but not like you guys are doing it in any case

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When did I say I don't care about NK? I believe every nation if united, has the power to defeat the world.
Take the example of Vietnam, their incredible victory over American forces without any help.
Afghanistan has also defeated Russia but through terrorists sponsored by US.

That's what I dislike the most, why should a family have such privileged, while other perishes to death. Anybody born to imperial Kim family is royal and rich and treated as if a god! Is it necessary?

Yes it's not being idealist, it's all about choosing the correct ideal. NK is discriminating on the basis of people's race. This is incorrect. Everyone in the world would agree to this point.

I am somewhat new to this group and don't visit the page regularly. Apone is the site administrator right?

You should not force anybody to respect you or your opinions, this gives the feeling that you are over-proud of yourself. Everyone has his/her own opinion and the right to express his/her feelings.

You are more of NK supporter than a communist. That's good since everybody should have respect for his/her own country.

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Sometimes the small , the underrated and the marginalized have proven to be stronger than entire empires and turned the tide of war and even defeated them

Vietnam successfully defended the US invasion in their country , they only fended them off , it was not a major victory , just avoided a major defeat only

I don't remember Russia invading Afghanistan

Once again what do you have a problem with Kim family ? We have other royalty in the world too : the British royal family that are served without question in the western way , the royalties of the small states like Monaco . Kim will not change the tradition of his family just because we are saying here he should be Marxist , is ridiculous

Maybe this is what we need actually , a sole leader type of leadership , someone capable that does what they say
Even USA has one these days in the form of Mr. Donald Trump
Sole leaders are good , tyrants or liberators , they are better than power groups with interests and conflicts

Apone is just a moderator here on this group yes , not on the site

Whenever i am forced to accept someone else opinions i need to defend them
I never meant for you guys to agree with me but neither to laugh at me and mock just because you don't agree with me
Thing is , i might be right and things might turn out along the lines i said , one day you might have to agree with me

And what i want to say is that this Marxist obsession is doing no good , helps no one , just tries to ensure that you and Akhmed forces their way of being right and agreed with all the time , like i would repeat all the time a statement only for the sake of being agreed with . Is like word play but nothing else

All i know is that NK is one nation that sees the truth , one nation that is not affected by the Illuminati brainwashing and that it sees things for how they are and i have full confidence that they know what they are doing
I also admire them because they stand firm in front of the empire

We will not be Marxist anymore boys , if we will be communist again it will be a faked communism or socialism in the form of the New World Order that will do wrong to many and will last little , true civilized societies will appear after the evil that runs the world is defeated . Let's have hope in that

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Well you should know about Soviet–Afghan War.

US interference in this war is what led to the beginning of Terrorist. Osama trained from US marine was sent to Afghanistan to begin Al Quaeda. US also funded Pakistan to strengthen itself. Worried about it's security Pak started training Jihadis for self defence. All this led to the beginning of Terrorism.

Soviet were frustated to quell the Afghan mujahideen insurgency and finally gave up.

I have problem with all kind of Royalties. This leads to Capitalism. Rich becomes rich and poor becomes poor.

In my opinion power should be given to persons with high knowledge and abilities. Democratically elected leaders are non-sense, money minded, self centred, foolish politicians.

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