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NEAT Imperialism... Comrades, please explain
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ChristopherHitchens Jul 24 2015, 7:30pm buried:


It's ironic that the communist users here also delete and censor any opinion they disagree with, especially Apone, he's notorious for it throughout the groups he runs. I just undeleted a comment he deleted in one of his more frequented groups (time for him to go on a treasure hunt methinks :P)

That's just one of the reasons communism will never work. It's supported mostly by people who haven't the faintest idea of human rights or freedom of speech and that's why it's failed throughout history also because communism is incompatible with these principles as history attests too.

Also I love your cool titles in the members page. They're kinda childish and fantasist though, I used to do the same thing when I was a kid roleplaying in the playground with my mates but never came up with the same type of stuff as you guys: "hero of the soviet union" "evil communist overlord" "general of the communist party" "stalin's personal butt slave" lol thanks for the giggles guys! :)

I'm actually kinda hoping this group is a satire "comrades" lol!

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Aug 1 2015, 5:57am replied:

I think Mr.Christopher's opinion is actually correct

We need a new form of communism alright not resurrect the old ones that failed

Figures why haters buried his comments

Haters will always hate

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D-Man{ZS-HR} Aug 1 2015, 7:34am replied:

Well, thank Science you noticed ! We don't need Communism, but pure Socialism. A system in which you work to contribute and other people's contribution will compensate your work and needs. A system in which leadership will work for the common good, and not for it's selfish interests .. nor such a system would let anyone to do that in any way (no money, no complete ownership of particular things, etc.). What we need is a proper, long-term education and habits that will one day lead to creation of the pure Socialism. No corruption, no privileges, no money, no wars, no hate. It is not an Uthopia, as Uthopia is actually an individual idea of isolated island in which there are elements that I mentioned, nor pure Socialism is impossible.

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λpone 22hours 28mins ago replied:

Socialism will eventually lead to Communism.

It's inevitable.

The means of production will be developed enough and the state will no longer be needed, it'll wither away.

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA 23hours 49mins ago replied:

I agree with you too

Of course an utopia would not be possible right away but if this society you speak of progresses along the way of an utopia , everything would be fine by me especially this part :

" No corruption, no privileges, no money, no wars, no hate. "

that i like the most but let us now think and imagine what it would take for us the people to get there first of all , perhaps a dystopia first...

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D-Man{ZS-HR} 19hours 15mins ago replied:

That is correct. Dystopia is needed in order to create a new system. It is a reset button that makes people see what's wrong and then they are in able to start from the scratch, but this time with the knowledge about how to avoid problems that are encountered in previous dictatorships and now democracy.

Apone, you are aware that the Communism is just a one form of Socialism ? Just like National Socialism (Adolf Hitler), pseudo-Communism (Stalin - Stalinism), etc.
Also, the leadership is needed cos the humanity has to work as an organism. The original Communism is a type of Anarchy that went great, which is very unlikely.

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA 16hours 57mins ago replied:

Which is why we might actually need that one original type of communism exactly. Resurrected , put in place , engines started , up and running.

When do we get started then ? lol

Back to hopes and dreams anyway

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D-Man{ZS-HR} 11hours 26mins ago replied:

Creating the Socialism has various forms. Open a company, respect your workers and compensate their work as they deserve, keep them happy in their environment and you're doing Socialism. Share your knowledge, learn others your skills, inform the people, collaborate with them .. that's Socialism. Of course, it's obvious that these things are small and almost meaningless on a global scale, but as these influence the more and more people - an idea of global Socialism gets closer and closer to life. I actually do have the Comrade which works this way and he is already doing his part, but I am really not going to write about it here.

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA 55mins 56secs ago replied:

Yes but you have to put up with the capitalist opposition , the competition of the market and so on. It won't work far and sooner or later you will have to close the business or transform it according to the system that rules

It is hard for a system to grow within an opposite system and not get noticed.

