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The_Archduke_of_Hell Aug 31 2014, 4:19pm says:

So my fellows, have you heard about the NATO conference in Cardiff? Apparently the authorities are dividing the city up in preparation, turning it into a fortress, I suspect **** will hit the fan, and I'll be sitting here, watching gleefully.

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Ivanator95 Sep 4 2014, 1:59pm replied:

David Cameron said "We don't need permission to strike ISIL in Syria because Assad's government is not legitimate and one of the reasons IS became so strong". What a hypocritical (saying that after UK was the one supporting ISIL for 2 years when they were a part of anti-Baath terrorist "coalition") piece of ****, can't wait to see these imperialist bastards hang!

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The_Archduke_of_Hell Sep 4 2014, 2:44pm replied:

No doubt they'll invade Syria and be stuck on a 5 to 10 year long campaign and call it a "policing action" whilst reducing cities to war zones, this pattern of occupation is all too familiar.

We should get rid of the ***** at the NATO conference and spare ourselves another war run by our now privatized military organizations.

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Zeto123432 Sep 10 2014, 12:33am replied:

Or maybe create the roots for consistent revolutionary actions across The World. With a clear agenda. I think the lack of alternatives crushed the Arab Spring down. And what comes after a failed revolution? War...
I say: Ideology first!

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The_Archduke_of_Hell Sep 10 2014, 12:43am replied:

I say: Humanity first!

Ideologies are easily poisoned, and with the right influence, can become radicalised, thus resulting in the individual becoming a narrow minded and aggressive fool that can be easily manipulated. Libertarian Socialist Rants on YouTube would be a good example of a person being radicalised.

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The_Archduke_of_Hell Sep 10 2014, 12:50am replied:

This ideological poisoning is what kills revolutions and political movements.

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Zeto123432 Sep 10 2014, 1:10am replied:

You are always on Ideology... That is the first thing to start with. When you say "Humanity first" you are just saying that you want a specific ideology... (That is Philosophical Humanism, that have nothing to do with the entire XX's Left program nor the future of it)

But our disagreement is lovely: Finally we can see opposition among the far left, M-Leninist, Social-democrats, left-Libertarians. The Left always starts Plural... but then are people that do not want to commit to an Ideology. For me is simply that. if you commit to a cause, all becomes clear.

I know that some of you will disagree with this.

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The_Archduke_of_Hell Sep 11 2014, 12:12am replied:

I see your logic, perhaps you are right.

There is plenty of opposition in the left wing, especially with the rise of radical leftists that are about as authoritarian and fascist as the Third Reich; That is no exaggeration or stretch of the imagination by the way.

Fellow Libertarian Socialists and Egalitarians are at odds with the pseudo-anarchists and faux-Libertarians.

Believe it or not, I have been called a Nazi, and conservative, a radical right winger, a nationalist, and all kinds of other slurs.

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Zeto123432 Sep 11 2014, 1:13am replied:

Those labels are easy to do when people do not know what the meanings of those labels are… it seems to me that you’re more in a (left) Social-democratic tendency. 7 or 8 years from now, I was a “fascist of the left” too, so I know what you mean (JF Lyotard has a beautiful expression for that: when he quit Marxism-French Autonomia in the 60’s, he called us all “The Whites of the Left”… That was the toughest insult from a former fellow I’ve ever read or heard…).

For me, all that radicalization towards Authoritarianism on the Far-Left (and the reverse of that is doing nothing! It’s quite harsh…) is due to the concept of Truth… I now can see that very clear… As a result, I took the path of a “political-solitude” (as an Ideology!) rather than follow a leader, a model, a program or whatever… So… What can I say? Think for yourself!

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Readyus Sep 2 2014, 10:03pm replied:

******* fascist NATO.

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Guest Sep 9 2014, 10:27am replied:

NATO is the biggest evil since Nazi Germany.The sooner it is crushed, the better.

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The_Archduke_of_Hell Aug 25 2014, 10:52pm says:

So what do my Socialist and Communist friends in the "glorious" and "prosperous" E.U think of groups like UKIP and La Front Nationale getting into the E.U Parliament? I know it's old news, but personally I find it funny that people think they'd start shaking things up but so far they have been about as potent as the last E.U parliament.

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Readyus Aug 26 2014, 7:27am replied:

Now that capitalism is trembling, fascism wants to take a chance to take control of the situation, but what happened in WWII (and what's happening in Ukraine) will happen again: communism and socialism will crush fascism.

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Zeto123432 Aug 26 2014, 3:11am replied:

Do not underestimate them! You know that the German Communist Party (and also Social Democrats) was responsible for not fighting Hitler’s raising to power. In that time it was like: alright, this guy won´t last, or, they are joke. We should learn that lesson.
Ernesto Laclau pretty good book “On Populist Reason” is related to the raising of UKIP, LFN, but also more serious Golden Dawn, Jobbik, etc.

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The_Archduke_of_Hell Aug 31 2014, 4:14pm replied:

I'm not underestimating them, but I do not see them as a threat (currently), at least when it comes to UKIP and LFN. Golden Dawn is an entirely different can of ****, why it has lasted this long, I will never know.

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Zeto123432 Sep 10 2014, 12:28am replied:

UKIP and LFN may have the ability to aggregate fascism in its political project...
My thoughts on Neo-Nazism: Because they have a populist agenda (blaming on jews, negroes and foreign people), and they are helping people on the streets (providing them with food and police protection). Greece is a very good exemple of that (And that is Left's fault!).
Basically, they are substituting State's functions/obligations.

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Masterchief461 Aug 24 2014, 3:04am buried:


Could an admin please take this group down, I find this to be very offensive! **** communism! **** all the left winnged parties in their tight ********!

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Zeto123432 Aug 25 2014, 4:24pm replied:

And long live Fascism, Imperialism, Capitalism, Parliamentarianism, State-Corporativism, Economic Globalization, National-Socialism, Anarco-Capitalism, Individualism, Post-Modernity, Post-Structuralism, Anti-Feminism, Homophobia, Favelas, War in Irak, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, Starvation of Cubans, the 1929 crash, Louis XIV, Portuguese (I am Portuguese, so I can make this particular comment ) Discoveries, Euro centrism, Anti-Syndicalism, Anti-Internationalism (and so on, and so on). That is offensive to me. Trying to build up a new world for everyone, that is, at least, noble. But if you are confusing Communism with all that went wrong in the so called “State Communism” (they called themselves Socialists, and yes, it was wrong in too many ways that should NOT avoid us - Communists - repentance) that is not my fault. I am sorry for being truthful to a millenary (there is a thing called, by Engels, Primitive Communism) Idea that wants to bring Cultural Revolution, material change and justice to a long rotten world. But I do not blame you: Whoever wants to change a little bit of the World should get their hands dirty, I guess. Sorry for the wall of text (and terrible English). God Bless you all anti-communists: you give me a reason to live.

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Readyus Aug 25 2014, 5:42pm replied:

Capitalism is an unjust system that will not last very long.
Communism has made mistakes yes, but that's a part of the essence of marxism: learninf from these mistakes to improve the socialist construction of the future.

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Wht.Rex Aug 29 2014, 6:00pm replied:

"Communism has made mistakes yes," - Let's start with fact communism never existed, my friend. And what exactly do you knoe about Maxrism, huh?

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Readyus Sep 12 2014, 2:29pm replied:

By communism I mean the countries that adopted marxism as its official ideology, I know that communism was never applied.
Well, I've been reading marxist literature for four years, so I do know a couple of things.

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Zeto123432 Aug 26 2014, 2:54am replied:

Yes, Like Lenin said: Begin From the Beginning again and again. Climb Up the mountain to then go to the valley.

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Readyus Aug 25 2014, 8:13am replied:

>Complaining about free speech in communism.
>Demands a communist group to be taken down.

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Angel_of_Death2 Aug 24 2014, 4:14pm replied:

Kill yourself you ******* nazi piece of ****.

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