We need general revolution , we need conflicts , we need war , we need overthrowing of governments before we begin Socialism Mr. D-Man because if change is not happening en large for almost if not everyone then this isn't saying anything socialist about us in the first place

Maybe after WW3 we'll all band up if we're gonna be survivors and start from there

I got some plans already for a new world.It will be fun

Nice talking with you anyhow

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D-Man{ZS-HR} Jul 29 2015, 9:58am replied:

The Communism used to work well in some countries (cough, Yugoslavia, cough), but it was ****** up by selfish Capitalists that wanted to privatize everything and next to them were nationalist egoist scum like Šešelj, Milošević, etc that dreamed some ridicilous supremacy of their nation.
Everyone was employeed, everyone could do whatever they wanted to, everyone was free (not Free like in Democracy .. note that big 'F' letter - and yes, you were in able to say whatever **** you wanted to, but ofc that some people would disagree with you - like today, and answer you), everyone was enjoying their lives without need to think about "what if i lose my income" and ****. Really, something that enslaved minds like you would call "uthopia".

Now I would like to stop talking about the Communism and start writing about pure Socialism, but that would be a long presentation (knowledge, resources, etc).

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Necrolifer Jul 25 2015, 4:06pm replied:

Go **** yourself.
Even on the atheist group you post the same puerile material you usually post out of frustration with a bunch of people that make fun of your system of beliefs...

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λpone Jul 25 2015, 11:29am replied:

I do actually have "stalin's personal butt slave" tattooed to my back.

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Jul 12 2015, 1:18pm says:

I really love all the images and hope you don't mind i commented on some

I'm really not informed to talk like you guys do but i promise i'll read more about these wonderful ideologies

I also am not into joining groups but i'd be glad to join if you would have me

Sorry for posting after quite a while but i did not knew what to say

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ZeTo49 Jul 13 2015, 12:08am replied:

Constant learning (and self criticism) is also Marxist "personality" (sharing knowledge and information, so Capitalism and the “Information Age” won’t bring us down).

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Jul 13 2015, 9:09am replied:

The Information age can actually help us communists too

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λpone Jul 23 2015, 9:51pm replied:

I really don't understand your position.

You seem call yourself a communist, but you're also a Christian, and you've posted some very reactionary views on that page, which are contradictory to Marxism...

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Jul 25 2015, 2:54pm replied:

As if my position would matter here or does it ?

I said before i'm not an expert in communism and i'm not a marxist and i'm more socialist than communist but because there isn't a separate group for it i decided to be here

And communism doesn't have to be anti-religious like it was in some countries , maybe we need a new form of it rather than dwell in those writers ideas only

I hope i didn't offend you friend

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λpone Jul 25 2015, 4:31pm replied:

You posted a picture saying to follow all of the Bible, and not pick and chose which parts to accept.

And a lot of the teachings in the bible go against ideals and tenants of socialism and equality...

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Jul 25 2015, 5:26pm replied:

I never posted any image here friend so you must be mistaken

Show me proof or retract your accusation

They may go but that doesn't mean they cannot work together or not work together and not mind one another

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Necrolifer Jul 26 2015, 9:09am replied:

*They may go but that doesn't mean they cannot work together or not work together and not mind one another* .

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Jul 26 2015, 9:45am replied:

You and me Necrolifer should know best of all why communism failed because it rejected God back in Ceausescu days so cut it out

Be anti-religious as you want but don't treat it like it's trash and humans would be better off without God because they won't , no matter what you'd say

Humans cannot give themselves power out of thin air and the beloved master of yours from the hells has no love for humankind no matter how " benevolent " he might seem to his sympathizers

He will disappoint you in the end , the devil always does that in the end

I hope someday you will wake up to common sense

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λpone Jul 25 2015, 9:12pm replied:


I was mistaken. You only commented on these, not posted:


You did comment on these posts, but now I'm not sure what your stance on them is.

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Jul 26 2015, 9:53am replied:

No problem Apone and i believe that what i comment elsewhere stays elsewhere without relation to the communist group

Acting the securist now without even living in a communist society is pointless

I'm a firmly established christian and that's no secret

I believe in a socialist or communist society with christian values , i don't care much about what those writers said in the past , their versions were tried and failed already so what i'm saying is that we need a new version of communism or socialism and not desire the same thing so we can make the same mistakes again

This is my position

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λpone 22hours 26mins ago replied:

Communism and the values of Christianity are incompatible.

Christianity advocates sexism, slavery, intolerance, and many other things that are contradictory to socialism, communism, and Marxism in general.

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Necrolifer Jul 25 2015, 4:26pm replied:

You clearly don't understand Marxism and what communism's roots are .
Christianity and communism don't really mix,so why on **** do you even consider communism as a good choice of state ?
Your religion is the opium of the people that had been used by the ruling class,as Marx put it .

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